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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Pumpkin Gospel

A few weeks ago the girls in my missional community group (our church's home group/small group) were brainstorming ways we can love on our neighbors and ultimately share the gospel with them. Having kids makes it really easy to get an "in" with your neighbors so creating events for the kiddos is a huge win. We decided to do a pumpkin painting party where we would read The Pumpkin Gospel and teach our children about how God cleans out our insides of sin, gives us a new identity/face, and gives us the light of the Holy Spirit, just like a Jack O Lantern! I really love these sweet teachable moments with my kids, especially during the fun holiday season. It is so easy to use the holidays as a vehicle to point them to Jesus. We each invited a few families and it was so much fun! We pre carved the pumpkin to make it easier and let the kids touch the pumpkin guts and throw them in the trash, just like God throws our sin away. Ford is now at a really impressionable age and although he's not understanding the depth of the Gospel, he knows who Jesus is, learns about him all week at school and Sunday school, and gets excited about lots of things so I really look forward to doing similar stuff with him for Thanksgiving and of course Christmas! After we read the story we let the kids paint pumpkins and use Halloween stickers. Having kids really makes the holidays so much more fun!

I posted a few pictures on Instagram and people commented that the book The Pumpkin Gospel is almost impossible to find online. I did some searching and you can find it right now on for $10.99. We also have the book The Pumpkin Parable that I got on but it will be better for Ford when he is a bit older. 


Gina said...

This party looks so fun. I never heard of this book before and am eager to get it for my boys.

mamabeara said...

I like the idea but you could potentially ruin relationships by doing that. My parents always pulled me away from friends whose parents would push their faith on me, because they wanted me to decide when I was old enough to understand. I personally have a faith I follow, and would be slightly bothered if my children were put in a situation like that. I know you mean well, and I don't mean to start anything by saying that. I really do like the idea.

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