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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Randoms

  • We went to the Baylor v. UT game last weekend and was so touched when every single Baylor player knelt in prayer in the endzone before the game. I think this is such a beautiful picture. God is so good! (P.S. do you think RG3 will win the Heisman on Saturday?)
  • We didn't think he'd be able to participate but Jon is still doing No-Shave November. I've never seen him with a beard and I love it. Look at his fortune at Pei Wei on Monday
  •  Ernie went to the vet this week and is a whopping 23lbs. I think it's funny when people say WOW he is so big! He is actually a tiny little dumpling. He is so stout and compact. He looks high in this picture
  • I realized that when I give Ernie booty scratches, he licks the air. He just recently started it and my mom's dog does it too. It weirds me out but it is funny. Do your dogs do that? Or anything weird?
  • I bought real carrots for a recipe (as opposed to the peeled, pre washed baby carrots that I usually buy) and holy smokes. I had to stop eating it because my jaw hurt
  • My real name is Ruthie, not Ruth. It seems like people have been calling me Ruth a lot lately, especially at work where lots of new people have recently started. If it happens once, I will let it slide but I would like to be called my actual name so I have sent a few emails.
  • Are yall watching the new Kardashians?? The show is currently taking place during the 72 days of wedded bliss for Kim. Seriously her true colors are coming out in the last few episodes. She is not a nice girl! Jon refuses to watch.
  • The founders of my company spent their very first profit dollar on a real deal margarita machine a couple of years ago. It made an appearance yesterday afternoon at an in-office happy hour.
  • Did y'all watch SNL this weekend?? We are die-hard SNL fans and lately it has seemed kinda eh. It was SOOOOOOO funny last week. Steve Buscemi is hysterical. Here is the link to the episode on Hulu.
  • I was so excited to try this Pumpkin ravioli and we were so disappointed. It was too sweet and weird. Luckily garlic meat sauce and Parmesan cheese masked the odd taste but just warning you, it is not that great. 
  • We are obsessed with Michael Buble (we saw the same concert twice in less than a year, here and here) and loved his NBC Christmas special. He was also on 60 minutes on Sunday. 
  • I am throwing a bachelorette party next weekend and I couldn't be more excited!! I need help with games! Please let me know if you have any fun bach party games (send me a private email if they are dirty haha).
  • I am going to the dentist today...ick. 
  • Browns play the Steelers tonight....DAWG POUND!
  • I want to do more vlogs!! Give me some ideas on what I could do. Maybe a Q&A? Tutorial? I love talking so I  just need a topic lol. 

What random things do you have going on in your life??


Heather said...

My big dog, Hank, does the same thing when he gets booty scratches! It's so funny.

And I'm with your husband on the Kardashians...I just can't stand them!

michaela @ m.jane said...

I have a bachelorette party game! Let's see if I can explain it...

One person puts a roll of toilet paper between her legs. The other person puts a broom stick between her legs. Oh, yes and the broom stick gal has to be blindfolded! Without using their hands, the broom stick has to find its way into the toilet paper hole. You can make a couple pairs/teams so it's a race.

More challenging than one would think! Definitely got us girls to giggling at my bachelorette party.

Amanda said...

Winston has started to lick the air too when he gets scratched ANYWHERE! He also seems to be annoyed and depressed now that I'm not living at home... When I come home to my parents, he's a lovey, but when I leave, I get the evil eye. :(

Carolyn said...

Cooper and Grace wiggle their butts if you scratch them. LOL

As for the margarita machine... jealous! LOL

Amanda Reed said...

Love those Baylor Bears! You know where I'll be on Saturday night - glued to the TV, hoping to see RG3 bring home the Heisman. Thirds the word. :)

As much as I'm a reality show junkie, I've been so over the Kardashians (and I used to love watching the show!). While it may be fun to watch the train wreck on their show, I kinda wish I could filter every Kardashian tweet out of my news feed. There are so many things I'd rather read about and dwell on than their drama.

Your pumpkin ravioli reminds me of an AMAZING meal I had a few months ago. When Thomas and I went to NM to visit my grandparents, I had butternut squash ravioli at an Italian restaurant. SO good, wish I could recreate!

ALSO obsessed with Buble. :) Had a busy day Tuesday so I have yet to watch the Christmas special, but I have it planned for this weekend.

Hope you're having a great week Ruthie!

KRISTIN said...

I love these random posts. Jason currently has a beard as well...but I think it's more because he's lazy than trying not to shave. But, I'm like the beard.

And, yeah, I can't stand Kim K {love Kourt and Khloe}. But I went to school with Kris H and we have mutual friends....he's a pretty big douche. They were doomed from the start. And, she can blame it on Minnesota all she wants, MINNIE is the BOMB!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Love this! Made me giggle the whole way through!

And a margarita machine? Come again!?!! Where do you work again so I can send in my resume? :))))


jessi bridges said...

I just made a dentist appt yestertday. I've been putting it off forever but my groupon is going to expire on the 20th, so I had to use it! I had the best dentist in San Diego so I didn't mind going, but usually I hate going to the dentist.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

My brother and nephew did no shave November and they both look like they have the mainge. I am with Jon I think I will protest. After seeing the naked yoga guy and HER reaction to his. Not a fan anymore. I think she needs therapy and a reality check. I love Ernie. I need a shirt that says, "Team Ernie".

Christina L. said...

You may already know about this, but here is one bachelorette party game I loved - If she receives lingirie have everyone come up with a dessert name for it (i.e. Angel Food Cake, Red Velvet Cake, etc.). Then, make a dessert menu for the bride to take on her honeymoon. The groom can order a different "dessert" every night and she will wear that piece of lingirie for the evening.

Anonymous said...

Totally feel you on the name thing! My name is Nikki and I can't not tell you how many times people insist on calling me Nicole. It gets annoying after a while. I'm sorry my name is not Nicole it is in fact Nikki. Thanks!

Krissy said...

I just discovered that my female cat does the air lick thing when you scratch her lower back! She looks like Stevie Wonder because her head goes back and forth as she is doing it. Animals are awesome!

Karla said...

haha those rats, your hubby is too funny! I also wanted to riot the show but Kim bugs me so much now that I actually want to see how it all went down hill... Sounds evil I know but marriage should never be used as a publicity stunt!

Wendy said...

I totally gave you the stink eye as I was reading this..... fyi, I'm typing this comment while wearing my Steeler t-shrt :)

Meghan said...

My dog Cooper will lick anything. Yesterday I caught him licking the wall, a few days ago it was the windows.

I love how Jon calls the Kardashian sisters rats that makes me smile lol.

... said...

I love your Thursday Randoms! Ha ha the that mess! Yeah she is starting to get kinda bossy and nasty towards him! I mean he just got married and doesn't want to live with her sister, her boyfriend, and their toddler! Margarita machine at work?! Hello!! Where is it you work again!? Ah I hate the dentist! I have dodged three of their calls in the last month...I need to go in! I always make my appointments and I go every three months! Not this time though! :) praying that goes well!

Stephanie said...

ummm margarita machine at the office??!!! I need THAT job!! I think the only thing that could possibly make that better is the idea of having a waitress come to your desk WITH the I right or am I right???!!

Michelle said...

I'm with Stephanie....I need to work with y'all so I can get some margaritas!!!!!!

And my dog rests his non-existing balls on the hardwood floors (he sits frog legged) and licks the floor. So weird.

Anonymous said...

Ugh I loved the Kardashians and watched the show until the wedding fiasco! I can't do it anymore!!

Unknown said...

michael buble is my hero! thanks for you comment on my Home Town post on Henning Love. Christmas in Hawaii is the best, you should def do it!

Unknown said...

Hey friend! So you rooting for the Brownies...where in the world are you from?! I'm from Canton, OH and I feel like there aren't any people who cheer for the Dawg Pound that aren't from Ohio so I had to ask.

Happy Sunday!

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