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Monday, June 13, 2011

House Tour #2

If you can remember all the way back in March, I posted a video touring our new pad (check it out here). The video was taken before we moved in, wood paneling and all, so I wanted to share what we've done to the house in the past few months. The video below was taken last Thursday, June 9th.

Here is also a short video of the backyard

We were not ready to buy a house right after we got married so we are renting until our lease is up in May 2012 with hopes of buying our first home then. If it happens, it happens, if it is not the right time, then we wait. We don't see ourselves permanently dwelling in Central Austin but it is lots of fun to be right around the corner from downtown. Each day, usually at dinnertime, Jon and I will go through our rose and thorn of the day. Rose- your high/best thing that happened. Thorn- the not so good. So here are the roses and thorns of our casa.

  • We love the location. We are 5 minutes from downtown yet far enough away from the college scene/hipsters/traffic/etc. Plus I work in Northwest Austin and surpass all the nasty traffic
  • The size of our backyard
  • The kitchen, it is open and has lots of storage
  • The wood floors. I am not sure if they are original but they are beautiful!!
  • The floor plan. It totally works for our small family. The house is about 1,100 square feet and just the right amount of space for us. 
  • The trees. Because our houses is so shaded by mature trees, our bills are practically pennies!
  • The look/ambiance. We love the way our house  looks, it is just so cute! And let me toot my own horn but the inside feels so homey. We are really looking forward to Halloween and Christmas to decorate!
  • Because our yard is made up of this weird, thin, clover-y type grass, we have only had to cut it once in the past 3 months (and that was last week).

  • THE CLOSETS! I guess people in the 50's owned a single pair of shoes and a total of 3 outfits but I have never seen anything smaller. Luckily we have huge dressers that house most of my clothes but I hate not being able to hang things up, color code, display my shoes, etc. I also wish we had a random hall closet.
  • The trees. Yes I know it was one of my roses but it is also a thorn. We came home from a weekend getaway to a branch the size of my car in the driveway. Thank goodness we were gone or else my pretty little SUV would have been a gone-r. The trees constantly drop branches (small and large) which makes for a messy driveway/walkway
  • Lack of ice maker. We didn't have an ice maker in our old house (or a dishwasher, garbage disposal or microwave) so it is fine but making ice gets old...when you are lazy like me
  • No garage, hence why all Jon's "man stuff" (tools, guns, golf clubs) are in our spare bedroom. Jon is a total car guy and had to sell a classic car he was working on. He is itching to have a garage in our next house so he can pick his hobby back up. Oh and then my car would be safe from freak branch accidents!

We are currently obsessed with House Hunters on HGTV and get excited at the thought of buying a house somewhat soon. We both totally agree on the look of houses, what we like/dislike, etc but the big thing will be deciding where to buy :-)


Claire Beeks said...

Your page is redone! It's so chic, I LOVE IT girl! Great post today on the "roses" and "thorns". What good verb-age! I am looking forward to watching your videos when I get home later on tonight and best of luck on getting the new place! If it's in God's plan I am sure you and Jon will be first in line :)

Young People in Love said...

o0o0o0o LOVE your place!!! and your blog is great! i'll def. be following all this awesomeness :)

Candice said...

Good luck with the house hunting! HGTV is addicting! and cute re-vamp of the blog. Looks very nice!

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