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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Randoms

Since this Thursday is Thanksgiving, I am going to change up my Thursday Randoms. I present to you an overdue randoms post....

  •  Friday night Mallorie and her hubby Dave stayed the night with us! Dave had a show in Dallas on Saturday but they wanted to check out Austin since it will be their home in January! We had a super fun night out with them and Amanda and Scottie. What better way to show someone Austin then Trudy's and 6th street!? Here is the only picture I took (boooo). Can't wait to hang out with these ladies again! Loved my first blog date/sleepover!
  • I did not leave the house once on Saturday. It was marvelous!! We spent the day napping, eating and watching Investigative Discovery TV. My little sister came over for a bit and Jon went to a metal show downtown with a buddy. I caught up on some shows and watched Baylor kick some Sooner booty!
  • There was a Groupon this weekend for tree removal. The company was called Stump N!
  • My mom watched Ernie last week and sent me this picture. He looks like a bobble head!! His neck is so thick, it is funny. When people meet him for the first time they are so amazed by how muscular he is

  • Tonight is Ernie's birthday party with my family. My grandparents are in town from Kansas City and we wanted them to see our house. His real birthday was Saturday and he got two new toys...a squeeky (that he has already destroyed) and a Nyla bone (the best invention ever). Isn't it crazy to see how much he has changed. He looks so old now!
  • We are having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night that way my sister and her hubby don't have to have 2 in 1 day with her in-laws. I am bringing green bean casserole (my fave!) and broccoli cheese casserole. We are also taking Fanning family Christmas card pictures...must figure out what to wear!
  • Since we won't be eating Thanksgiving on Thursday, Jon and I are volunteering at Operation Turkey. We aren't sure what our job will be but it will either be serving lunch or packing/delivering meals to families. God has been so good to us this year and we want nothing more than to share our blessings. We are going to the lakehouse on Friday with the family which will be so much fun :-)
  • I love when animals do human things (dress up, ride skateboards, etc). I think I got my love of this from my best friend and college roommate, Alyssa. Anytime I see an animal channeling a human, I have to take a pic and send her. How cute is this Little Red Riding Hood kitty
  • My little sister, Tomi, is back to blogging!!! She started a blog last year and took a break this summer. She is a sophomore at my alma mater, Texas A&M University. Be sure to check out her blog! Show her love! Follow her! Here is the link to her blog, Diary of a College Girl.
  • Did yall watch SNL this weekend? Jason Segal is one of my favorite actors, I thought he was hysterical! One of our favorite on-going skits is the kissing family, the Vogelchecks. Kermit the frog was also pretty cute on Weekend Update. 
  • I would love some DSLR photography tips from any photographers or picture takers out there. I am getting good at figuring out what setting to use on my camera but I still am lost when it comes to manual. It also stinks that it gets dark so early. I get home between 5-6pm and the sun is already setting. 
  • Do you guys follow Humblebrag on Twitter??  If not, you should. I wish there was a Humblebrag for FB. I would send in quite a few of my FB friends. 
  • I stole this next picture from my mom's Facebook. Her and her "bunco babes" went to San Antonio this weekend to celebrate one of the babes birthdays. One of the babes made these red-neck wine glasses from mason jars and glass candle stick freaking cute!! Go ahead and pin these!
  • Sunday night we went to dinner with our neighbors and their sweet 8 month old baby. We got to hear the wonderful story of his adoption and loved hearing how the Lord has worked in their hearts and lives. We are so lucky to  know them (and live right next door!). 
  • Last night I fininished my first rosette necklace. I've been making tons of rosettes but haven't found the right chains. I also made a few hair pins. I am absolutely loving mustard yellow right now. Here is a video tutorial I did on making rosettes.
  • I also wrapped 2 Christmas presents so our tree wouldn't look bare. I stink at making bows with ribbon but made some more rosettes out of the scrap wrapping paper. P.S. I bought this wrapping paper at World Market and it is a total joke. I wrapped 2 shirt boxes and I probably have enough left to wrap only 1 more! What a rip off. 
  • Did any of you watch All American Muslim?? Jon and I had been seeing previews for it and knew we wanted to watch. As Christians, we love and accept people of ALL religions/races/ethnicities/etc like God told us in John 13:34, "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." We really enjoyed the show and it broke our hearts watching the stereotypes, profiling and scrutiny many Muslims face on a daily basis. If any of my readers practice Islam, I would love for you to send me an email. We did some googling to try and understand their beliefs and practices and we would really love to know more (I mean Wikipedia isn't always the most credible source but hey!).  

What random stuff do you have going on in your life?? 


Michelle said...

Awww Ernie is so cute!

And I've been wanting to watch the show, I think a lot of people should because not many people understand the lifestyle.

Allison said...

I always seem to get those rolls of wrapping paper too! Such a bummer! Love the rosettes though...and the cat, lol!

Kelly said...

I just had to tell you that my dog is named Nyla. My sister came up with it and didn't realize where she had heard it before until one day she was telling her dog to go get her Nyla bone and we were like "ooooooh". LOL Oh well. It was too late at that point. :)

Amanda said...

That was like an overload of info! I don't know what to comment on first.

I guess I'll say that the necklace looks GORGEOUS! Great job crafting! Enjoy your t-gives meals :) And it's so nice to hear that you guys are volunteering on turkey day.

Happy Thursday, I mean Tuesday ;)

Allison said...

That was a lot! I love that yall are going to volunteer on Thanksgiving. Love the necklaces! & can't wait to check out your sisters blog. I am an Aggie too! Have a great Turkey day!!

KRISTIN said...

don't even know where to start...

-I love that purple dress in the first pic...sounds like your sleepover was a blast! :)

-I love Ernie, but you already know that.

-You are so crafty and it makes me jealous.

Ashley said...

So much to comment on! :)
-I am jealous you got to go on a blog date! There aren't any bloggers close enough to me, that I have found.
-Green Bean casserole is my fave too!
-I really wanted to watch that show but somehow missed it! I will have to catch up on it.

Karla said...

Would ya please head over and wrap my christmas gifts.. lol that is too cute!

Kylie @ {Everblossom} said...

Oh my goshhhh... @humblebrag is so good.

It makes me so happy that you want to get to know more about what Muslims go through. LOVE ONE ANOTHER is right.

Alana said...

I've followed Humblebrag ever since you mentioned them a few weeks ago, and I have to say THANK YOU. I read them to Mike and we have a good laugh. :)

henning love said...

i always love your random posts ruthie. happy birthday ernie!! he definitely have changed and toys in our house are always practically instantly destroyed, they don't have a chance!

Mrs.C said...

The rosettes look fab on the presents! I love them! They would look great too on top of ribbon wrapped around the box!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

OMG I definitely have to find Humblebrag on Twitter now-- you always find the best! Thanks, Ruthie!

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! And hope Ernie had a great birthday! Enjoy your time celebrating, and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love xoxo

Jenna said...

I keep meaning to record that show and forgetting! Setting it up on my DVR now! Ernie is such a little cutie!

ashlyn said...

ernie is adorable!!! hope is having a great birthday! haha

& i am so jealous of yalls little get together!


Miranda said...

Love the Kissing Family on SNL! they are always hilarious and I love that Paul Rudd made an appearance for that skit too!

Anonymous said...

I have seen the previews for All American Muslims. I agree that it is not fair to judge someone because of what they believe. I am really interested to see this series.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Your sister's blog is too cute. Too be young..I wish! I followed her she has to be faboo like you! Plus, she and I were both Flapper girls for Halloween! Have a great time and Thanksgiving!

... said...

I love these random posts of yours! I leave feeling like I know so much more! :) Yay for a blog hang...a BLANG? Hmm.... Hope the birthday celebration for Ernie was so fun tonight and I hope you have a wonderful time with Jon and the family this week!! xo

Fash Boulevard said...

can i please borrow Ernie and that necklace. lol. they're both just so fabulous. haha. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new fash trend report. Love to hear what you think. xo

Summer-Raye said...

Those rosettes are too awesome!

Id love for you to check out my blogging secret santa and participate!

If you decide to follow along let me know-and Ill follow back!

Cant wait,

Evan said...

I don't practice Islam, but I do practice the ancient art of Judaism.

I also once knew a Jewish guy who took Karate and claimed to have karate-chopped a live horse!

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