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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Bridesmaids

My plan is to recap a different aspect of our wedding throughout the next couple of weeks/months and today I thought I'd share a little about my wonderful bridal party! Hands down these girls are my best friends, people I can laugh, cry and be silly with. Each of my bridesmaids has gotten to watch Jon and I fall in love and I feel so lucky to have had each of them a part of my special day. Below is a picture of me and the girls at my parents house after getting all ready. I got each of them a velour sweatsuit, embellished "bridesmaid" tank top and flip flops to hang out in the day of our wedding (don't they all look like Real Housewives with their fancy makeup and track suits!).

My longtime hairdresser Ken spent the day giving each of us, including my mom, mother in law and flower girl gorgeous up dos. We had so much fun spending the day getting primped, eating, drinking mimosas and going through some of my old high school photos...I hate to say it but I haven't changed in 15 years :-(. From left to right in the below picture:

Leah - my blonde twin in another life! I met her thru her fiance Justin (also in our wedding) when I worked at NetQoS. We instantly clicked and continue to find endless similarities in our taste in rap music, love for trashy TV and obsession with board games! I am honored to be a part of Leah's wedding in May!

Alyssa - Alyssa is my best friend who I could not imagine having gone through senior year of high school or college without! From being mischievous in high school cheerleading to exploring Southeast Asia together to numerous amounts of inside jokes, we have been through it all. Thank you for listening, loving and being my best friend!

Tomi - my "not so little" little sister who I have seen grow up so much in the past couple of months. Tomi is full of spunk and life, there is never a dull moment in her presence. Whether she be coming to me for advice or to borrow my clothes, she brings so much laughter to my life!

Elizabetta - my pint sized flower girl! I nannied for Elizabeth and her brothers thru college and now Tomi has taken over. Elizabeth is smart, sweet and was the perfect flower girl!

Cori - my matronly older sister who I look up to in so many ways. I have watched her meet, fall in love and marry her high school sweetheart Jacob and find myself running to her for advice on planning our wedding, travel, puppies, Costco....the list goes on...Cori is smart, trustworthy and has set a high bar for the Fanning girls! 

Mary Amanda - I think it took me .5 seconds to friend Mary on Facebook after meeting at NetQoS. She is a new mommy but that doesn't stop her planning outrageous dress up parties and weekends at the farm. Mary is my go to gal...I know I can tell her anything and I really value that in our friendship.

Maggie - Mags is one of my Delta Gamma sorority sisters who took me under her wing after I went thru recruitment. She is obviously beautiful and downright a great time but she is such a great listener and very encouraging.

My bridesmaids wore black satin dresses from David's Bridal that I hope each of them will wear again! I didn't ever dream of certain colors at my wedding like many brides do so I went with classic black knowing that it would go with any flowers I chose! Although you can't see in the picture, each of them is wearing black peep toed shoes, pearl studs and 4 pearl bracelets (which I gave them for throwing me an awesome couple's shower in November!). I wanted to keep hair and jewelry simple not taking away from the beauty of each of my bridesmaids!

I chose orange as the flower color scheme because A. Jon is a huge Cleveland Browns fan and if I would let him, he would paint our house bright orange and B. I felt like orange would give the wedding a warm feel for a cold February day and C. the color is simply beautiful! I knew going into my first flower appointment with LisaLyn Designs that I wanted an array of flowers in my bouquets. The flowers were everything I wanted and more! Look at my cute husband with my bridal party after the wedding!

Thank you to each of my bridesmaids for being a part of the best day of my life! It meant so much to have you girls standing beside me as I vowed to love Jon the rest of my life, because it is my friends and family that taught me how to love.

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