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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My husband's mild obsession

If any of you have stepped foot into my Facebook page you know that my husband has a weird obsession with Halloween or for the most part, anything having to do with dressing up. This year, he has requested his birthday party be a "wig party" so come April when Jonny Hart is the big 2-8, expect some seriously scary pics! There is actually a "Wig Avenue" by our house and Jon insists on checking it out...little does he realize they probably sell human hair wigs for hundreds of dollars! I am thinking Party City for sheer economical reasons. I don't know when this infatuation started but I remember oh so clearly the second we became Facebook friends, clicking through his pictures and asking myself "why is this grown man dressed up as a woman at MULTIPLE occassions?!". Here's a taste of Jon's most recent get ups...

Twin witches on was it awkward to put eyeliner on my hubby! 

Ross' Dirty 30 (and Justin looking fresh out of a Land's End magazine)...

Foxxy Cleopatra & Austin Powers at a Delta Gamma "Perfect Pair" Party (I swear those are fake teeth I have on)

So as I get the ball rolling on planning his birthday party, I can't help but to think of the fun dress up parties we've been to this past year. Last summer, Jon and I planned a bingo party at Lucky Lady Bingo in East Austin (coincidentally is owned by my little sister's boyfriend's stepmom...mouthful!). I think the evite (authored by Jon Hart who else) and pictures below say it all.

What's more fun than playing Bingo for cash money???  Playing Bingo for cash money while you attempt to blend in with the locals! 

Jon and Ruthie would like you to join us for an East Austin Bingo Extravaganza at Lucky Lady Bingo.  Plan for a night of thrilling Bingo action, complete with an all-you-can-eat-buffet of homeless people, pimps, drifters, old ladies on oxygen machines, transients, guys with only 4 teeth, but all of them are gold-plated, vagrants, people wearing nothing but their own filth (and some clothes), vagabonds, a dude missing both legs, yet has a single fake leg, derelicts, and best of all, women with massive FUPA's.  Lucky Lady Bingo is BYOB, so grab your cooler and a handful of cash.  You're welcome to spend as little or as much money as you'd like in hopes of winning anywhere from $250-750 on a single game.  The stakes are high, and so are half of the people in the smoking room. 

Do you have what it takes to win?  I'm not just talking about winning cold hard cash... I'm talking about winning the honor of BEST DRESSED!  Yes, that's right, this is a dress-up affair, so do your best to look the part.  If you don't show up in appropriate attire (ie, resembling the kind of people seen here in this Evite), then you run the risk of being gawked at and made fun of all night by all the Lucky Lady regulars.  A trophy will be presented to the most stylish winner at the end of the night

Note the trophy J-Mac is holding for his impressive"joutfit" getup....look at those jorts! Oh and yes I am wearing clear high heels

I got home from work before the party and when I saw Jon said "Jon why is your hair so weird looking" little did I know he had been prepping it for this look...

Best part of the night was hitting up 6th street looking like total hillbillies. For you Austinites, can you believe we got into Pure?!

What can I say, we have fun!

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