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Friday, January 13, 2012

Random Friday

  • I am helping a friend gather items for her mission trip to Haiti in a couple of weeks. She is collecting non-perishable food, clothing (all sizes), shoes, toiletries, games, etc. If you are an Austinite and have been meaning to drop off a bag to Goodwill, let me know!! The earthquake took over 300,000 two years ago yesterday and the country is still in depression.
  • Did you see my green onions post on Twitter or Facebook? If you put the bulbs in a glass of water in the sun, they will grow indefinitely! This is after 1 week
  •  I also posted a picture of an ongoing notepad my husband has in his phone of my sleep talking. I could barely breathe when I was reading these...if only I could remember my dreams!
  • If you need help with branding, website design, logos, photoshop, etc, you should check out Hey Sweet Pea. I had a Skype call with Elise to help me with Photoshop (who started and runs the biz w/her fiance) and she is awesome!! We are only a short 3 hour car ride away...hopefully someday we can meet!
  • I mentioned it yesterday on FB but 2 years ago on 1/12/2010, an earthquake devastated the people of Haiti. Jon and I sponsor a cute little guy in Haiti and we encourage you to visit Mission of Hope for more information on how you can help make a difference. 
  • Awesome auto-correct from last weekend. I was with my bestie on her wedding day and just got my makeup done.
    •  Ernie being a cute little human baby boy sleeping

    •  Have you all seen this video about religion vs. God? I think it is a great video, you should definitely watch but I do want to say that I love my church and love the community we have at church. Not every church is judgmental, I promise. If you are skeptical, you should come to church with me :-)
    • We haven't had a free night in over a week and looking into the next 2 weeks, we have 2. One being Saturday (thank God!). Tonight we are getting together with friends we haven't seen in forever and I can't wait to see them their sweet baby boy! Tomorrow we are going to look at houses. It seems like there are NO houses for sale right now so we are trying to be optimistic. We are so excited to have something to call our own.
    • We our dog sitting our neighbors/friends white little Scottie dog, Daisy. Ernie is funny and submits so easily to her! They are the same size and having lots of fun together (and being CRAZY...but good). Isn't she a cutie! 
    • We put cottage cheese on EVERYTHING. I used to hate it when I'd make a lovely meal and Jon would smother it in cottage cheese but now I am the same. It kind of replaces sour cream but is so much better and a great added source of protein. Jon was traveling last night so I had leftover Pad See Ew with cottage (we are also really into Thai food right now)
    • I am traveling to San Jose in a couple weeks for work again so Jon is going to fly up at the end of my trip and we are going to spend a few days in San Francisco! I love that city and Jon's only been for work. Can't wait to do all the touristy things again. Any restaurant recommendations?
    • We loved the movie Lincoln Lawyer and someone recommended The Client and we watched it this week. It was SO good. Kind of sad knowing Brad Renfro OD'ed a couple years ago because he was so good in it. I also love Susan Sarandon. Anyone have recommendations for lawyer-ish, good, drama type movies like these two? Today we got The Burbs on Netflix
    • I made more of these wanna-be Butterfingers last night...I'm thinking they should be a staple in our house at all times
    • My lower back is killing me from kickboxing earlier this week. I broke my back in 2003 so I always have issues with it but I really want to strengthen it...I just HATE lower back workouts. Do you have any lower back workouts you'd like to share??

    So now you can answer the million questions I asked in this post haha. And also tell me what random things you have going on. What are you doing this weekend? 


    Michelle said...

    Haha I love the Poop lala!

    And have fun is SanFran, I've never been

    Amanda said...

    First of all, that little scottie is such a cutie. I love that Ernie submits to her so easily. Secondly, why are you so busy?! Less than 6 months until we meet in real life! I'm so excited I could cry!

    KRISTIN said...

    Those sleeping quote are HILARIOUS! I talk in my sleep too, I really should have J start writing down what I say!

    I tagged you in my post today...super fun/nerdy little game that you should definitely participate in! :)

    Have a good weekend lady!!!!!!!

    Jen said...

    I'm at work and I was laughing out loud SO BAD at your sleep talking. My sister did that before (except texted me in her sleep) and I think it's the funniest thing ever.

    Love Haiti, I've been thinking so much lately about how I HAVE to do a mission trip there within the next couple years. So glad you wrote about it :)

    thanks for making me smile this morning!

    Alana said...

    I saw your sleep quotes when you put them on facebook and laughed so hard! Sleeping with you must be so entertaining, if ya know what I mean. ;) haha

    Amira said...

    wait, wait, wait - you broke your back?! How does that even happen?

    And you and your husband are HYSTERICAL. I love that he keeps notes on your sleep talking. I woke up once at 3 am to find my husband looking in the closet with a flashlight. I said, "Babe, what are you doing?" and he looks up at me and snaps, "I'm looking for the abbreviation of state - what do you THINK I'm doing." Oh well, excuse me. I should have known. He didn't remember a thing the next day!

    Jennifer said...

    oh my goodness! I almost just choked on my raisin bran crunch! The notepad thing and the text from your husband are sooo funny!

    Wendy said...

    That green onion tip is fab! Will definitely be doing this!

    Oh... such a bummer you don't remember your dreams, those quotes are crazy :) My hubby talks in his sleep, but it's all jibberish.. no idea what he's thinking!

    The Lincoln lawyer was a good movie! I don't have any recommendations for you, but we are going to try to watch Moneyball with Brad Pitt tonight.

    Have a great weekend! We are getting new windows put in so I think I will probably spend my weekend filling nail holes and painting trim. Great fun to be had :)

    ... said...

    1. I love your passion to help those who lost everything in Haiti. You are so giving and wonderful!

    2. Ha ha I love that Jon has a running log of what you say! Hilarious.

    3. "poop la la!" That's priceless really.

    4. Ernie is a little human!

    5. That video is so gave me chills!

    6. The Lincoln Lawyer was so good!!

    7. go girl! How'd you break your back?!

    Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

    Haha the sleep talking quotes are freaking hysterical! I love that Jon is documenting those!

    I did not know that about the green onions... good to know!

    I haven't seen "The Lincoln Lawyer" yet... I will have to check it out now, thanks!

    And don't you hate that darn autocorrect!? Geez!

    Bree said...

    Haha your sleeping quotes are hilarious! I need to start taking notes on Eric's sleep talking.. it's bad!

    I seriously still want to try the wanna be butterfingers :) Maybe I will swing by the store later!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
    Breanna xx

    Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

    Chad repoed cars for about 13 years. In his sleep he would be dreaming about repoing cars or trucks and then burst out in a weird laugh and say "ha ha sucka". I wish I could record all of the times he told me he was driving around in a trailer park.

    Anonymous said...

    Poop la la....hahaha that is amazing! Auto correct kills me every time!

    Adrienne said...

    Great video - I love God/Jesus but very much dislike certain things about religion. Some of the most Christian like people I know, wouldn't be viewed that way by the church. And likewise some who go to church all the time and preach religion are the most un-Christian like in their daily actions. But I agree that not all churches are like that!

    "A Time to Kill" is a great lawyer movie or "A Few Good Men."

    I injured my lower back once and my chiropractor gave me some exercises to do....I'll send you a message :)

    Abbey said...

    hahaha I love the random sleepy quotes you say. The last one had me lol!;)

    Casey Aslan said...

    The sleepy quotes made me laugh out loud!
    And I totally get the cottage cheese thing...but my husband definitely does not!

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