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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This and that, mostly instagram

Some days I find myself posting multiple Instagram photos and other days aren't worthy of any photos. I spend the majority of my day sitting in a cubicle staring at my computer screen so I can tell you, it is not worth capturing on camera. Thanks to instagram, I feel comfortable leaving my big, nice camera at home and still getting fun shots with my iPhone. And as always, things just look better all vintage-y (and for some reason I look even whiter and paler than I already am in instagram!). is what we've been up to lately. 

Our Halloween hootenanny last weekend- Jon and I were cheesy party hosts and we had lots of fun decor!

Roy, one of our many freaky decorations (Ernie looks so big!! His head makes that illusion) and some yummy treats

Playing with Mr. Chunky who is an absolute party animal

Lots of cuddles, naps, and laziness

Pumpkin carving.....our "chunk-o-lantern"

A carshow at the Hillcountry Galleria. If you didn't notice, we love cars (and yes I said we...Jon's love of cars has slowly turned into one of my loves too). I have a thing for old, old, 40s-50s big cars (think Titanic) and Jon loves his Mustangs.

Cuddles with our niece, and god daughter, Embry (who will be one month old on the 1st!!)

Ernie is posing as one of Barker's Beauties and showcasing our new bench from World Market. I have been searching for 6 months for some kind of seating for that wall and I am thrilled with our purchase (and so is he, because he can fit under the bench when he rolls his ball under there)

We've been playing some tennis lately. Nothing competitive but recreationally and for a great workout! We aren't too good at rallying but Jon says I have an awesome, consistent serve. I think if I actually took lessons, I'd be good. If only I had the time. For now it is just for fun

Other things going on...
-Jon's cousin and her family are coming to stay with us next weekend from Indiana, I can't wait to have house guests!
-I start leading a women's group on the book of Esther next week, prayers are coveted
-I normally have the bulk of my Christmas shopping done by now and I've only bought an outfit for my niece...not worried about it though!
-We have a few house projects coming up...replacing door knobs/hinges, painting the upstairs, putting in a deck. Luckily these things aren't urgent, I am excited to do them slowly as we have the time
-I started Parenthood a few weeks ago and am really enjoying the seems so real and relatable...I am almost done with season 1
-Praying hard for the East coast and that this cyclone of a storm will move as quickly as possible. News has been devastating and I pray for safety for those involved. Any of you up there??
 Have a great Wednesday, friends.


Karla said...

Loved all the pictures!! Isn't it sad how sometimes a cell phone takes better pictures than a big expensive camera??! Love instagramming! =)

-Karla from forevernewlywedded =)

Laura said...

I absolutely LOVE your cross wall. How beautiful!

I'm up north in Rhode Island and we were hit but not too badly where I live. About 20 minutes away along the coast there was a lot of damage to beach houses and boats. Many trees have fallen but we were definitely spared the worst thank God.

Unknown said...

omgosh. I love love LOVE Parenthood!!
We just started about a month or so ago and we are finally all caught up with the current episode.
Glad you're enjoying it!

Lissy said...

That pic of Jon and Embry is adorable! I cannot wait until you two have babies!

Casey said...

Your halloween costumes were AWESOME! So so funny. And I adore your wall of crosses. Ernie is such lovely showcase girl...ahem, dog. :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! So much Ernie! Love it! HAHA That bench is adorable! Also... that pumpkin... dying. SO CUTE!

Branden & Aubri said...

Parenthood is one of my favorites!!! I'm watching season 3 right now. It's such a good show!


Anonymous said...

Ruthie!!! OMW, your Halloween costumes are hysterical!

And I love, love that photo of your hubby & your niece. So absolutely sweet, your heart must be melted! :)

KRISTIN said...

The Ernie pics are always my favorite! :) Jason and I used to play tennis in the summers and I am excited to get back in to it after bambino arrives!

Brandi said...

I love that bench! Holy moly! And Ernie is just the cutest.

Enjoy your house guests, I absolutely love having company it's so much fun!

It's Sooo Fluffy said...

Your pup is too freakin cute! I've also been watching Parenthood on Netflix!! Such a great show :)

Jessica said...

Looks like such a great weekend!!!!

Christmas shopping has been slacking here too & i need to order cards!! eekk one day one day at a time!!!
cant wait to see your house projects :)

Have a great day

Michelle said...

I love all of your pictures! ernie is such a cutie.

Unknown said...

HOW is Embry almost a month old already! Geez time is going so quickly right now. I love that you guys carved your pumpkin after Ernie! :)

ashleigh said...

good luck in leading your women's group.
i want to start parenthood

Because Shanna Said So said...

The Chunk-o-lantern turned out so stinkin' cute!! Love it!! And I always forget about the Hill Country Galleria. I haven't been in forever. That pic of Jon and Embry just melts my heart!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Oh that picture of Jon and the baby melts my heart! And that Ernie posing that's one for the wall! What does he RBI k of Embry?

Teressa Mackey said...

Parenthood is AMAZING.. I watched and cried almost every episode while I was pregnant. We no longer have net flix so I haven't watched it in awhile, we got too consumed.
I will be praying for your bible study. How many weeks are you teaching. I've done a study on it before, let me know if you want any help!


Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

that picture of jon with embry made me get a little teary-eyed. can't wait for you guys to be parents :)

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