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Friday, October 10, 2014

Ford 14 months

New this month
  • This has been such a fun month, my favorite so far! I set up his chair this morning and told him to go sit in it...he proceeded to walk over, sit, and gave me a big cheesy smile! I love this boy!
  • Running (or fast walking) away from us and laughing
  • Singing when he hears music or when we sing (especially at night when we sing Bye-Oh Bye-Oh, our night night song)
  • Playing basketball is his favorite past time! Slam dunking, grunting, and celebrating. He gets a kick out of when Jon plays with him
  • Throwing all kinds of balls
  • Sleeps 12 hours at night, bedtime between 7-7:30p. Loves his crib and loveys.
  • Obsessed with balloons and loves walking through the floral area of the grocery store and pointing to the "boons"
  • Walks around with mini pumpkins saying "puu puu"
  • Fake falling and saying "ahhh, oh no" when he does
  • Walking up and down stairs by himself
  • Feeding and rocking baby dolls at Mimi's house
  • Shaving with his play shave kit with cute!
  • Plays with his doctor kit all day long, says "bum bum" for heartbeat (he is going to be a doctor for Halloween)
  • Pointing at people when you ask where they are: where's mommy/daddy/Ford/Ernie/Mimi/Papa
  • Knows most of his body parts: hair, head, eyes, teeth, nose, belly, toes
  • Loves tickling people and Ernie
  • He loves playing kitchen upstairs and making and feeding us food
  • Obsessed with his diapers, getting them changed, saying poo poo. He will often go grab me a diaper and bring it to me saying "poo poo". We are trying to teach him the difference between poo poo and potty.
  • He is very verbal this month. He will pretty much repeat most things you ask him to and new words are: pumpkin, poo poo, strawberry, banana, snack, dog, bird, baby, kitty, trick or treat, Mimi
  • Walks around with his trick or treat bag and says "tee teet"
  • Mastered the 10 second tantrum... throwing himself on the ground and sad crying for 10 seconds and then is fine...toddlers


Raena said...

He looks like a little man!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Ahhhh he is getting so big! I swear, he gets cuter every month! xoxo

"B" said...

He is so stinking cute and such a little mini you! Love!

Brooke Hamilton said...

The video of Ford being silly just cracked me up!

Sarah said...

sweet boy!

aubrey kinch said...

His little shriek over the caterpillar is precious!

Happy weekend, friend!

Christine said...

Great pictures!!! We tried to take pictures of my daughter today since she turned 7 months and oh wow, it gets hard to get them sit still for a second! :)

Carolyn said...

OMG! Love this! :) I'm so glad you're still doing these. It gives me a glance into what I have to look forward too!

I wish Weston liked getting his diapers changed... he HATES IT.

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