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Friday, October 30, 2015

Lucy's First Food

Today is a crazy day in Austin. It hasn't stopped raining since early this morning and there is flooding across our city. For a city who has experienced a multi year drought, it is great, but man it's intense! Since we planned on staying home all day, it was finally time to start Lucy on solids! In typical 2nd child fashion I have been meaning to start them this week but then time gets away from us and I postpone. I spent a whole day last week making a bunch of homemade baby food. Like with Ford, we plan on doing purees for a couple of weeks then transition into baby led weaning. Lucy has shown major signs that she is interested... grabbing our food, opening her mouth, and loving puffs and mum mums. I decided to give her sweet potatoes since that was Ford's favorite and I used a store bought Gerber brand because it is really thing and pureed (my homemade food is thicker). She was funny about it and got over it pretty quickly. I assumed she was going to plow through it but that wasn't the case. She did want to grab onto the spoon to gnaw on. I am in no rush to go full force into food but we will try again tomorrow! And just like Ford, Lucy had her first food off of a beautiful silver spoon gifted to us by my grandparents (and they gave me one when I was a baby too!). I love incorporating family traditions into any experience for my kiddos.

Googly eyes for her daddy


Allena said...

Sweet girl! She looks a lot like Ford in the pictures, huh??

Evelina said...

I love the tradition of the silver spoon! So special that it was from her great grandparents. And Ford was so cute with his commentary in the background! :)

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