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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

This post is short and sweet, just like me. But today isn't about is about all the wonderful fathers all around the world! I am so incredibly lucky to have such a great dad who has given me so much love, support, motivation, advice (oh and some money hehe) throughout my entire life. Here is my favorite memories of my dad growing up...

Everynight before bed my dad and I would read out of one of my Babysitter's Club chapter books. I think we read all of the books in the series including the Karen edition (if you know what I am talking about). Looking back as an adult I think "wow dad must have been bored out of his eyeballs reading about the mystery at summer horsecamp or who forget their show and tell last Friday" but you would have never known. My dad was always so eager to hear me read and carry on in depth conversations about what was going on in the book. I always went to bed smiling. 

My dad is not only such an influential man and father to me and my siblings, but to my husband. Jon's dad passed away almost 2 years ago and my dad has been such a wonderful father figure and example in my husband's life. I am so grateful for their bond and know Jon will be a better father because my dad is in his life. 

Daddy daughter dance

Another daddy daughter dance

My wedding day

Dad and his girls

My favorite picture, San Francisco 2009
I love this pic, I think my dad just beat Jon in cornhole!

Jon and his dad, Austin Duck Tour 2008

 I also want to say Happy Father's Day to my husband, who will make an incredible father to our future children. As a puppy daddy, Jon exhibits so much love, kindness and patience with Ernie and I smile knowing he will be an amazing baby daddy. I've gotta run and give Jon his father's day gift before he reads this post. I made a photobook of all the pictures we have to date of Ernie through Picaboo. He has no idea :-)

Ernie's 1st picture with his papa

Ernie can't spend 1 minute away from dad!

Happy Father's Day!


Claire Beeks said...

This is such a short and sweet (like yourself) post! LOVE IT GIRL! Your Dad is an awesome guy!


Kristen Thornburg said...

Such sweet pictures! :)

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