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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Last week I braved I-35 and drove both babies by myself to Dallas to visit my sister for a few days. I was thinking I was nuts but the road trip was the easiest part! Lucy continues to grace us with being the easiest baby ever and slept the entire ride there and big brother chatted 2 of the 3 hours and slept 1. "Mommy it's raining. Mommy I hear thunder. Mommy it's wet. Mommy I need an umbrella". Despite my little parrot in the backseat (which I love), I was able to listen to a new book on CD, You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan. It is good y'all. Refining! So Dallas. We arrived in the afternoon and didn't have big plans for our stay except to hang out and play before my nephew is born in 3 weeks from Friday! I cannot wait to be an auntie again and have my first nephew! Sleeping in the same room as both of my kiddos was not so enjoyable. Lucy was in her crib before 8 weeks so I am used to no babies but she wasn't the problem. Ford is such an easy baby to put to bed at home (1 book and pop him in bed, say prayers and kiss him goodnight... 5 minutes tops and no issues) but out of town, he has been a nightmare. To make a long, emotional story short... he took 2 hours of crying, soothing, cuddling, reading, more crying to go to sleep and I had to lay in the bed in the room. He is still in a pack and play when we travel and I think he is hating it but is TOTALLY not ready for the big bed (we tried it and it failed miserably). So that stunk but little sis slept through the drama and despite getting 2-3 hours less sleep at night, Ford was a happy boy. We got ice cream, ate popsicles outside, played at an awesome indoor play center, and event decorated cookies at Embry's Back to School party. I love visiting my sister because I am away from the busy day to day at my own house and I can relax (well as much as you can in a house with 3 kids under 3). Embry and Ford had so much fun together, they are just so stinking cute. And Embry is obsessed with her cousin Lucy, she is going to have a hay day when her baby brother is born! I don't think I'll be making any more trips solo with the kiddos but we are heading up to Dallas for baby Toddy's BIRTH day!

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Unknown said...

Glad you had a safe trek up I-35...that road can get crazy, especially with the construction! Looks like you guys ended up having a lot of fun! The three amigos are just so stinking' cute! Love reading about them! : )

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