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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lucy 4 months

Lucy Joy is 4 months old, someone hold me! I am kind of shocked 4 months have gone by and I consider each day we make it through a victory. Lucy is so sweet y'all. I can't even explain it. She just wants to love on you, smile at you, talk to you....we are in a honeymoon phase with her. She is happy, healthy, and has completely stolen our hearts. 4 months is such a fun phase because they are so interactive yet don't move anywhere (I am sure I will be singing a different tune when she is crawling and into everything in a few months).

  • We had her 4 month well check this morning and it went great! I didn't really have any questions and Lucy is hitting all of her milestones. She got 2 shots and 1 oral while brother got his flu shot. Note to self, don't bring two babies in for shots on your own... I was so sad but of course vaccinations are worth it! Lucy cried hard for about 5 seconds then was immediately soothed when I picked her up.
  • 14lbs 6oz, 56th %
  • 24.5 in 53rd %
  • They forgot to write down her head measurement but it was 96th%.... big brain!
  • Bedtime at 7:30pm and sleeps 11 hours straight. About 1/2 the time she wakes up in the morning and nurses and goes to sleep for another 2 hours but I love when she sleeps til 7am and is happy and ready to play! I am so grateful for a good sleeper.
  • Naps about 3 times a day, it is hard to navigate naps when we are on the go with big brother but Lucy will sleep anywhere and loves a good carseat nap. She is funny, she hates a paci 99% of the day except for nap and sucks ferociously on her Wubbanub and spits it out when she's asleep.
  • Nurses every 3 hours during the day and sleeps 11 hours straight without nursing at night. 
  • Takes 1 4oz formula bottle a day and sucks it down like a champ. She is pretty selective about when she eats...if she isn't hungry she cannot be talked into eating and gets angry if you try to feed her. 
  • I left her overnight for the first time this month (Jon watched the babes while I was at a retreat) and she did great! Jon did a few breastmilk bottles and a few formula bottles so we didn't hurt her tummy and she went right back to nursing when I got home. I don't know how exclusive pumpers do it... 
  • She has become very talkative this month! She loves to hear her own voice and she does this evil little squawk thing it's hilarious. Jon calls it growling but it's not "mean". I need to get it on video!
  • Belly laughs and smiles at the drop of a hat. She is not a crier and maybe cries once a day when she is hungry but all it takes is eye contact and she smiles. She is SO googly eyes for Ford too!
  • Loves her big brother. She definitely notices him these days and likes to watch him play. Ford gets under the playmat with her and hands her toys and plays with her in the Mamaroo and bouncer. He now does "baby talk" for her and it is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I need to get it on camera
  • She opens her mouth when you go in for a kiss
  • We put her in the exersaucer for the first time this week and she really likes it! She still loves standing so she can be in her element when she's in there. I use a muslin blanket around her belly since she's still a little small.
  • Teething like a mad woman! She has her hands or toys in her mouth 90% of the day and loves when we rub her gums. She is a drool machine and I feel everyday for teeth but nothing yet. 
  • Wears 3-6 month outfits and 3 month jammies
  • Cloth diapered during the day and size 2 disposable diaper at night (I can't wait til she can wear an overnight diaper because she pees SO much at night and they make them starting at size 3).
  • Loves to watch the TV when it is on, especially football with daddy. 
  • Favorite toys are mini Sophie, Zoli teether, those plastic little rings to hook toys on the carseat, playmat
  • Loves her baths and chewing on wash cloths. We bathe both kids together and she is trying to sit up in her AngelCare bath seat lately. Ford is so cute and loves to pour water on her tummy and help wash her and hand her toys. 
  • We start swim lessons today with Lucy and I can't wait! We are doing a parent child "Water Babies" class at Emler Swim School and Ford will be in mother's day out so I get some time with my girl. 
  • Last night we put her in the highchair for the first time. We actually hate our Graco highchair but it is nice because it leans back and she can be in on the action. She hates laying down now and tries to sit up in her bouncer.
  • First walk in the stroller seat last night


Allena said...

Sweet girl! She is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is so sweet! You're so lucky mama that she sleeps through the night! I bet that defintely helps during the day time with the two of them!

Evelina said...

She is so adorable and pretty! I love that she enjoys watching football with her dadddy!

Unknown said...

What a big girl ! Smiley and so sweet ;)

Melissa Mekdeci said...

O.M.G. This baby looks JUST LIKE Ford. This could be Ford with a bow. They are both so precious! :)

Mrs. Ramseyer said...

Pampers makes size two nighttime diapers! Although somebody told me to size up in nighttime diapers from what your child is actually wearing since it will hold more and they don't move Around enough at night for it to be a hindrance. My daughter is 7 months and weighs the same as Lucy (she is a peanut baby!) and wears a size two during the day and a size three Pampers baby dry at night! But I had been putting her In size two baby dry diapers since she was a month old because wet diapers were the only thing keeping her from 10-12 straight hours at night.

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