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Monday, April 4, 2011

A relaxing weekend recap

This week will be insanely busy because I have a 5 day training and Jon will be traveling to Houston and Dallas. Posts may be few and far between this week so I thought I'd do a quick recap of our weekend...

The Harts are finally on the mend thanks to a weekend of full relaxation! I had the allergy bug the beginning of last week, Ernie was a yakin machine on Tuesday and inevitably, Jon got sick on Thursday. Friday afternoon my company had an event at The Alamo Drafthouse to celebrate the end of one product release and the start of a new one. Spouses were invited for pizza, beer and the screening of the movie Paul. Although Jon was feeling under the weather, it was a great time and hilarious nerdy movie (I have a small obsession with Kristen Wiig and had no idea she was in the movie...and get this- her character's name was Ruth!). My parents were happy to dog sit little man since their house is right by the Drafthouse so we hung out with them for the evening with a couple of their close friends.

Saturday Jon slept in until 11am (he is one of those lucky guys who can sleep off sickness) so we decided to hit up the Lonestar Round up at the Travis County Expo Center. Jon has been a "car guy" ever since he was young and has lots of great memories of his dad teaching him about cars. To be showcased in the show, your car has to be 1963 or older but we found some awesome muscle cars in the parking lot including Jon's favorite, a Shelby Cobra. Jon plans on using his dad's mustang and building a Shelby kit car once we have the garage space so he was all smiles...

I was a sucker for the 1955-1957 coupes, they are just so darn cute (and they remind me of the movie Cars!). 

A bunch of motorcycles were lined up by the exit and I was cracking up at this one. I have always told Jon how funny it would be for me to ride one of those with Ernie in the side car with little goggles on his bug eyes. Come on, you have to admit it would be a pretty funny sight.

A couple hours in the sun was enough to make Jon feel crappy again so we spent the afternoon on the couch with little man catching up on our DVR and watching old episodes of Crank Yankers on Netflix (this show is a MUST watch, it is hilarious! It is a bunch of comedians...Sarah Silverman, Dave Chapelle, Tracy Morgan who make prank calls that are then acted out by puppets. Yes it sounds weird but watch it!). I was so surprised that Mr. Ernie was so cuddly with me! He is usually a ball of energy who rarely want to sit down so I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with my two snoring boys.

I recently bought the Toon Paint App on my iPhone and Jon is obsessed! Sorry to anyone who texted me on Saturday and didn't get a respond until hours are some of his creations...

Creepy right? Another night of 10+ hours of sleep made Jon feel tons better so after church, we hit up Ikea to get a TV stand for Jon's Man Cave and to my surprise, it was not crowded at all! Ikea is a nightmare in itself but add in hundreds of people with huge carts trying to shop while eating meatballs, it gets frustrating. We picked up this baby for a cool $20!

Ikea took the life out of my husband so we didn't get around to buying a TV so for now, the stand sits in its tiny box for Jon to put together this week. 

We ate leftovers, napped on the couch and put our PJs on before 4pm....I call that a relaxing weekend!

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