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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog coverage

I am so grateful for people reading my blog! My blog is a fun way for me to talk about things going on in my life, things I find interesting or just random stuff :-). As I wrote in my first blog post (and have mentioned a few times thereafter), I am completely obsessed with reading blogs! I love getting to "know" people and get a little piece of their lives. In a way, it is parallel to my love of reading and sometimes I talk about the bloggers I follow like the are my besties! Again like the books I read, I read all sorts of blogs. Food, fitness, babies, DIY, fashion and more. Below I have listed some of the blogs I follow. I love reading about real people who blog about real life experiences- the good, the bad, and the ugly!

PB Fingers- this is the first blog I started following. I heard about it on a morning show I listen to religiously and now check it multiple times a day! Julie got married in October and I loved reading updates about her plans, dress, wedding crafts, etc. while I was planning my own wedding! She blogs about fitness, recipes, fashion and her Vizsla Sadie. Below is the Hart's favorite peanut butter, we go through a jar a week!

YoungHouseLove- the most adorable young couple who blog for a living about home renovating, DIY, crafts and living modestly! They've been featured on the Nate Berkus show and regularly write for various magazines and websites. Check out their baby girl Clara and their chihuahua Burger, so cute!

BowerPower- Katie Bower is actually a good friend of Sherry from YHL so that is how I found her blog. She is also a young mom who blogs about re-doing her home, crafting and her to die for cute baby Will (check out the picture below of his nursery!)

GirlMeetsLife- this blog follows 24 year old Gracie, a recent college graduate who moved to NYC this year. She posts about love, food and the quest to figuring out the "adult world".

SkinnyRunner- I have never been a runner, ever, and don't have any desire to become one. I've done a few 5ks over the past couple of years and that is the absolute farthest I can run (and my knees, hips and calves are totally shot after that long of a run) but I LOVE keeping up with SkinnyRunner's workouts, marathon prep, recipes and fun posts. She is very motivating (yet not motivating enough for me to run more than 10 minutes on a treadmill with my ipod!).Oh and she ran the LA Marathon last week while it was raining cats and dogs, bless her heart!

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life- Courtney is a cute 20 something teacher who blogs about food, fitness and her husband! She has some awesome recipes including a delicious protein pumpkin breakfast cake (cake and breakfast in the same sentence, yes please.)

Kellie Staats- I posted last week about Kellie's blog and losing her sweet Princess Maddie to SIDS. This week she has been posting about SIDS Prevention and the Spring for SIDS event. Check it out and keep Maddie in your prayers. 

The Anderson Crew- mommy of 3 boys and soon to be 2 girls, Emily blogs about her kiddos, photography, fun trips and her crazy household. She has 4 biological children and will be bringing home Elsa, a sweet little 3 year old from Africa. They are a beautiful family!

The Vintage Pearl- get ready for the most beautiful jewelry you've ever seen. This blog follows The Vintage Pearl which is a jewelry store in Tulsa, OK. I haven't purchased anything....yet! The owner blogs about new products and life with her precious 4 little ones. Look at this awesome necklace with her children's names

Like Mom Made- follows Virginia, a young mom of a cute toddler who recently lost her baby girl who was born 4 months early and went to heaven at 12 days old. Originally, her blog's purpose was to inspire women, wives and mothers to get creative. She posts recipes, crafts and ideas and is also a cancer survivor, her story is really amazing 

I follow a few others but I think the above pretty much sums it up! 

You should also check out:

Tomi the college girl- my little sis blogs about being a freshman at Texas A&M- juggling a packed social calendar, 17 hours of class and a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Cole. She has a touching post about Cyber Bullying that I encourage everyone to read. Love you Tom!

Confessions of a Sorority Girl- you will laugh your ass off with my Delta Gamma Big Sis, Ashley Burns. I've never seen a girl draw so much attention (or get this many free drinks!). Read her most recent post about her adventure to Vegas this past spring break!

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