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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ford 24 months

Well, I think this may be my last monthly post about our BIG two year old Ford! Don't fret, you will still see a LOT of Ford updates and pictures (duh) but I think I have to stop referring to Ford's age in months now that he is 2. This past month has been fun, our little smarty pants continues to amaze us (and crack us up) everyday with the things he says, I can't imagine how fun the next year will be! When I dragged his chair over to the wall this morning he said, "Oh mama take picture!" and sat down to smile. I love this kid!

2 year old attitude
  • Had his 2 year well check today and has a double ear infection, boo. This kind of explains his crankiness as of lately. We picked up his prescription and hoping it does the trick soon. Other than that, he is healthy as a horse and incredibly smart! We will go back in a few weeks for a flu shot but no shots needed this time and no more appointments til 3 years!
  • 29lbs 13oz (82nd %), 35in (64th%)
  • Very polite these days and says "No Thanks!" if he doesn't want to do something. It is adorable. He also says please and thank you without being prompted.
  • Gives a lot of compliments... "ooh mama your earrings are pretty." or "your dress is nice". Not sure where he learned it from but I love it!
  • Asks a lot of questions (yep we are entering that stage). What is that sound? What are you doing mama? Where is daddy?
  • Loves dancing and talks about doing the Whip and Nae Nae. Favorite song is still All About That Bass
  • He can finish a lot of his books when we read them
  • Sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • Says his prayers with assistance
  • Describes things, "hot, warm, cold, spicy, sour"
  • In a big "MINE" phase... aye yi yi
  • Obsessed with bandaids and boo boos. About 10 times a day he needs kisses on his fingers or knees for boo boos and asks for bandaids. Yep he is one of those weird kids!
  • He also loves stickers. We got a huge pack of Melissa and Doug stickers and they keep him very busy
  • Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and yells out their names when we are in the car "Mickey! Minnie! Goofy! Donald! Daisy! Pluto!"
  • Still obsessed with baby Lucy and loves to put on "shows" for her, read to her, give her toys, and play with her under the playmat. They bathe together and he is very helpful in washing her and always makes her laugh 
  • Went on his 27th flight this month to Colorado and loved it! He has been obsessed with airplanes ever since my gramma flew in to meet Lucy, "Gramma Great on airplane!"
  • Getting to be a pretty good eater. He is finally eating veggies (cooked carrots, broccoli, zucchini), more meats, all fruit, tons of milk. We just transitioned him to 2% milk this week, he didn't notice at all.
  • He regressed in potty training on our trip but we are back on track he has very few accidents and has been waking up dry from nap. 
  • He is taking Juice Plus gummies and loves them
  • Knows all his body parts and loves counting them
  • Overall he is a hilarious little boy! Check out the videos below of him chatting away


Allena said...

I can't get over how big he is! Wasn't he just a squishy newborn a few weeks ago!?! And whoa is that boy smart! I am so impressed with everything he says. And he is beyond cute! :)

Sarah Tucker said...

He whipped and nae-nae'd. I AM DYING!! And the chips, "sour!" He is just the most precious thing!

Evelina said...

I can't believe he's already 2! I love how curious he is with all his questions!

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