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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A minor emergency & a new food

So little mischievous Ernie about gave me a heart attack on Tuesday night. Jon was in Dallas Tuesday morning- Wednesday night so I decided to head over to the new house to paint our formal living room. I let Ernie out while I was taping the walls but crated him while I started painting. The poor little guy was crying and I am such a softie so I took him outside to pee and play then back inside for a few minutes. I left the room the get a smaller brush and come back to see Ernie chewing on something inside his mouth. I yanked his mouth open because he's known to pick up berries, paper, pretty much anything and it was paint!

I immediately rushed him to the kitchen to scrape his tongue and force feed him water. I googled "my dog ate paint" and that's when I started to freak out. Some message boards were claiming that my dog was gonna die or needed to be rushed to the ER for emergency surgery. I called my mom in tears because I couldn't get a hold of Jon and then called our vet's after hours line. The doctor gave me a call back and said she has never had a dog eat paint and I should call the ASPCA Poison Control (oh and FYI that costs $65 to do). I was a little annoyed that our vet didn't have ANY advice and let's just say this isn't the first time we've been let down by our vet (in fact we are taking Ernie to a new vet next week who actually breeds Frenchies!). I finally calmed down enough to head back home and take care of my little man. I was instructed to give him lots of water and little pieces of bread (which he totally loved because we do not feed him any table scraps or treats) and he was his normal "off the wall" puppy self which reassured me. We usually try to take up his water around 7pm because his bladder is so small and we are finally down to only waking up once at night but I let him have free range of the water. I slept with him on my chest on the couch so I could feel and hear him breathe the whole night, aka I got no sleep. We woke up 3 times to go outside and I am thinking the paint left his body thru #2 :-). No sleep was definitely worth making sure my little man was alright and from now on I vow to be SUPER careful with what I leave on the ground in his reach. Look at this face....

Ernie spent all day yesterday at his gramma Jimi's house hanging with Kelli Ho and James and was pooped when he got home! 

Another puppy update, we recently changed little Ernie's food. Before we got him, we had done tons of research on a good food for him. Many of the organic, natural dog foods (Innova, Blue Buffalo, Eukanuba) have recently been purchased by Proctor and Gamble which we all know puts crap into their foods! We decided on the puppy form of Orijen which we purchase from Bark N Purr right by our house. Orijen uses organic, biologically appropriate meats and vegetables to create their high protein, grain free food (many of the mainstream dog food brands like Iams and ScienceDiet are filled with grains and lack proteins). We were cracking up at the long list of ingredients including organic kelp and pumpkin...I don't even eat that healthy! We joked around and kept calling Ernie's BMs soft serve and we came to realize after talking to another Frenchie owner that Orijen is a little too high in protein for such a small pup. It is a great food that we may put Ernie back on when he grows up but we switched him to Pinnacle which is a holistic, all life stage, grain free dog food and we instantly saw the benefits! Last night Jon did more research on the brand and there were pages and pages of message boards of people saying how Pinnacle has helped their dogs with skin allergies, biting, vomiting, sleeping and more! Yes we spend quite a bit more money on feeding Ernie but he is a part of our family and "good food" has proven to help dogs live longer, happier lives! I have to admit that these flavors sound delicious: Turkey & Potato, Chicken & Oatmeal, Trout & Sweet Potato, Duck & Potato, Salmon & Potato. Ernie's meal beats my peanut butter sandwich dinners when my husband is traveling!

Ernie can't get enough of his food....and loves Vicki from Real Housewives of Orange County in the background!

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