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Monday, March 7, 2011

A weekend at the lake

This weekend, my entire family- parents, big sister & her husband, little sister and her boyfriend, little brother, grandparents and 3 dogs had a great time at the Fanning lakehouse! My parents coincidentally are 12 days apart (same year!) so we celebrated their birthdays along with a very late Christmas with my grandparents. My dad's parents, from Wheaton, IL, stay a month with us every winter (beats the bone chilling temps in Chicago!) so this year they planned their stay right around our wedding! We feel so lucky to get to spend so much time with them over the course of a month- weekends at the lake, watching James play sports, etc. Look at all those candles!

Mr. Ernie had the pleasure of meeting his cousin Athena Higgins for the first time! Kelli Ho didn't want anything to do with Ernie and as the weekend progressed, Athena seemed to be getting annoyed with the rambunctious puppy. Below are a few pictures of Athena and Ernie....and until grandkids arrive, these dogs will be take center stage at all family gatherings!

For those of you that don't know much about French Bulldogs, they are a brachycephalic breed (this means flat faced so they are in the same breed as pugs and pekingese). Little Ernie has a completely flat nose with stenotic nares (very narrow nostrils) making his breathing sound like a struggle. When people meet him, they feel really bad for the little guy but honestly he doesn't know any better! It does get a little sad when he has a running nose and has to start panting to breathe! We have met with 2 surgeon specialists about getting his nares opened up through a non invasive procedure. Frenchies are little solid bricks that tend to overheat quickly and easily so we have to keep a close eye on him to make sure he is resting and hydrated (he definitely can't run like his cousin Athena!). Below are a few funny videos...

Ernie snoring- many people may think this would be annoying but it is almost soothing for me. When I get worried in the middle of the night, I just listen for his breathing to make sure he is okay!

Athena and Ernie playing on the beach- we never knew Ernie's little legs could move so quick! He tried his best to keep up with Athena

Athena and Ernie and the stick- Jacob dug a small hole and buried a stick for Athena to dig out. Ernie didn't waste a second to copy Athena and go after that stick. I think he has little man syndrome!

Another highlight of the weekend was getting to watch our wedding video! We hired Randall from New Block Video to capture our special day and it turned out amazing! The video is about 45 minutes long and includes our entire ceremony, interviews from guests/me and Jon, toasts, dancing, cake cutting and all the fun! Although I am obsessed with our wedding pictures and will cherish them forever (as I relive our wedding on a daily basis), it will be so great to be able to show the video to family and friends who couldn't make it and share with our children in the future. I won't bore you with the long video but Randall is putting together a short You-Tube worthy video highlighting certain aspects of the wedding, should be fun! Here is a pic of the family watching the video.

My dad made a rule that you had to raise your hand when you started crying and I think he and I were the first ones! Jon and I wrote letters to each other on our wedding day and exchanged them when we saw each other before the ceremony. I read mine on camera and started crying 2.5 seconds into it and then started crying right when that part of the video came up. What can I say, I am a girl!

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