Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Upside Down Dogs

For those of you who spend your entire day on the computer, you can thank me now for the hours of entertainment you will get from this website. Jon discovered Upside Down Dogs a while back and we are obssessed! People simply submitting pictures of their dogs upside down...who would have ever thought it was this easy to get a good laugh. You can scroll thru the hundreds of pages of pups but I like scrolling by dog breed (would you guess that I spend most of my time looking at the Frenchies upside down). Below are some of my favorites, along with the most adorable video of a Frenchie puppy who can't roll over. 

Amber the Visla- I love Vislas! Maybe because Julie from PB Fingers has one :-)

Mac the Weimaraner- one day I'd love to have a Weinmaraner, their coloring is beautiful and their eyes are insane (when they aren't upside down!)

Big Boi the French Bulldog looks like he's having one hell of a dream

Here are some pics of my upside down pup....



Hannah said...

I loved this post!!! I spend way too long looking at pictures of dogs on that website and laughing so hard. I love reading your blog and I got my roomate hooked on it as well! You're a great writer!

hartfamily said...

You are so sweet! I am so glad you are reading, it has been so much fun to write :-). Aren't those dogs HHHHIIIILARIOUS?!?! I need to submit some of Ernie :-)

peterparker said...

Great! We will be connecting to this enormous post on our site. Continue the good writing.

mtom00000 said...

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