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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lucy 6 months

Lucy Joy is 6 months old today and I really can't believe it. As of now we are closer to her first birthday than her birth day. Wow time flies when you are busy with babies (and also having fun). Lucy is such a sweet little girl. Jon and I both agree that she is starting to develop her own little personality (not just a baby).... she is shy at times, opinionated at times, let's you know what she wants, and pretty much smiles 99% of the day. She knows our faces and loves her big brother. It is so much fun to watch her play and learn, gosh she is learning so much this month! 6 months is a huge milestone... we survived! 6-9 months was such a fun stage with Ford (before the dreaded crawling starts) and I can't wait to see what the next month brings for our happy little girl!

Picture taking is starting to get interesting... girly doesn't want to sit still and likes the taste of the sticker

Monthly stickers via Baby Bump Bundle/Lucy Darling
  • 16lbs 5oz (55th %), 26.25in (66th %), head circumference 44cm (92nd %)
  • We had Lucy's 6 month well check this morning and she is a healthy and perfect little lady! She was showing the doctor how she sits up on her own (and clawed her a few times) and lots of smiles. Doctor doesn't think she'll get teeth anytime soon and encouraged us to start solids... more on that below. She got 3 shots today including her flu vaccination (I am so glad she is 6 months at the start of the season)... poor girl screamed but stopped right when I picked her up. Baby shots are so sad! I hope we don't have to see the doc much this winter... one can only hope.
  • Peanut Lady, Peanuts, Chiquita
  • Wears 6 month and 6-9 month clothes, 6 month jammies, 1 pair of newborn shoes, 1 pair of 0-6 month moccs but still too big on her tiny feet
  • Cloth diapered during the day, just moved up to size 3 disposable diapers at night
  • Bed between 7-730pm, sometimes sleeps til 7am, sometimes nurses between 5-6a then sleeps til 8a. She sleeps with a few loveys and clutches them it is SO cute! She is a back sleeper and wakes up really mad when she rolls on her tummy (she can't figure out how to roll back yet). 
  • She takes 3 naps a day, 1-1.5 hours in the morning, 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon, 1 hour in the late evening. She isn't great at sleeping on the go so I make sure we are home for at least 2 of her naps each day (she gets a car nap on Ford's school days if Jon isn't home to take F) but we are home for most of them... I knew this day was coming! Hoping to transition her to 2 naps within a month or so.
  • She nurses every 3-4 hours during the day and gets 1 bottle in the evenings around 4-5pm of formula (Similac for Supplementation). She takes 4oz but I think we are going to up that soon.
  • We haven't started solids yet but I've given her a few mum mums and puffs and she kind of likes them. She will love it for a second then gag but she is really good at using her little pinchers. I spent a whole day last week making a few types of baby food and we plan on starting soon.... just kind of dreading the mess and added thing I have to do... just milk is so easy! She has been reaching for food so I think she is ready. 
  • She has been sucking on her top lip a lot lately and also does this funny/cheesy smile that makes me think she is really teething.
  • Smiles ALL the time, I don't just post her best pics... she really doesn't stop smiling.
  • No teeth yet but chews on EVERYTHING, including her feet. She found them this month and loves them
  • Jon calls her violent because girlfriend can SCRATCH. I started wearing a nursing necklace (The Vintage Honey Shop) because she loves to scratch and pinch. She loves to get Jon's beard too. When people play with her I tell them to beware because she can be giving you the sweetest laughs and smiles and grab for you and boom, she's clawed your face off. Such a sweet girl haha.
  • As of last weekend she can sit up for 2-3 minutes on her own! We got the activity table out and took the 2 front legs off so she can sit up and play. I think she's finally learning she needs to balance to stay up.
  • She rolls non stop... but only back to tummy and then gets mad. Tummy to back is so much easier but she hasn't figured that out.
  • Despite not being able to crawl, Lucy gets from one side of the room to the other by scooting and gyrating haha. I think she'll be a good dancer because girlfriend can move.
  • Lucy is OBSESSED with her jumperoo and is a maniac in it, just like Ford was. Her ideal afternoon is jumping in there while watching football with Jon. 
  • She loves her banana brush, soft rattle baby doll, wooden ring teether, banana brush, Pony Tails book.
  • I don't think we will keep the swing or Mamaroo out for much longer, she likes it for 10 minutes then is done. 
  • She is so cute in her highchair during our meals and loves interacting with us, especially Ford. He can really get her laughing and now he's taught her to blow spit bubbles.
  • Ford is SO sweet with her. He loves when he gets to run into her room and stand on the stool to see her in her crib. He plays peek a boo with her, shows her all of his toys and crafts, and talks in a high voice/baby talk to her, it is the sweetest thing. 
  • We flew to Chicago for a family visit and Lucy stole so many hearts! You can read about our trip here
  • She is very ticklish, like me, and loves to be tickled! 
  • Loves her bath and starting to splash and kick a lot. She is getting too big for the Angel Care seat so we are going to switch her to a bath ring soon. She loves her bath and Ford and her often get into giggle fits when they are in there. 

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Unknown said...

She is the sweetest thing EVER - love how her mouth is wide open with a big smile lighting up her face ;)

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