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Monday, October 13, 2014

Boy mom

This weekend was one for the books. Nothing special in particular happened (well the Browns did kill the Steelers and Jon got a free 1 day pass to ACL) but it was great. Lots of time outside, despite lots of rain, rest, movies, and Ford's first fat lip. He tripped over the threshold in our kitchen where the flooring goes from tile to hardwood and fell flat on his face. Once I saw blood I was worried he'd lost a tooth! He only has 5 so we gotta protect the inventory. Today it is purple and fat but absolutely adorable. I swear Ford skipped walking and went straight to "baby running" and zooming all over the house. He's all boy.

I mean, the puffed out chest... too cute.

Ford has been obsessed with water lately. Bath, the hose, the spray bottle we use on his hair. He loves helping Jon water "his tree". Uncle Jacob planted a seed for Ford the week he was born, watered and grew it for a whole year, then gave it to Ford for his 1st birthday!

Speaking of yard work, we've been keeping him busy mowing the lawn 
(if only it actually worked, he loves it!). 

Ford's BFF Ethan has a real ship in his backyard and last night Ford didn't want to take his hands off of the wheel. He loves driving his crazy coupe around the house so this steering wheel was bigger and more fun! Ethan also has a soccer goal and Ford had a blast kicking and throwing the ball around (and somehow getting caught in the goal and pulling it down over him). 

I love having a little boy... and this little boy makes life so much fun. I'm getting used to dirty little hands grabbing my face and comforting a sad boy who just did a front flip off the couch. Little boys definitely keep you on your toes!


Tomi Fanning said...

There is something different about the connection with little boys. Ford is my little cuddle bug - who I will always run to when he falls!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

I love being a boy mom too! But - can we talk about how he is standing just like his Dad?!? Same shoulders and everything. :)

Allena said...

Having 1 of each, I can definitely see the difference. Trent has such a wild streak in him! Not that Drew can't be daring too, but she is much more loving and nurturing by nature. It's so neat to just see their personality come out!

Unknown said...

Oh my boy is 3 and wow, love him but never a dull moment. I was going to say, I am not sure what you did for the fat lip, but I found that the teething rings are good for them, each of mine would suck on it more then chew so I used them for fat lips.

Sarah Tucker said...

That fat lip is so precious on that Ford face. And how cut is he with his puffed out chest?!

Christine said...

LOVE the tree gift!! We actually planted a tree in front of our house when my daughter was born. It's a tradition in Germany!

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