Friday, March 18, 2011

Our honeymoon

After months of research, around Thanksgiving we decided we were honeymooning in Cabo! We had narrowed the search down to Kauai or Cabo but thought it was silly to spend triple the price of going to Hawaii than Cabo and we are thrilled with our decision! Hawaii is in our future but not until we feel comfortable spending a small fortune on a week of bliss :-). My dad was a little concerned with our decision since Mexico has been in a media with the drug cartels, etc but of course we weren't going to go anywhere that would put us in danger! Cabo San Lucas is not even connected to the "main part" of Mexico, it is actually connected to California on the Baja Peninsula. We learned that Cabo San Lucas is known as "The Beverly Hills of Mexico" since it is visited by tons of celebrities


The resort we stayed at was called Hacienda Encatada that overlooks the Sea of Cortez in Cabo San Lucas (vs. San Jose where the airport is). We did the premium all inclusive plan that included all of our meals and alcohol....score! We cannot recommend this place enough and loved the atmosphere and getting to know the workers (and practicing our Spanish!). There are 2 phases of Hacienda Encantada and they will be expanding to residential homes in the coming years, we can't wait to go back! We were on the first floor with a breathtaking is us on the patio (our room was all the way to the left)

Our entire room was almost 700 square feet and equipped with a full sized kitchen (which we didn't use with the exception of the fridge keeping our non Mexican water and beer cold). Here is a a picture of our awesome pad, I tried to upload a Cribs Honeymoon Suite Edition that we filmed but for some reason blogspot won't allow it (maybe it is better I keep our honeymoon videos to myself!). And before you gasp, yes we had 2 queen beds in our room and of course we slept together. We are a queen bed family with no desire to ever move up to a king, what can I say we are cuddlers!

Here are a few highlights of our week in Cabo....

Holy cats that view was amazing! Infinity edge pool with outdoor beds and a swim up bar

Each day we indulged in salmon, filets, enchiladas and the time we got home we were so ready for a PB & J!

January thru March is prime whale mating season so we did 2 whale watching cruises and here is my hubby by the famous Cabo Arch

This was taken right outside of our room, it was my Titanic moment. Check out that adorable swimsuit I got as a birthday gift!  It is monogrammed with Mrs. Hart on the hiney

More by one of the resort pools...we were in heaven

I could get used to this....

We were so impressed by our resort and are dying to go back. The architecture, the staff, the food, the was all a 10! Hacienda Encantada was a sister resort by the Marina so they offered a free shuttle that Jon and I used a few times to do some shopping downtown. Other highlights of our honeymoon included 
  • An amazing outdoor couples massage (if you know me well enough you know that I am way too ticklish to even be touched, let alone rubbed down but I LOVED IT!)
  • Meeting a hysterical and cute couple from Boston who we hung out with and had dinner with a few nights....good times
  • A beautiful sunset  whale watching cruise....okay so we signed up for a sunset catamaran cruise but ended up chasing a group of about 10 gray whales...the sunset was just okay!
  • Drinking Mexican coffee at, tequila, Kalua and icecream! The waiter would put on a full 10 minute show where he set the tequila on fire, it was sweet! 
  • Practically becoming celebrities at our resort since we were 1 of 5 people under the age of 65! Gotta love those snow birds. By Tuesday we were known as "the honeymooners" and got lots of press :-) 

Whoever invented the act of honeymooning deserves a cookie because it was exactly what we needed. We were so well rested, relaxed (and well fed), a perfect way to celebrate such an amazing wedding.  Jon and I love to travel and have been on tons of trips in the past year but those are usually 3-4 long weekends so a week was so exciting! When can we take our 2nd honeymoon??


Lauren said...

Looks like a dream!!

Ms. Chianne said...

You are so adorable! How do you stay in such amazing shape?

Patty said...

Such a lovely honeymoon!!! Gonna keep Cabo in mind!!!

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