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Friday, September 21, 2012

On Friday

So the new blogger sucks. I can only upload 1 picture at a time because when I try to upload 2-3, I exceed the size limit because the pics are high res from my real camera. Ugh. So the post for this morning is going to wait until I have more time to curse figure this out.

I am so ready to see Jon this evening. He has been traveling a lot for work and I am being a weenie. I know there are people whose husbands leaves for weeks or months at a time but there aren't any rules to missing your spouse. Ernie goes on a hunger strike when Jon travels and I seem to eat everything in sight. Surprisingly I had a substantial dinner last night (chicken and broccoli) followed by my normal lonesome self snacks (quesadilla, chocolate milk, bagel chips). I also sleep walked two nights ago which is scary because Jon wasn't there to get me out of it. I scared Ernie so bad, we didn't get much sleep :-/ he was so spooked. Ugh!!

I don't know what I would do when Jon is gone if it weren't for Ernie. He's my best bud. (and don't tell me he looks big here, it makes me sad! His head is super big but he is pretty small and short)

My love for GroopDealz has hit a peak and I am no longer allowing myself to order things (at least until my 6 items arrive haha). I also discovered VeryJane and am teaming up with them for an awesome giveaway next month! Can't wait to share it with y'all. Check them out for awesome boutique/handmade deals. 

Sporting my new Threads from The Shine Project (and once again, Ernie thinks everything is his!). I'm not really a Hunger Games fan but it looks Hunger Games-esque right?

I have been thinking about getting curtains in our formal dining room and got some great recommendations on Instagram. I am thinking I will put up one long rod and start with 2 panels over the small windows and possibly add more? Now where to buy panels/fabric?!

I am GIDDY excited for family pictures tomorrow with Jen Stamps. We haven't gotten pictures taken since our engagement (besides the wedding) and Ernie is going to be in them! I spent about an hour planning our outfits and dug up these Target cuties (they are probably 5 years old and have been worn twice).

One of my childhood best friends is getting married tomorrow and I cannot wait for this marriage! It's been about 8 years in the making! We have lots of fun things in the queue this weekend.

A few questions...

  • Bloggers...any tips for the new interface? How can I upload multiple high res photos at the same time? I don't have time to single upload!
  • How do I know when my phone is ready for the IoS6 update? I rarely use our desktop where iTunes is loaded, should I just plug my phone in? 
  • Thanks for all the awesome comments yesterday. Some of you left great questions so maybe Jon and I will do a vlog together?? Anything else you want to know?


Alyssa said...

Pictures! I upload my pictures to Photobucket and copy and past the html code for the picture. Hope that makes sense!!!

You're phone probably is ready for the update!! Just go to settings.. then general.. then software update.. you probably want to have it at least plugged into a power source when you upate it :)

Hope this helps!

Have a GREAT weekend! and yay for Jon coming homeee!

(Sorry for all the exclamation points hah gee whiz i can go a little exclamation point crazy sometimes)

Alyssa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carolyn said...

I have been using the new blogger for months, and can upload multiples from my DSLR. Do you have Google+? If you do (I have it ONLY for this reason) you have unlimited photo space, and you shouldn't have that issue anymore.

As for the iPhone - go to Settings-General-Software Update and it should be there! Then get ready to play with the adorable new emojis! So cute! :) (you'll need to be on Wifi and plugged in when you do it)

I hate when Jake is gone too. Cooper and Grace get super overprotective and for some reason our house starts creaking like crazy. Last time, I heard a smash noise out in the living room, and NOTHING was there. NOT OK.

Love all the new jewelry!! I love VeryJane, but my wallet doesn't!

I can't wait to see your family pics! They're going to be ADORABLE!

Can't wait to see what you do with the curtains!!

OK - longest comment EVER is officially over. :)

Rissy said...

I probably shouldn't answer the iphone question since I truly dont know, but I am wondering the same thing. Do I just plug it in and update it? I've heard some peoples' have taken a really long time to update though so make sure you won't need your phone for a bit.

Though I am not married, I really do see how missing your spouse and not having him around could totally mess with your routine. I really, truly look forward to the day I'm married so that I can watch/read scary things before bed and still sleep ok. I started reading "Sharp Objects" last night and literally slept with a light on all night.... ugh.

Love that bracelet! Ashley is doing some really awesome things.

Wild Daisy said...

How exciting you get to see your hubby so soon!!! It's hard no matter how long they are gone.. I get mine back on Monday i cannot wait!!!! Love your new jewelry pieces!! and those shoes are adorable.. I need some new fam pics but i think i'll wait til this belly is gone and I have something from it ;) I freaking love Ernie!!! He is so cute!!


Kaleigh said...

Oh my! I've never heard of Group Dealz but have now joined. My husband will be very happy!

Liz said...

I use windows live writer to do my posts & then import to my blog! You can either directly post right from windows live or post a draft and then go into your blogger settings and post from there! You can edit, resize, and watermark your pictures directly in wlw! I LOVE it!!

I'm dragging my feet with this iphone update because it always takes a million years to complete haha and I don't want to lose anything on my phone if it goes haywire!

EEEEK! Can't wait to see your pictures!! Erndog is gonna be looking studly I'm sure :)

Jessica said...

Not sure, maybe try uploading to google+ because I do not have that issue and load multiple pictures!!! but please keep the pictures coming.. makes me feel like we are actually real life friends (maybe one day if I ever visit texas) :)

&& curtains, I got ours from Bedbath& beyond.. I got black out ones so the light/heat stays out in the summer than i can open them during the winter. they have many many choices.

Love the bracelet!! & I love mr. erine!! he is so adorable. & I think you are right, no one ever said you couldn't miss your hubby no matter how long he's been gone!!! Sometimes I whine at alex to come home early because i want to hang out with him!!

Happy Friday
hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Hollie Ann said...

When Jeff goes away for work I'm fine for a few days and then Friday rolls around and I am SOOO grumpy and whiny. Just what you want to come home to right!? ;)

I see everyone answered your questions...

But beware the ios6 update takes forever!!' I seriously thought my phone died. Luckily it did not.

Unknown said...

Yey for husbands coming home! Mine is coming home this weekend :)

You and Ernie are just so precious, makes me want a dog even more.

Renee said...

Windows live writer is the BEST! it literally changed the way I blog forever. You can upload multiple pics at a time. You can set your posts to publish at certain times. You can change fonts and even upload videos. I never even go near bloggers site anymore!

And you probably can upgrade to ios 6 now- do it, it's amazing!!!

Love reading your posts!!

Krista said...

What a blessing y our little chunk is. Glad you have him for the lonely times. Dogs are the best :)

Shame on you for not wearing those shoes more often! They are too cute!

A vlog with you and Jon would be great! Do it!

Have a ball this weekend :)

Gina said...

I'm addicted to GroopDealz and VeryJane as well. They have such cute things!!!

Samantha said...

Use windows live writer! It is AWESOME!

Claire Beeks said...

Do you use Windows Live Writer, Ruthie? I use it and it's made things SO MUCH BETTER for blogging! I couldn't do it without that program because it's SO fast. Julie from PBFingers recommended it!

Unknown said...

Ok I think you may have just gotten me addicted to GroupDealz! ahhhhh I love it! :)

Erin James said...

girl, i so agree on the whole new blogger thing - not happy with it :( but i DO love and adore your chevron walls :) your home is beautiful!!

happy weekend friend!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

oh, i can't wait to see the fam pics. And isn't it funny how Ernie just wants to play ball. Your just mom to him.

Alisha said...

I hated photobucket at first when I exceeded my photo limit with blogger. Now I love it. It's worth a try.

Love in the air! I know of three people getting married this weekend too. Your friend makes four, and another friend got engaged this morning too! <3 <3

Happy weekend, Ruthie! xo

Anonymous said...

Love any pic of Ernie! He reminds me a bit of my little basset. :)

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