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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rosette tutorial

I found myself pinning tons of flower and rosette tutorials and finally told myself "Stop pinning! Start making!". I ended up finding this video and it was so informative and so easy. I wanted to be able to make cute rosettes without having to bust out a needle and thread. Here are some of the ones I've made

My video tutorial

(sorry the video is so small, is there a way to make it larger?)

Here are some pictures to guide you through the tutorial

1. All you need is fabric, fabric scissors and a glue gun. The thinner the fabric, the easier it will be to make the rosette.

(Fanning is my maiden name)

2. Cut 1.5 inch wide strips of the fabric. The longer the length, the bigger the rosette will be. I made mini rosettes and cut the fabric about 12 inches long.

3. Fold one end of the fabric hot dog style in half and in half again. Secure with a tiny hot glue dot. Roll the first 2-3 inches of the fabric (that is folded) to make the bud of the rosette. Secure with hot glue.

4. Now you can get creative. Fold and twist the fabric around the bud and secure with hot glue every 2-3 folds (watching the video will help you understand better). Once you are out of fabric, hot glue the tail end of the fabric to the back of the rosette.

Here are my finished products

 I am hosting a bridal shower on Saturday and thought the rosettes would make great bows

You can use rosettes for so many different things! Here are some ideas:

-Gift wrapping

Question for the day: have you actually made any of the crafts you've pinned on Pinterest?? Or are you a serial pinner who hasn't made anything?


Anya Rudn said...

Congrats to Erin on the win!!

Hahaha oh ya you can really get carried away with a ton of tutorials on pinterest!! You did a great job on these looks so easy and cute!

Iv done a few DIY i found on pinterest.. Always fun!


... said...

Ha ha ha! You called me ERNIE! :) I love it. You love that dog! :) I will email you :)

Mahesha said...

I just joined pinterest and I can totally see myself turning into a serial pinner :) but this post kinda inspired me to do something! Imma go look for something on pinterest... like right about now :)

Kristen Thornburg said...

Love this tutorial!! THUMBS UP! :) Put it as a DIY, hot to... which are popular... so hopefully you'll get lotsa hits, girly girl!

P.S. your arms look awesome!!

Amanda said...

i'm totally a serial pinner. like i'm probably going to pin this post to pinterest as a DIY, but we'll see if i actually try to do it haha! i'm so artistically challenged! i'd like to think i can do all this crazy stuff but i just don't know. LOL love you! great vlog girlie!

Alana said...

I don't think I've made any of the crafts I've seen on Pinterest, but I have tried out a few recipes! That counts for something, right?

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

I'm a serial pinner!! This is awesome, girl! You are so talented! Congrats to Erin, whoohoo!

Leah said...

My very first Pinterest craft was with you - the Boo letters! I actually just added a "Pinspired" album to our FB page today to keep track of all the things we actually make.

Krista said...

This is so cute...and simple! I have the perfect project for it, now all I need is to get some material! I love that you use it for bows on packages, that is awesome :)

Thanks for sharing!

henning love said...

yay Erin for winning! she is so sweet, hey missy your glue gun still says ruthie fanning, change it missy!! hehe

Sarah said...

I'm mostly a serial pinner, but I have made a number of the recipes and they were all fabulous.

Tara said...

Confessed serial pinner right here. :)

Megan said...

so so cute!!! i've been trying to make those more but i pretty much fail, haha. so your tutorial is very helpful. love them!

Amanda said...

Nope, I have not actually made any of the crafts that I've pinned. Is that bad? Are we pinterest friends? I feel like we're not, but maybe we are... who knows! Thank goodness we're almost half way through this week. Clearly, my mind is all wonky!

Anonymous said...

You are so cuuute!!

Quirky Homemaker said...

I haven't tried this yet! I'm gonna have to do it. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! If you're interested, I'm hosting a hop right now & a $10 paypal giveaway with it. Have a happy (almost) weekend!

Quirky Homemaker said...

BTW, following you here now!

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