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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Our week

We had a fun start to our week... I am exhausted and it's only Thursday! Embry came to spend a few days at Mimi Camp while my older sister Cori healed and spent time with baby Toddy on her own (moms of 2+, isn't it so nice to be one on one with the baby?! You realize how easy the newborns are!) and Ford was so excited to spend time with her! Monday we got a behind the scenes tour at PDQ and I am still craving their chicken tenders. If you live in Austin, there are two in Cedar Park and basically you need to go right now. It is SO good! And side note, they give back so much to the community and work with sports teams and organizations, I love that. Jon has been in New Orleans this week (jealous) and gets home tonight so for a change of scenery we spent Tuesday night at my parents house. Sure I have to pack everything but the kitchen sink when we travel overnight but you mamas with traveling husbands know how nice it is to have an extra set of hands to catch a break when your husband is gone! We woke up early yesterday and drove to Waco, halfway between Dallas and Austin, to meet my sister with Embry. We strolled the Cameron Park Zoo and had a yummy lunch at McAlister's before parting ways. I got to snuggle my gorgeous nephew Toddy and my sister looks incredible for not even being 3 weeks postpartum! It is so fun to watch Embry and Ford play together, they sure do bring out energy in each other. I can't wait to watch Lucy and Todd (Embry & Ford 2.0) grow up playing together. Now a picture dump...

When you go to PDQ, take it from me and order the lemonade. You can see that Ford is thoroughly enjoying it.

They wouldn't stop giving each other smooches

Lucy rarely gets Mimi time with Ford hogging it all but she was happy to watch the big kids playing on the sport court and cuddle with Meems!

Embry LOVES "baby Yucy!"... the 2 girls got to stick together

The kiddos pretty much liked the statues and play stuff more than the animals at the zoo ha!

My buddy the Orangutan

Mimi and her grands, what a lucky lady!

Can you tell she was so tired? God I love her

The #higginslittles

My twins

Toddy is a stud, look at that hair!


Emily said...

So so so cute. I cannot believe how big Ford and Lucy are-time goes so fast!

Evelina said...

How cute of those photos of the smooches! I love how close your kids are with their cousins. It's such a special relationship

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