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Friday, June 3, 2011

Up in the gym part 2

Summer is here and it is time for a new workout! I was long overdue for a new set of workouts and could feel myself getting sluggish in the gym. Please note that my husband is NOT a professional but I have loved the workouts he has created for me (check out the first round of workouts in this post).

Day #1 -- Legs/Abs:
Stair stepper warm-up (5-10 min)
Leg press w high feet --> Upright leg lifts
Outer thigh machine --> Ab crunch machine
DB modified lunges -->  DB side bends
Quad extensions -->  Bicycle crunches
Burnout:  Stair stepper HIGH INTENSITY -- 1-2 minutes (until exhaustion)
Day #2 -- Back/Tri's:
Pullup machine -->     Tri extension machine
Seated row machine (non-cable) -->  Two-handed single DB tri ext
Wide-grip cable pulldown --> Cable tri ext with same bar
Burnout:  Compound movement -- *Knees on ground* Cable pulldown -- Tri ext (knuckles down) 
Day #3 -- Shoulders/Bi's:
Standing cable press -->     Cable curls
Seated press machine inside grip --> Bar curls
DB lateral raises -->  DB curls
Burnout:  Compound movement -- Rev grip bar curl -- Bar press 
Day #4 -- Cardio:

I have also fallen in love with a few classes at our gym. I went to Zumba in April with a girlfriend and have been obsessed since! I love love love dancing and love incorporating it into my workouts. I also have been a fan of Cardio Dance Party which is a little more hip hop than Zumba. I can't remember the last time I had a "cardio" day on the treadmill or elliptical, I am really enjoying switching it up. I have also started trying out the different yoga and pilates classes that our gym has to offer. I even got my own mat and have been doing a few of the videos on Netflix instant watch. I was in a bad accident (partner stunting) when I was 15 and broke 3 vertibrae in my lower back so naturally I have a weak lower back. Jon has been encouraging me to slowly build up the muscle back there so the yoga/pilates has helped strengthen my back. I get nervous thinking about getting pregnant one day and experiencing lots of lower back pain so this should help. 

My workouts have been taking longer than last time because of 2 things. workouts take a while to get used to and get a good sense of what weight to use. #2...

After working a full 8 hours everyday, all I want to do when I get home is hang out with the pup and hubby so I try to read while I workout and/or on my lunch break. I find myself sitting on a machine at the gym for a good 5 minutes after I am done with the exercise to read a couple more pages! I am hoping to finish it up this weekend so I can see the movie. I am a total mcfly and accidentally reserved the LARGE PRINT edition (I have been waiting weeks to get this book!) so I can read a page in about 15 seconds. Whoopsies. 

Next week I have a fitness assessment set up with a personal trainer at my gym so hopefully I can lay off the sweets this weekend :-). I go to a different gym than Jon during the week because it is closer to my work and sometimes its hard to navigate around the machines so I am looking forward to help from a trainer. 

Happy Friday!


Moments and Impressions said...

Oh i miss the gym so SO much. My daughter refuses to stay in the day care there right now. SO I am stuck working out at home. Thank goodness for P90X. I was terrible at Zumba. I loved it - but was always going the wrong way. Good luck with your trainer!

lorna vanderhaeghe products said...

Training modules are provided so you have a routine set to follow.

Louise Bowen {Chasing Clouds} said...

Hi there Ruthie! I have recently found your blog (am loving it!) and am pretty interested in starting up some weight training like the above. I live in London, so it may be that there is a "language" (or I am just so new to this I don't understand lol) barrier for your workout above: does each line represent 2 exercises (ie DB Modified lunges --> Ab crunch machine = 2 exercises). I am an absolute newbie, totally been doing the cardio route for forever so any advice is appreciated!

Have a great weekend :)


P.S Your little boy is just too adorable, congratulations!

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