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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book worm

Yep I am a book nerd and proud of it. I absolutely love reading and 100% immerse myself into any book I read. Jon has come to a conclusion that I am super empathetic because I tend to get pretty emotional while reading a book. Something about my creativity just puts me into the character's shoes while I am reading. I see things, hear things and feel things in books, it gives me a glimpse into others' lives and I love it! I am the same way about watching movies. I get so emotionally connected to a character in a book and my moods are often based on what I am reading at that moment. Call me crazy but there are way worse obsessions I could have than reading! I do not regularly read the newspaper (nor Bingo Gossip) but thought the picture below was pretty comical, fit with a quote from Dirty Dancing.

I love getting book recommendations from my mom, sisters and friends so please let me know if you have any must reads! My older sister Cori and I actually created a giant GoogleDoc that lists off tons of books. Cori, my mom and I all have color coded columns where we can mark off if we have read it or not....nerd bombers! Call it disgusting but I am a member of the Austin Public Library mostly because I am too cheap to shell out $15 for a brand new book I will read in 3 hours! Oh and did I mention membership is FREE! I have an online library "queue" and get emails when my reserves are ready, it is quite an advanced system. I felt like such a granny last Friday when I had big plans to pick up my new book at the library only to find out it was closed! Jon was at SXSW all day so my plan was to cuddle up with a trashy romance novel so I guess you could say I was saved from a totally lame Friday night!

I wanted to list some of my favorite books if anyone is looking for a good read but also list some of the books that are on deck for me.

I am completely obsessed with Emily Giffin and completely sad to say I am about to finish her last book. The first EG book I read was Something Borrowed (given to me by Miss Leah!) following with a sequel called Something Blue. Her other books are: Baby Proof, Heart of the Matter, and Love The One You're With.  Something Blue is coming to the big screen in May with Kate Hutson and Ginnifer Goodwin!

My all time favorite book is Redeeming Love. It is the most beautiful, biblical based love story you will ever read! I read it first in high school after it was passed around our girls' bible study and have since read it I think 3 times. I even encouraged Jon to read it and he ended up loving it! I haven't read any more books by Franchine Rivers yet but hope to very soon.

If you are looking for a true story, hysterical, pick me up, Jen Lancaster will give it to you. Jen was a high powered business woman who lost her job after 9/11 and her books follow her and her husbands struggles to find jobs, lose weight and put their lives back together. I can't tell you how many times I cried of laughter during these books! I have read 3 out of the 5 books and can't wait to finish the series. Check out her blog/website for more info and get ready to laugh your ass off. 

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a must read. Even if you aren't a reader, this book will change your life. Dr. Pausch wrote this book as he prepared to lose his battle with pancreatic cancer. He was a professor at Carnegie Mellon and chooses to make his "Last Lecture" a collection of stories and life lessons not only for his students but for his wife and young children. 

So I won't go through all of my favorites but I am a huge Twilight Saga fan (the books ONLY), I loved Harry Potter back in the day (just haven't read them in years), I have read every single Nicholas Sparks book to date and I have also read every single book written on the Scott Peterson case. Yes my reading selections do sound very bipolar but I don't have a particularly favorite genre. Of course I love romance and feel good books but I love biographies (my latest favorite was Jenny McCarthy's books pre and post baby and her struggle with autism), non fiction mystery books and self help books.

So here is what is up next as far as reading goes:

I have read 7 out of 8 Sophie Kinsella books with only Mini Shopaholic left. She is the writer of the Shopaholic series (that turned into a terrible movie a couple of years ago!) along with a few other awesome reads. She also writes under the alias Madeleine Wickham and I am psyched to start those!

I "won" the following book at our MarriedLife group before we got married and find it only fitting to wait until Jon was actually my husband to read Blessing Your Husband. We strive to put God first in our marriage and I am hoping this book gives me insight on doing so.

I feel like everyone around me is reading The Hunger Games! Sounds a bit scary but then again I was so weirded out by the concept of Twilight before I even read it so it will probably take me .5 seconds to become obsessed. There is a long wait at the library so I am anxious to get it!

Anything else I should be reading?


Unknown said...

I am definitely going to use your suggestions for my next good read...I have been looking for a good book :) I just started reading redeeming love and I cant put it down!

-Kelsey B

Amanda said...

Redeeming Love is my favorite book of all time! I will have to look into all these great books you're reading cause we definitely have similar tastes!! Awesome post, Ruthie! :)

Kimberly Erskine said...

Came across your blog post and decided to pick up a copy of, "Redeeming Love." I'm definitely excited to read it. Thanks for the suggestion! =]

Unknown said...

I love this post. I started reading your blog after watching House Hunters, the more I read the more I find that we are so similar, this particular blog proves it even more. I always thought I was the only one who got emotionally attached when watching movies or reading. I have enjoyed reading so far, and am very appreciative (sp?'s late) of your willingness to write a blog, I'm glad Jon encouraged you to write one. My husband Anthony says that as much as I read other peoples blogs I should just write my own..but never thought anyone would ever read it. I don't think my life is that interesting.

Unknown said...

Oh BTW, I added your suggested books to my book lists. Thanks for all the good options..sharing them with my Mama as well..I get my love for reading/english from her :)

Danny said...

It is good to have someone that loves books. Writers nowadays are choosing self publishing to publish their books. It is giving access to read online in a device that is quite good, but it is more admirable to touch the book and just read it out.

kenwood said...

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