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Monday, August 24, 2015

Major catch up

Warning. This post will be a whole lot of random for ya. I haven't written for over a week so I feel the need to dump my thoughts and pictures into one big post. We now have a two year old in our house in every sense of the's been sweet, fun, and emotionally tiring. I love that our big Ford is independent and out spoken but man he has been giving us a run for our money with his stubborn little attitude. I feel like God gave us Lucy at the perfect time. She is seriously the happiest and sweetest little thing and when Ford has me wanting to rip my hair out, I can look at her and get a big ole smile and remind myself that Ford was just the same (and that Lucy will drive me nuts one day as well haha). I think the Lord so perfectly plans out the dynamics of your family, the ages of your children, their personalities, etc. all to compliment (and bless) each other. What's crazy is that Ford has shown us major attitude but is SO affectionate lately. Even my mom commented on it. He wants to cuddle all the time and kiss you on the mouth and hold your hands. Gosh he's cute. Speaking of cute, my dear husband let me sleep in until 9 yesterday morning (that's what having a daytime cocktail during a date will do to me) and snapped this picture of our babes relaxing. It is nearly impossible to look at Lucy and give her any sort of attention and her NOT to smile. Ford was probably locked in on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

So what has our house hold been up to lately? Well I actually left the babies overnight for the first time last week and it was wonderful. I didn't leave Ford overnight until he was 13 months old (darn you bottle strike) but again, my sweet Lucy girl will take a bottle from anyone and allowed me 24 hours away with the women I trudge alongside of in motherhood with. I want to share more about this another time but back when Ford was 3 months old I started meeting with about 5 or so women from church regularly to talk about the woes of motherhood. Well fast forward almost 2 years and we've now created a mom's group of almost 2,500 women in Austin to provide support, advice, community, fellowship, and encouragement for. God is crazy and good! Being away from my children is such a sweet rest for my mind (and my hands!). They both slept through the night, seriously Lucy is a rockstar, and Jon kept the house in tact. I love a hands on husband who didn't even bat an eye when I asked him if I could have a weekend away.

In not so new news, Lucy is always happy. How cute is this Texas onesie from Fayebeline baby? You can find them (and other states, even though Texas is the best) on Amazon!

She can also be carried on my hip nowadays and it is a life changer! I don't want to wish time away but gosh I can't wait until she can sit up in the shopping cart... that will make my grocery trips 10000 times easier. 

Ford is still obsessed with his sunglasses and a friend told me that blue eyes need extra protection from the sun so I happily oblige when he wants to wear them 24/7. I have to keep an extra pair with us all the time just in case. 

I had my annual with my OBGYN last week and although I am very happy I am not pregnant, I am sad that I won't see her for another year (I do NOT plan on getting pregnant within a year, God willing!). She is the, I wish I could hang out with her everyday. If you are in Austin, it is Dr. Diana Wang at Austin Area OBGYN. She is so talented, you should see how small my incision is compared to how big my kids were. 

A church near our house has the most incredible indoor playground that is open to the public and we go at least once a week. Ford tends to get overwhelmed when there are a ton of kids in one area so Friday was particularly busy and he spent an hour running races with his little girlfriends. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

I've been trying to get Ford more involved with me in the kitchen lately because he loves to help. He helps me unload the dishwasher and this weekend we made cookies and I let my hair down  a little and allowed him to pour almost everything in. My kitchen was a disaster but we had so much fun and he was all about licking the spoon. When he realized he was dirty he was totally over it and didn't even want a cookie because he was "too messy mama. I need to wash my hands". He is so funny. 

We dropped off the kiddos at my parents house this weekend for a couple of hours and Lucy got some cuddles with her Uncle James. He will start his junior year of HS tomorrow, what?! Ford was all about James' lacrosse stick, we may have a future lax man on our hands. 

Day dates are my favorite for a few reasons. #1 I get a break from the day to day with 2 small children and can really enjoy myself. The kids go to bed so early that I kind of don't like going out at night because that's when I already get my break! And day dates allow us to be active and be in the sun and we can continue our date into the night when the babes go down. We are trying to be intentional about doing a date every other weekend and this weekend we went to Shake Shack for lunch, hit up Peter Pan Mini golf where it is BYOB and so fun (drinking John Daly's out of a Bubba Keg!), grabbed a brownie topped donut at Gordough's, then did a few shopping errands. Whether it's 6 hours or 60 minutes, being out with my husband is medicine that my body needs. It's little things like holding hands that you don't get to do when you are carrying a diaper bag, sippy cups, and two babies. 

I don't like cats. There I said it, don't hate me. I just really don't care for them. I feel like they are always plotting a way to attack me. My mom has a cat named KD (after Kevin Durant, but the cat is a girl) and she isn't nice yet is obsessed with my mom and brother, they are always trying to talk her up. I had to get my mom these pjs when I saw them at Forever 21... hilarious!

Ford has meet the teacher this week for his pre school that starts the following week so I am getting everything ready to go! Y'all know I love to #monogramallthings so I found someone in my neighborhood to make vinyl decals for his YumBox lunchbox. And because Lucy will start food soon, I bought her one too. How cute are they? Also, I think I need a Silhouette Cameo now. Does anyone have one? Recommendations?

This Texas shirt is hands down the most comfortable and softest t shirt I own (not a joke). It is made by Utopia Graphics, a screen printing and embroidery company out of Fort Worth, TX and $8 of the $22 shirt goes to the Make A Wish Foundation of North Texas. Get one NOW!

For my fellow monogrammed obsessed friends, I am hosting a giveaway from Charlotte's Threads and you can find more info here

This post is getting way too long and no one has probably hung on long enough to read down here but last week I braved I35 by myself and drove to Dallas with both kiddos to spend some time with my sister before her baby boy is born in 3 weeks from Friday! I am going to dedicate a whole post to that later this week because there were some super cute pictures and videos. I promise not to be so radio silent around here. Well, I can't promise that because it seems like someone needs me at every moment of every day but hey, life is good! 


Anonymous said...

Could your kiddos get any cuter? Look at Lucy's big smile and Ford's amazing style! Haha! Love it.

Evelina said...

I love their adorable brother/sister dynamic! My nephew was just born yesterday (!!) and his big sister is already obsessed!
And Ford looks awesome in those sunglasses! So trendy :)

Dana said...

Yes, Ruthie, you NEED a Silhouette Cameo. I've made the best gifts with it, and a few things for myself, too. You can cut any graphic or font. It's definitely the best crafting investment I've ever made.

Love the cat pajamas, too. I sort of feel the same way about kitties...

Unknown said...

We need to get you Ford & Lucy some new Fayebeline gear! They keep growing so fast and getting cuter by the day :)

Check out and let me know what you want :)

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