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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Baby #2, weeks 29-31

I feel like the intro to this post should be all onomatopoeia... the sounds that a very pregnant and tired mama makes. Waddle, huff, puff, yawn, ouch, gasp, The past few weeks have been rough y'all. I remember hitting a wall with Ford around 35 or so weeks where I just felt big and tired but it is happening so much sooner the 2nd time around. I am NOT emotionally ready for her to be here but I kind of want to cry at the thought of being pregnant for 8 more weeks and getting even bigger, more tired, more exhausted, etc. I feel so lucky that I bake big and healthy babies past term but there is nothing easier about the second time around. Okay enough complaining!

30 weeks

31 weeks
  • Had a little scare last week, you can read about it here. Lucy is still baking away and should stay put until the end of April. 
  • My mom and sister hosted a "baby sprinkle" for me on Saturday! Lucy got LOTS of fun clothes, shoes, headbands, and girly things. I ask myself about 10 times a day, "am I really having a girl?!"
  • Gained 22lbs as of yesterday (31w2d)
  • Had my 31 week appointment yesterday and Lucy is big! My doc did some quick measurements via ultrasound and Little Miss' head is measuring 4 weeks head... thank you Jesus for C sections. Everything looks great, my surgery is on the books and I start seeing my doctor every other week until she is here!
  • Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and they are painful. My stomach will get hard and boxy, it is the weirdest thing.
  • Some of my maternity jeans are getting tight, leggings it is!
  • The stretch marks I got at the end of my 1st pregnancy are getting darker and more visible on my pasty white tummy
  • Still taking 1/2 Zofran at night and still waking up feeling like I am about to yack. Some days I wake up and take another 1/2.
  • Getting up to pee SO much at night... feels like every hour. Thank the Lord for the snoogle. 
  • I feel like Lucy is sitting very LONG in my belly. I can feel her head so low in my pelvis yet feel her feet in my ribs (Ford was all balled up and stuck straight out of my belly, hence why it looked so fake!). She is quite the mover and shaker and her movements get uncomfortable at times.
I am trying to be proactive about getting things prepped for Lucy because I know getting bigger and more pregnant will inhibit me from being productive. I've been washing baby clothes, stocking up on new brands of bottles (she WILL take a bottle!), and looking for items that will make my life with 2 under 2 easier. I went through 4 diaper bags with Ford until I found something I liked and I lost my changing pad along the way. I used it when Ford was a newborn and I cared about germs but ended up just using a baby wipe to wipe down a bathroom changing station. Ford survived! With a newborn in my future I knew I needed to get another changing pad, especially because we will be going out and about more often with big brother. It's easy to see from every bump picture that I love chevron so this Lil Rhino Baby changing pad caught my eye. It's large enough to change a teeny newborn or giant toddler yet folds up nice and slim so it doesn't take up tons of room in my diaper bag. The material is easy to clean with a baby wipe (in the event of a blowout) and there are all these extra compartments I can store hand sanitizer, diaper cream, and even diapers. And it is cute! Grab yours on Amazon today. 


Unknown said...

Just a thought for the bottle hunt- we found out that our Lucy took the same brand of bottle as her pacifer best- MAM. She did okay with Tommee Tippee, but the MAMs were like a whole new world of wonderful! We also started early since her latch, etc were good- 4 weeks. Never had an issue with the boob or the bottle. Oh, and use the slow flow nipples for as long as they are on a bottle! : )

Unknown said...

We haven't tried it but I found it on pinterest and another mom friend swears by them, but another bottle to check into is the Adiri Natural Nurser!

Still looking great mama! And as always, I'm impressed with your ability to document pregnancy #2 while still feeling me hope for someday!


Unknown said...

Will you please share what diaper bag you found that you liked? I am having a hard time deciding on one!
Thank you!

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