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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hoppy Easter

We've come to a conclusion that Easter is Ernie's favorite holiday (maybe because it's the only holiday we've celebrated while having him) but he was loving it! Sunday morning we woke up, hit up the empty gym and came home for breakfast. I surprised Jon and Ernie with an egg hunt in our living room and hidden Easter baskets (just like my parents did for me and my sisters and brother when we were growing up). Jon had no idea and was having fun looking for the impossible to find eggs...42 eggs in a small living room, not too many hiding spots. Instead of candy, I filled each egg with a reason why I loved my hubby from the natural mow-hawk he rocks to his patience with me (thank you JH!). It was  a great way to start out such a precious day and celebrate our first big holiday as a family. Ernie was all about sniffing and putting the eggs into his mouth.

Jon's Easter basket was filled with new socks, Muscle Milk, Power Bars, a Torchy's gift card and my onion saver! We read an interesting article about a year ago talking about how you need to throw away onions if you don't use the whole thing after cutting into it because an open onion absorbs germs and even disease. Back in the old days, people used to set out a half of an onion to prevent sickness and it worked! This state of the art $3 onion shaped container is supposed to keep the onion from absorbing anything and fresh for second use! Okay I may have bought this gift for myself :-)

Ernie's mini Easter basket had an Easter chick toy (which is permanently wet because he won't go anywhere without it), a rubber tire/rope toy, a hydrating rubber bone and a natural treat. I found the blue hydrating bone at TJ Maxx last week and it is a pretty cool concept. There are small holes in the middle that you run under a faucet so when the dog chews on the toy, they get some hydration (great for Texas dogs in the heat). We haven't given Ernie any treats up until now and want to save them for holidays and special occasions so he was all about it. It was an organic, peanut butter based treat and we broke it into 6ths and have been giving him a little at a time.

We went to the 1pm service at our church (Gateway Community Church) with my parents and little brother. It was an uplifting service, perfect for celebrating the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus and his unfailing love. Next weekend, Gateway is doing an interesting service called Q&A Sunday. Our pastor John encouraged us to bring our cell phones to text in any and every question we have about bible stories, myths, doubts we have, theology, Gateway in general, etc. I am really looking forward to it and you can check out their live stream of services and posted podcasts on their website

Below is a picture of my first ever decorated "Dress Me Up Plate". Growing up, my mom decorated her Southern Living Dress Me Up Plate for every occasion and got one for my sister a few years back. Unfortunately they no longer make them but my older sister found one for me at Michael's last year (and I am just now getting around to decorating!). It's hard to see but the ribbon has cute little bunnies and Easter eggs printed on it. Speaking of Easter eggs, we bought the dyeing tablets and vinegar but forgot to dye them. Maybe we will bust out some egg coloring this summer!

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.
- Matthew 28:6

Hart family Easter pic!

Last year was my last time to get an Easter basket from my parents (I guess the fun stops when you get married) but they gave us a sweet card and a Phil's Icehouse gift card! Woo hoo! 

We spent the afternoon at a family friend's home watching a bunch of kiddos hunt eggs and eating a giant meal full of potluck dishes. Overall, it was a wonderful day and I loved spending it with my family. I thank God everyday for the continuous blessings He gives me.

Check out this pic, I am thinking Easter circa 1992 or 1993...

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

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