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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Colorado Trip

I've finally come to terms with the fact that our vacation is over. We spent last week in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and I pretty much didn't want to leave. The weather was fabulous and it was so nice to getaway from the normal day to day. We vacationed with my entire family (minus Tomi who is still in Australia) and spent a few days in Estes Park, CO before going to YMCA's Snow Mountain Ranch for my mom's mom's family reunion, the Rainey Reunion. It was all kinds of crazy traveling with two kiddos and I think we packed everything but the kitchen sink but it was so nice to be on the same flight as Mimi, Papa, and Uncle James! We met up with Cori and her family in CO and rented a 12 passenger van for our trip...hilarious and fun. The 3 kiddos (all under 3) didn't get the memo that you are supposed to sleep in on vacation so we were up early in the morning, stayed up late, and packed in tons of fun activities! Below you will find some pictures and highlights from our trip. We already decided we want to come back to Colorado next summer to escape the blistering Texas heat.
  • We rented a big house in Estes Park through HomeAway and it had the most beautiful view of the mountains. It was so nice to spread out in a house rather than tiny hotel rooms. 
  • We stopped in Boulder, CO for lunch and drove around the CU campus. This was the start of our buffet of game meats for the week! The food on the trip was to die for.
  • One of the days Jon, my brother, and brother in law went on a 3 hour ATV trip in the Rocky Mountains and let's just say they don't call it the Rocky Mountains for nothing. Jon and I rode together and I was a rag doll being thrown around trying to hang on the back. I was sore for days but it was fun!
  • We ate at Poppy's and Baba's Burgers in Estes Park and Poppy's was overrated and expensive but good and Baba's was the best burger and fries I've eaten. We stopped at a little bar and grille in Grand Lake between our 2 destinations and I forgot the name but the town is adorable!
  • We drove Trail Ridge Road through the Rocky Mountains and the views are breathtaking. We stopped and did a family friendly trail hike and saw a moose and her baby! Unfortunately this was the only wildlife we saw, no elk or bears, boo. 
  • At Snow Mountain Ranch we went zip lining, summer tubing, and did archery... such a blast! I was freaked out before zip lining but it was a lot of fun (Jon chickened out, he's afraid of heights). Tubing was my favorite activity we did, I could have been there for hours! Ford kept saying he wanted to go but you had to be 3 years old and I am pretty sure if would have been freaked. Archery was tons of fun and a lot harder than I expected! Again, traveling with family was awesome because they watched our kiddos while we got to do activities. 
  • We visited Red Rocks Amphitheater on our way back into Denver and it is so cool! I could have stood at the top and relaxed for the entire afternoon. I'd love to see a concert there. 
  • Jon and I have always said that if we have to move out of Austin, we'd want to move to Denver...the views, the weather, the food. 
  • Embry and Ford had an absolute ball playing together collecting pinecones, blowing bubbles, picking flowers, throwing rocks... I just love watching the two of them together!
  • All in all it was such a great trip! Far from relaxing but hey that's traveling with kids, right? I always say traveling with kids is parenting in a different destination but this time was different. We were surrounded by family who loved on our babies and offered extra hands to help. I don't think we ever want to go on vacation without family again! 


Kristin said...

Love this so much! I was born in CO and still have a lot of family there so it's pretty much a second home. I'm super jealous of your photos! I miss the mountains so much!

Sarah said...

so beautiful! isaiah was born in colorado springs but i have never been to CO! its on our list too! maybe we can meet you there next summer?! ;)

Jayme said...

Love this! Red rocks is absolutely my favorite concert venue of all time! Nothing can top it. And yes, move to Denver. Even though it's kind of out of my control I'll be doing everything in my power to have us live in metro Denver for the rest of our lives.

Emily said...

Love these pictures, looks like an amazing vacation! Glad you guys had a great time!

Raena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Raena said...

Sounds like so much fun, Ruthie! I'm hoping that we can implement family trips once we have our baby.

Curly Girl Confessions said...

What a great time to get away from this heat we are experiencing in Austin! How did the kids do with the higher elevation? We want to go to Lake Tahoe in FEB but I am scared to death of altitude sickness with our (going to be) 2 year old).

Unknown said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! Denver looks awesome!! I will definitely have to visit there someday! : )

Amy Watson said...

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