Monday, June 27, 2011


What an original title huh? Thanks to my hubby, I now have a love for old cars. No I can't look at a car and tell you the make, model and year but I like looking at them and I think that is enough for my antique, hot rod, rat rod loving husband. My first car show was about a year and a half ago and seeing Jon's face light up makes me love his hobby even more. His dad was a "car man" and turned Jon onto his obsession at a young age. Jon will constantly tell me stories of having the time of his life while his dad drove his mustang at lightening speeds (safe huh?). We went to a car show this past weekend and I think I enjoyed it just as much as Jon! We are really looking forward to owning a house with a huge garage so we can start our car collection.

There were a few Marilyn Monroe mannequins and honestly all they did was creep me out!

This looks like a total gangster car! It had to be as long as a bus!

This car reminded me of Titanic so I just had to get a pic

Antique Rolls Royce (with my reflection in the!)

My first car show I kept telling Jon I loved the cars with "wings" like below. I think I loved them because they reminded me of Flo from the movie Cars. I am a total sucker for these 1950's rides. Couldn't you see me in one of these??

And saving the best for last...a Shelby Cobra kit car. I think I posted before that Jon's plan is to take his dad's old mustang (that currently resides at his Grandpa's in Ohio) and build a Shelby Cobra kit car himself.  Original Shelby's sell for ungodly amounts and people don't even drive them! 
We weren't diggin the color on this one but the car is just so awesome!


Kristen Thornburg said...

Seems like you had more than I have at Car shows. I'm usually asking when it's time to go, like a little kid.

Claire Beeks said...

The car show looked like a great time! Men and their cars...good stuff and even better that you and Jon can do it together! I'll sign up to be "test-passenger" when you guys get a few, ok?!

Mikelle Jade said...

I have this weird thing for "gangsta" looking cars. Not then I can picture myself ever driving one. I just like them.

Mehak Shaikh said...


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