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Monday, June 17, 2013

Questions for mamas...

I've kept a note in my phone the past couple of weeks and when I think of questions, I write them down. I figured the easiest way to ask a million questions was write them in a post and you mamas can answer the ones you know! I know we all do things differently but would love your advice/recommendations on the following...

  • What are your hospital bag essentials? Besides the necessities, what is something someone wouldn't ordinarily pack that was a life saver?
  • When should I pack my hospital bag? Should I keep it in my car?
  • Anyone else have traveling husbands? When did yours stop traveling? Jon is hoping I can make it to 37-38 weeks before he makes all his normal travel meetings remote.
  • What are some of your favorite recipes to make ahead and freeze for when after baby comes?
  • I hear post delivery bleeding can be a beautiful thing (sarcasm folks), what pads/protection do you recommend?
  • I want to pack a cute-ish outfit for me to bring baby home in, should I plan on packing a maternity dress? I have a few maxis I was thinking would be good. 
  • I have one pack of newborn Pamper's Swaddlers but curious to see your thoughts. I know it depends on how big the baby is but should I buy another few packs and keep the receipts to be safe? I have 2 packs of size 1 diapers too. 
  • We plan to start cloth diapering when he is sleeping a little bit more at night, when did you CD mamas start?
  • What detergent do you use on your cloth diapers? We are using BumGenius 4.0 one size pocket diapers. 
  • My insurance covers the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump, has anyone ever used it? I've read great reviews but would love a personal experience.
  • Our goal is to exclusively breast feed but I do want to pump and bottle feed so Jon (and family/friends) can help out. When did you introduce a bottle to your EBF baby? I've read many reviews that suggest different ages.
  • What is the best way to store bottles? We are using Dr. Browns that have 5 pieces so I want to make sure we have things organized. 
  • We have the Ergo, Baby Bjorn, Moby and a sling. Any great YouTube videos or how-to's on tying the Moby? I am guessing we will use that one most when he is newborn.
  • We have a 2 story house and our room is downstairs and the nursery is the farthest room away upstairs. The plan is for him to sleep in the basinet in our room until we get into the swing of things and aren't having to walk all the way upstairs every hour. Any tips on what to keep downstairs? Should I keep a whole diaper changing station and all of his clothes?

Any other tips, advice, recommendations for things that worked for you would be much appreciated!

P.S. we are in Riveria Maya without much access to internet and I'm said I can't Instagram but can't wait to share pictures with you next week!


The Mrs. and The Momma said...

Hey girl! I'll have to send you a little email about all my "answers" to after 4 kids, I tend to have pretty strong convictions on what works well. :) Hope you're having a blast!!!!

xo, K

Kate said...

I love these types of questions! As a momma, and postpartum nurse, I'll take a shot at a few. First off, most moms overpack for the hospital. While it's tempting to bring every single new cute outfit, remember, the more clothes baby wears in the hospital, the more laundry you will have to do afterwards! And bring a pen! You'll have to fill out important paperwork and I think I've spent thousands over the years giving away my pens :) As far as bottles, I started introducing a bottle at about 2-3 weeks old. Hubby was able to help out, and I wanted her to get the hang of bottle feeding as well before I went back to work. I LOVE my moby wrap. It can be tricky at first, but after a few youtube videos, I was a pro! Good luck mama!

Jessica Lynn said...

So many questions!! I'm the mom to a 3-month old, so a lot of this is still fresh! I'll start with the downstairs/upstairs issue first, because that's still the biggest thing going on over here. We essentially have double of a lot of things. Upstairs we have her room and our room. She's been in the bassinet in our room and we also have a changing station in her room. Downstairs is where we keep the pack 'n play, the swing and bouncer, and play mat. The pack 'n play we have also has a napper/changer on it, so we doubled that as her changing station. We bought a fantastic little contraption that hangs off the side of the pack 'n play that holds her diapers, wipes, sanitizer, etc. (I can find the link to it if you'd like!). I may leave other comments for more of your questions since this is already a novel :)

Carolyn said...

I have a lot of these same questions! You should do an answer post and write some of the answers you got! :)

Here are some things that I've learned from other mommies:

- bring a power strip to the hospital. I think that's genius!
- I've heard that most cloth diapering moms start when they fit into the cloth ones, or when you start getting on a schedule. I say do it when YOU'RE ready! That way you can be excited about it instead of stressed.
- If you get a pump for free, and it has good reviews... GET IT! HAHA :)
- I would keep a diaper changing station downstairs as well. CONVENIENCE CONVENIENCE CONVENIENCE. :)

Jessica Lynn said...

Other things! My husband uses the ergo and I typically use the moby and slings. My baby is EFB, but we also use bottles with breast milk for extra supplements...we introduced that in the second week and didn't have any nipple confusion.

As far as diapers: my daughter was born 9lb 2oz and dropped down to 8 something when we left the hospital. We used newborns until around one month and then switched to size 1. We're just now (3mos) transitioning to size 2. Everyone said we wouldn't use newborns for long, but we did! If you have Amazon prime, i suggest ordering some...they're much cheaper from there than in the stores.

I made a stash of freezer meals that were lifesavers (and still are...the supply is just now diminishing!) Here are some of the ones I made:

Good luck! I've loved following your pregnancy :)

Kristi Hicks said...

Pack Chapstick in your bag! I way overpacked the first time, I wore the hospital gown the whole time I was in the hospital. But the air is so dry, I regretted not having Chapstick the whole time. Also-pack lanolin since you are planning to breast feed. I packed my bag at 35 weeks and left it by my front door. I had travel sized toiletries for the shower and last minute stuff to grab, so I couldn't keep it all in my car-especially in the heat.

For post-baby-I wore the hospital mesh underwear and LOVED them. But when I ran out, I wore depends disposable underwear with a pad so that if I leaked, I never ruined any clothes. They are slimmer and more comfy than you would think.

I would stick with one pack of newborn diapers until you have time to see what fits him best. We only ever used one pack and moved straight on to size 1 right after. We started CD around 3 months old-when he was sleeping through the night. We didn't introduce a bottle until about 2-3 weeks old to prevent any nipple confusion. We also waited that long to try a pacifier and I regret it. He never ended up taking one and sucks his thumb now. We are expecting our second and will try the pacifier in the hospital (but still wait on the bottle). And lastly-I LOVED my moby. Best wrap on the planet.

Unknown said...

LOL! I am glad to be first :)
1. SOCKS, my feet are always freezing during labor, freezing.
2. I am terrible at packing in advance
3. Your doctors won't stop labor after 35 weeks, so my husband stayed home from that point on.
4. chicken ritz casserole, I will tweet you the recipe.

5. Always infinity
6. maxi dresses are amazing {you will still look several months pregnant} just make sure you can nurse comfortably too.

7. I don't like the mesh on the pampers diapers because it always stuck to my babies, you will need several packs of NB diapers though.

8. I introduces a bottle to my breast fed babies around 7 weeks, I waited until 12 weeks with my daughter and she refused to take it, ever. So I would say between 7 and 12 weeks? I am not an expert though.

9. You definitely need a whole changing station + clothes by your bed. You will change his diaper at every feeding and he will probably leak a few times {or just outright pee on everything}.

Most important advice, try your best to relax and enjoy the ride. This is the baby that God chose to give you because you are the perfect mother for him. No matter what you do or don't do as long as this baby is loved that is all that matters. You will be an amazing mama. <3

Unknown said...

1. All you really need at the hospital is clothes for going home, toiletries, towel, cell phone charger. They have everything the baby will need there including diapers and wipes. I packed my bag for both babies the day we went to the hospital and I was already in labor. 2. Post delivery bleeding sucks!! buy a huge pack of the extra thick pads and have some undies that are bigger than you would normally wear. They should give you some sprays and hazel witch pads to put on to help with pain. Definitely do a dress if you want to look cute. 3. Both of my babies were big (9lbs 3oz and 8lbs 5oz) and we used the newborn diapers for a while plus they go through a lot so I would buy some more. 4. We love Dr. Brown bottles and we just keep them on a shelf in the cabinet all put together. 5. Keep all diaper stuff downstairs, clothes you could keep in his room unless you just want to put some in yours. I'd suggest even after moving him in his own room to keep diaper stuff upstairs and downstairs because you still won't want to go upstairs every time he has a dirty diaper. Hope this helps mama! I didn't do CD, baby wearing or EBF or I would give some tips on that too. Can't wait to see pics of the little man!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here we go... :)

I have one pack of newborn Pamper's Swaddlers but curious to see your thoughts. I know it depends on how big the baby is but should I buy another few packs and keep the receipts to be safe? I have 2 packs of size 1 diapers too.
- Both of my boys were in newborn diapers for 3-4 weeks, then, we went to 1s, and around 10 weeks, we went to size 2s.

Our goal is to exclusively breast feed but I do want to pump and bottle feed so Jon (and family/friends) can help out. When did you introduce a bottle to your EBF baby? I've read many reviews that suggest different ages.
- We tried the first bottle with Gabe around 3-4 weeks. He was just fine with it. He's 12 weeks old today, and has about 5-7 bottles ever, just when I'm's appointment, a wedding I shot one weekend, etc. We don't give him bottles when I'm around because, in my experience, when you exclusively breastfeed, it's typical to not get much milk pumping. So I try to save the 30ish ounces we have in our freezer for when I'm not around.

We have a 2 story house and our room is downstairs and the nursery is the farthest room away upstairs. The plan is for him to sleep in the basinet in our room until we get into the swing of things and aren't having to walk all the way upstairs every hour. Any tips on what to keep downstairs? Should I keep a whole diaper changing station and all of his clothes?
- We are in an apartment now, of course, but even so...with Ethan, in a house, we did the same...diaper station in the living area. We always kept clothing in his room. Where we are primarily, we keep diapers and burp cloths, and that's about it.

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

I agree with soo need to do an question/answers post!! I have some of the exact same questions!!

Sarah said...

•What are your hospital bag essentials? Besides the necessities, what is something someone wouldn't ordinarily pack that was a life saver? I packed some cute comfy socks with the rubber grippesr on the bottoms! I also packed flip flops for strolls with the babe around the hosptial.

•When should I pack my hospital bag? Should I keep it in my car? I packed at 35 weeks, luckily because I had Krew really early, I never kept it in the car. I just kept it in his room in case someone other than me or husband needed to run home for it.

•What are some of your favorite recipes to make ahead and freeze for when after baby comes? Honestly,
I didn't even think of doing this. I had so many friends and family members step in. We had dinner covered for almost 2 weeks! You shoudn't worry about food mama, enjoy these last few weeks with baby inside of you!

•I hear post delivery bleeding can be a beautiful thing (sarcasm folks), what pads/protection do you recommend? I bought the largest size possible, I asked for an exra pair of the hospital undies, and I used the numbing spray faithfully for the first few days. I was so lucky and only needed one stitch so I am not too helpful here!

•I want to pack a cute-ish outfit for me to bring baby home in, should I plan on packing a maternity dress? I have a few maxis I was thinking would be good. Feeling cute was the last thing on my mind! I only wanted to be comfy!

•I have one pack of newborn Pamper's Swaddlers but curious to see your thoughts. I know it depends on how big the baby is but should I buy another few packs and keep the receipts to be safe? I have 2 packs of size 1 diapers too. I had a pack of newborns that Krew wasn't in until he was about 2 months old! He was in premies forever!

•My insurance covers the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump, has anyone ever used it? I've read great reviews but would love a personal experience. My insurance covered this exact pump. I liked it, I mean I don't feel like I know differently because I never tried any other pumps but this one worked great! It was easy to travel with too!

•Our goal is to exclusively breast feed but I do want to pump and bottle feed so Jon (and family/friends) can help out. When did you introduce a bottle to your EBF baby? I've read many reviews that suggest different ages. My goal was to EBF too, but that didn't work out too well so I EP for the 1st 6 weeks! It was so helpful because while I was pumping Ryan could feed Krew. Pumping SUCKS!!! I started Krew with a bottle at 2 weeks! I have inverted nipples, so I had to use a shield. Plus him being premie wasn't much help on the nip!

•What is the best way to store bottles? We are using Dr. Browns that have 5 pieces so I want to make sure we have things organized. I used these bottles too. I just bought a bottle drying rack and would keep at least 2 clean at all times! I have 6 bottles so I don't ALWAYS have to clean them!

•We have a 2 story house and our room is downstairs and the nursery is the farthest room away upstairs. The plan is for him to sleep in the basinet in our room until we get into the swing of things and aren't having to walk all the way upstairs every hour. Any tips on what to keep downstairs? Should I keep a whole diaper changing station and all of his clothes?
Krew slept in our room in his bassinet for the first 5 months! I kept nighties, diapers, wipes and clean blankets in the compartment at the bottom!

I hope this helps girl! Hope you are having fun!!

Unknown said...

Honestly I used the pads that they had at the hospital and asked to take some home and they gave them to me, I also had to be cut, and they gave me some ice pack/pad and they felt awesome, so if this happens to you ask for extra. For me at the hospital they had a package of newborn swadlers in the room and you are able to take them with you when you go. I was told to take a boppy for feeding I didn't but whis I had, for my fist I had a bag packed and ready to go by the door for my first but my second he was born at 34 weeks and I was not prepared at all, plus he was an emergency c. A lot will be played by year and as it comes you may have to adjust to. Also one thing no one told me (maybe you already know) but you can get sick during labor and if you do it is normal, the anti nauseous med they gave me didn't work. Good luck and god bless.

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

Since I'm in a similar situation as you, I can only offer up my thoughts on two questions.
My husband also travels a lot and we decided that he would stop all overnight travel or travel more than 4 hours away once I reached 1 month til my due date. A lot of my friends have had babies early, so I wanted to make sure he was around if our little one decided to arrive early.

As far as the Random question regarding the distance between your rooms, hopefully this will give you an idea. We are setting up the pack and play in our living room and using that as a downstairs changing station. The nursery is upstairs and I know I will not want to walk up and down the stairs 10 times a day just to change her.
Hope you get lots of advice!

jessi bridges said...

For post partum,I HIGHLY recommend buying a pack of ladies Depends. No joke. The hospital will give you some "fancy" mesh undies and giants pads. And they work fine. But the Depends are way more comfortable and fit better. The move to regular pads and then panty liners.

Expect to wear the same maternity clothes when you leave the hospital as you did when you were about 6 months pregnant. That's a good rule of thumb.

Diapering- expect to go through A TON of newborn diapers. I don't know about other babies, but mine pooped every single time they ate, which in the beginning is a lot. Both of my boys were over 8 pounds and we used newborn size for at least a few weeks. I started CDing Eli when he was about 6 or 7 weeks old.

Feeding- get the book "nursing mother's companion". The best breastfeeding resource and take a class before baby comes!! That is my #1 advice to breastfeeding mamas. That and be surrounded by support, people you can call or text even in the middle of the night when it's hard. Becuase it's going to be hard! But you can do it! We waited until 6 weeks to intro bottle to Isaac and he never took it. Never. With Eli we started a lot earlier, 2 or 3 weeks. And then made sure he used it at least once a week from there on out. And we still do. Best way to pump is to get on a feeding schedule (babywise ;) and then directly after each feeding, pumped what is left.

Baby Carriers- Ergo all the way!! We have them all. I hate the Moby. My opinion. It's FAR too hot to wear in the summer. But then again I had warm boys. I preferred a regular 'ole sling to wear Eli during church and while we were out and about as a newborn. Not a fan of the infant insert for the Ergo. They outgrow it almost immediately. I LOVE LOVE the Ergo. I use it every time I go to the grocery store and hiking. Isaac even fits in it still on my back and he doesn't feel heavy. Oh and it holds there legs out as if you are actually holding them, where the Baby Bjorn just grabs them by the crotch. Just seems really uncomfortable.

Candice Williams said...

The hospital will provide almost everything you need so don't stress over a bag because if you forget something, they'll have it. Just focus on the extras to be comfortable. Like a pillow and blanket for your husband, and any toiletries like shampoo and make up you might want. You'll want a good shower while you're there I promise!!

The hospital will provide you with pads to take home. Let me tell you something friend, no pad on the market is going to be enough for you LOL. The first few days you need literally a dog pee pad size. I'm not joking. After a few days you can use heavy duty ones and any brand would be fine.

I would keep diapers wet wipes blankets toys any essentials down stairs because then you won't have to hike up the stairs to get them. When my son was born we lived in a two story and it was awful having to walk up and down so I kept a lot downstairs to save me trouble.

Those are the answers I have... Hope they help!!

Graceann said...

take all the pads you can from the hospital. Once those are gone, you'll be fine with regular period pads. And I only had one newborn pack as well and ended up needing that size for a while, but it's absolutely no big deal for someone to grab a pack for you as needed rather than worrying about returns and receipts :). We loved having the pack and play set up with the changing table downstairs for the first two months. E still room shares with us which I never imagined so you just never know with any of this stuff!! Also---next hospital stay, as long as I have a soft nursing bra to sleep in and shower shoes, then I'll have everything I need! And no need to keep bag in car. My water broke at home on Thursday afternoon and we weren't told to go to hospital until Friday AM...labor is long---you will have plenty of time to get it in the car. (Sidenote: If you're going to labor sans epidural, my medicine ball was my biggest crutch!) And biggest advice---everyone has lots of advice and you will do a wonderful job getting as prepared and educated ad possible, but it's a total on the job training experience because every baby is so different! And why does baby talk make me so verbose?! It's just too much fun...

Unknown said...

Prebaby: I did a pack list on my blog which was so handy to check things off.

PostBaby: As far as pads the hospital should be able to give you quite a bit when you leave. Those held me over for a while until I went and bought some smaller ones.
Definitely pack either stretchy pants or maternity dress for ride home.
Diapering: I had one pack of newborns and then we started to use Size 1.
We use dreft. Also make sure you clothes get washed from here on out in it too because that can cause baby to get rashes from leaning up against you. (Learned that the hard way)
I bought the Medela breast pump and we introduced Olivia to a bottle at 1 month. We had to try out different bottle and she prefered the tommee tippee. She never refused from me though and that was always a worry of mine.
We also have a 2 story and she slept in our room until 4 weeks and then we moved her to her room. We used the summer infant video monitor and that helped with the transition. We also started to let her take naps in her crib before we moved her so she was acquainted with it.

Gina said...

This is so much fun. I have a 9 month old boy and I will try my best to remember these thngs so I had horrible post pardum depression and do not remember much.

Hospital Bag essentials: pen, folder, chapstick, nursing bra, nursing tank, flip flops, hair ties, chargers, comfy pants and a sweater. I wanted to be in and out of the hospital and found bringing little was better, my husband and I even shared our bag. I packed my bag at 33 weeks and kept it by the door.

Make sure your house is stocked with huge pads, witching gauze, naked smoothies (you will want something fast to eat), breast pads, and lanolin cream. I had my friends come over and help me make freezer meals ahead of time. I also found that I didnt want visitors the first week besides when I was in the hospital. I was so exhausted it was nice to just be home and not worry about if the house was presentable or how I looked.

I went through 3 cases of newborn diapers pretty fast. They poop a lot the first few weeks so its better to buy more and just return them later rather than needing a Target run in the middle of the night,

Breast feeding: I had my husband give him a bottle of breast milk at 4 weeks and he took it fine and then I didnt try again until 12 weeks old and to this day he still wont take a bottle. My suggestion is even though pumping SUCKS to have your husband or friend give him a bottle once a day around 4 weeks going forward so that whenever you want a date night or need to go to store you wont worry about him not taking a bottle. Also, if you have any problems what so ever breast feeding go to a lactation consultant (sometimes there are free support groups) right away, its not worth being all chapped and bleeding if the problem can be fixed easily.

Lastly, best advice someone gave me was the first 3 months of babies life let them sleep as much as possible. A sleepy baby during the day helps promote sleeping at night. Swaddle, sounds machines, and swings are your friend. You cannot create a bad habit until 4 months so soak up the snuggles. We had a rock and play next to our bed and it was great. (if he moves in his sleep its normal, I didnt BF at night unless he cried, they stir a lot in their sleep like we do). At 4 months is when I started putting him down for naps on his own and letting him fall asleep without being rocked and also started bed time routines.

Also, you will do things wrong, you will be tired, you will have regrets, BUT one day you will wish you had those hard days back because it goes by SOOO fast. Love to you, you look gorgeous.

Elizabeth and Adam said...

Something someone wouldn't ordinarily pack is extra soft tissue! (The hospital uses the cheap, thin stuff.)

As far as "cute clothes" for the momma...I went to Kohls and looked for night gowns that buttoned down the front so I would have easy access for nursing and not have to wear the hospital gowns.

We also CD and use Bum Genius. I started using them around 3 months and use the Bum Genius box lasts forever!

I also EBF my babies, but introduced bottles with pumped milk at about 2 weeks and both my babies did great! We also use Dr. Brown bottles and after washing all the parts I put them back together and store in a drawer.

We put out changing table in our bedroom until we moved the baby to the nursery. We also put the rocking chair and extra clothes and blankets in our room. That way in the middle of the night you can take care of everything in your room. :-)

Good luck!!

Mel said...

Something that you might not ordinarily pack was throwaway underwear!! When I had my first, the hospital gave me these disposal boy-short boxers to wear which were very good to deal with the post-birth bleeding. Then when I was having my second I found that they stopped supplying those so I went out and bought my own. Great decision. You don't want to be bringing your best lingerie for this type of event.
I didn't pack much in my hospital bag but make sure you have enough undershirts and onesies for the baby to last you while you're staying in the hospital since their detergent is way too harsh for their sensitive skin.

As for recipes, lasagna is probably the easiest to make, or any baked pasta because it reheats so easily. I also made some homey type casseroles (chicken and wild rice, meatloaf), etc.

Find the biggest thickest pads you can find for the first few days. Honestly, you will not believe how fast you go through them!! Not pretty!!

You will definitely need more than 1 pack of pampers swaddlers. Though they grow fast, they don't grow that fast. My kids were both 8lbs 2oz at birth and were probably in the swaddlers for at least a few weeks (keep in mind you will be doing many many many diapers changes at the beginning so use a lot up).
That is unfortunate set up for your new baby in the beginning, but do whatever works best for you. I would keep a full set of changing materials (diapers, wipes, cream) on hand, as well

Nicole said...

Isn't blogging a wonderful way to ask all of these questions?! :)

1. I wore stretch capri pants and nursing tanks in the hospital since I was nursing every 2-3 hours. Made it easy! Maxi dresses would probably be fabulous though, and IF things ended in a c-section, it wouldn't bother your incision. I've had girlfriends tell me that!
2. Pads - the hospital will give you HUGE pads to wear, and I did wear them in the hospital. But once home, I just got super maxi pads and wore those until things "settled down". If you happen to tear or have an episiotomy, make sure you take the Dermaplast spray and spray bottle home - they will be your best friends!
3. Diapers - I preferred Huggies on my newborns becuase they seemed to fit better, but I had friends who hated Huggies. I think it all depends on the baby. Also, if you're circumcising your little guy, have A&D cream handy for his circumcision. We used that and covered it with a dry wipe after every diaper change to help healing.
4. I agree with the chapstick comment while in labor - I couldn't have gone without mine!!!

Best of luck and I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Unknown said...

Now I am not an expert by any means, but this is what worked for us/me:
- Definitely don't forget the vaseline for the first baby "poop"
- Here are some recipes that I have tried and frozen. So I know they work. , , .
- I used the thickest ones they make!! As time goes on you won't need them as much, but for the first few days...
- For my coming home outfit I bought a really stretchy dress in a size 10 (usually a size 4), that was comfortable and MOST importantly easy access to the boobs! I just REALLY did not want to wear maternity clothes home!
- The newborn diapers will be fine and even too big. My little one was almost 8 lbs and they were too big for her.
- My little one if 10 months old and has NEVER even had a drop of formula and I am very proud of that! I did not introduce a bottle to her till 8 weeks old, and even then my husband gave it to her and I went to the other room, but close enough if she would not take it, but she did really well. We also used the Dr. Brown's glass bottles. But really I thought that others could help out too, but for me it made MORE work! If someone else is giving him a bottle then you have to pump which means you can to clean the bottle he ate from the one you pumped into and all those parts, when I could just feed her and be done with it! (A little deceiving that they can "help out")

I hope a little of this will help!

Unknown said...

Bring a wipe warmer to the hospital!! My sister and brother-in-law loved having that! Those hospital rooms can get really cool and those wipes get cold so its nice and soothing to the baby to have warm wipes to wipe their booty! But I'm loving your post today so I can read all the comments to know what I need to bring as well!! :)

Gina said...

-Comfy and stretchy pants for after birth.
-Sugar free life savers
-I had my bag packed early and in the baby room until it was go time.
-Use the pads they give you at the hospital. And make friends with the nurses (cookies) so they'll send you home with some. They are not comfy, but really do the job.
-I wore the same maxi I went to the hospital in on the way out.
-My hospital providing diapers for us along with petroleum jelly, and nasal sucker. We just had to bring wipes so check with your hospital or with someone that's delivered there before.
-I would just keep the diaper changing station downstairs until you get everything figured out. Then just make a little diaper changing station in your room for middle of the night feeds/changes. the first few weeks you're not going to want to be moving around too much (it's not going to feel so good down there)
-Suggest still dressing (at least in the morning/night - not all the spit up and blow out times in between) him in his room so he starts to get used to those surroundings too

Get him in a routine if you can. He'll be on his own schedule, but if you take him on a walk every night then bathe him (once you can), read a book then bed he'll understand day and night a lot quicker and it will help him unwind and tell him it's night night time.

And with all this advice coming your way. Remember, every baby is different, every parent is different so stick with your Momma instincts and do what's best for the little guy and your family. I feel like Moms are so judgmental and competitive these days when we should all just stick together. So don't think one minute if you're not doing it the way someone suggested or how your Mom did it that you're doing it wrong.


Gina said...

Oh and bring chapstick. My lips and nose got so dry. And my nose was still dry about 2 weeks after I was home (not even sure how that happens but I remember being stuffed up, but without the runny nose)

Sarah said...

Anyone else have traveling husbands? When did yours stop traveling? Jon is hoping I can make it to 37-38 weeks before he makes all his normal travel meetings remote.

-- Mine stopped around that same time, 37/38 weeks.

What are some of your favorite recipes to make ahead and freeze for when after baby comes?

-- Accept any donated meals - they are life saving. Take everyone up on it that offers. Those were my favs for sure!

I hear post delivery bleeding can be a beautiful thing (sarcasm folks), what pads/protection do you recommend?

-- Use the hospital ones, they are massive. I took them all, and their mesh undies too. Buy black granny panties for yourself to use for a couple weeks. Totally worth it. And grab at least two of their squirt bottles. Fill them with warm water each time you use the restroom - best way to clean up.

I want to pack a cute-ish outfit for me to bring baby home in, should I plan on packing a maternity dress? I have a few maxis I was thinking would be good.

--Bring clothes that you currently fit into. You will wear close to the same size on your way out. If you bring cute clothes, make sure they are dark colored and easy to use the restroom. Using the restroom is kind of an event (all the cleaning, etc that's necessary each time).

I have one pack of newborn Pamper's Swaddlers but curious to see your thoughts. I know it depends on how big the baby is but should I buy another few packs and keep the receipts to be safe? I have 2 packs of size 1 diapers too.

-- All my kids were size 1 in the hospital, they never wore newborn size. (All were upper 8 and 9 lbs). I ended up exchanging all the newborn diapers at Walmart (as long as they aren't open, you can exchange). I'd get more size 1s. If you need newborns, just take the packages from the hospital each day from your cart.

My insurance covers the Ameda Purely Yours double electric breast pump, has anyone ever used it? I've read great reviews but would love a personal experience.
Our goal is to exclusively breast feed but I do want to pump and bottle feed so Jon (and family/friends) can help out. When did you introduce a bottle to your EBF baby? I've read many reviews that suggest different ages.

-- I used my Purely Yours for almost 7 years, through three kids, all EBF for at least a year. Worked like a champ. My kids never got confused with paci vs bottle vs me. They all preferred mommy, but did okay otherwise. My second went on a bottle strike for a while around 8mo, but we got through It. Just remember not to stress, it always works out.

What is the best way to store bottles? We are using Dr. Browns that have 5 pieces so I want to make sure we have things organized.

-- DB are kind of a pita, but we just kept all the parts in the same place. You get used to putting it together very quickly. Rinse immediately after or they can get gross.

We have a 2 story house and our room is downstairs and the nursery is the farthest room away upstairs. The plan is for him to sleep in the basinet in our room until we get into the swing of things and aren't having to walk all the way upstairs every hour. Any tips on what to keep downstairs? Should I keep a whole diaper changing station and all of his clothes?

-- You will def need two diaper changing stations, even if its just a cute basket with diapers/wipes.

-- Extra: invest in a video camera. If I could only buy ONE thing, that's what it would be. Especially with a two story house. You'll use it for years and years and years. Invest in one with multiple cameras like ibaby. Then even if you're out with the girls a year from now, you can spy on your hubs and his awesome babysitting skills. It's the one thing we bought that we still use on a regular basis. We watch babysitters, we videotape the crib singing... Priceless for sure.

Sarah said...

these are great questions!!!!! i have the ameda purely yours breast pump but of course havent used it yet! i also am starting out with EBF but want to eventually pump to introduce bottles so isaiah can feed him.. i have heard 4-6 weeks is a great time to introduce bottles. so i think at 4 weeks i will try by starting once in the morning? and ive heard if he struggles, sometimes it helps if mom isnt around along with the obvious issues of it sometimes being the nipple etc. i am going to have to stay posted to check out all the answers from experienced mamas!
i cant wait to see your babymoon pics! i am jealous of your scenery already!

Veronika said...

My baby is 3 weeks old are my tips:

*hospital bag---I didn't keep mine in my car but it might be a good idea. I didn't use most of what I packed---but pack a nursing bra and some comfy button-up PJ's to make breastfeeding easy.

* the hospital will have pads for you to use---you will bleed HEAVILY for the first few days...I'm talking like murder-scene heavy (well I did, but I had 3 tears). When I got home I was able to use the super thick Always brand pads and at 2 weeks PP I was down to thin panty-liners. I am not bleeding anymore, just normal lochia discharge.

* outfit for leaving the hospital---my belly went down really quickly so I could wear normal clothes. I wore Lululemon yoga pants and a button-up sleep shirt from VS.

* Harper is still in newborn diapers at 3 weeks---you will need a lot of them. Breastfed babies poop a ton. I would get more newborn diapers.

Another thing---wash and sanitize some bottles before the baby is born. I had bottles but didn't wash them because I wanted to BF. Well, Harper had latch issues and I had to pump and supplement with formula so not having those bottles ready was stressful when we brought her home. I am able to BF now, but it would have been nice to have everything ready.

My other tip---don't wash all the clothes just the small stuff. Wash as you use/need things in case you can exchange something baby outgrows.

Gina said...

Another thing I would suggest:
Go to the store now while you still can freely and stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, soap, laundry det, dish soap, shampoo/conditioner,toothpaste. All those little things you run out of quickly. That way you have your own little "store" in your house when you run out. I still have some of my stock from when I had my baby. Always a good thing when you don't have to run out for something small when you didn't have time to get to the store or forgot it.

Sarah Hope said...

Charlie's Soap for cloth diapering is the very best! :)

Rachel said...

First of all, it's clear you are going to be a great momma! Asking so many questions means you really care! :D Just to give you some of my qualifications, I am the mother of VERY active little 10 month boy, so all these questions are still very fresh in my mommy-memory. I hope I can offer some help and give a little advice!

My biggest lifesaver, or comfort saver, in my hospital bag was a beautiful nighty and matching navy robe from Dillards. There were so many people that came to see out little man, and I wanted to look nice and feel presentable. PLUS, in the pictures everyone took, I look more decent than just a hospital gown or an old sweatshirt. Comfort and class! Plus, I didn't have to worry about pulling up pants or where the band would sit. I just slipped the night gown on and off. PLUS it worked wonderful for figuring out nursing.

Post-baby: I came home from the hospital in the most comfortable maternity maxi from Old Navy and definitely recommend wearing a maxi! Because your stomach is going to be coming back down and you are probably going to be a bit sore, invest in some nice and comfy granny-panties. Seriously. They just feel the best. :) I used the night-time pads for post bleeding, they did the trick because they are long and extra absorbant. :)

Feeding: We introduced a bottle at 2 months with pumped breast milk. He never had nipple confusion and switched back and forth like a pro. I'd definitely recommend pumping and bottle feeding. My wonderful husband and I still have maintained great date nights and day trips by doing this. (Thank God for amazing and loving in-laws) The healthiest thing for your baby is for mommy and daddy to have a good relationship:)

Random: I have an Ergo, and it was wonderful! HOWEVER, I really wish it was front facing. Now that he's bigger, he HATES being in a position where he can't see. Just a thought:)

Above all else, remember that God created you for this. You are MOM. No matter what anyone says, you truly know best and God will guide you to what is best for your little love. :) Don't be afraid. It's a huge transition, but you WILL figure everything out just fine and you have a wonderful support team who will help you with anything you need. :) Best wishes!

Tanya Kummerow said...

You are so sweet to ask for advice. Alex and I started cloth diapering Eleanor when she was one week old. We had already gone through the package of newborn diapers that my friend gave us and needed to buy more and decided then that it wasn't worth the money. Instead we jumped headfirst into cloth diapering. With that said we didn't start using our one-size BumGenius pocket diapers (that's what we use now and love!) until she was two months old at least. She was a tiny newborn and they just didn't seem to fit well. We used prefolds until that point. When you get comfortable I say just plunge headfirst into the cloth diapers, it's the best way, but you may find the ones you have will fit best if you wait until he's a month or so old.

We used our Moby non stop for the first couple months. I loved wearing Eleanor all day long. Now we have the Ergo and we use it all the time. I prefer to put her in the Ergo over the stroller when we are out shopping or going for walks. You are going to love them both. I think Daily Garnish has a great how-to video for the Moby.

You are going to be a great mom! I cannot wait to "meet" that little man!

Oh, and you probably want to set up a whole changing station downstairs with most of his newborn clothes. It was months before we even used Eleanor's room and with his room being so far away from everything you will likely never walk into it. It's sad since it's so cute, but eventually you will be in there all the time!

Sarah said...

I loved reading all the comments! I have so many of the same questions as you! You should totally do an updated post with responses! There are so many of us summer/fall mama's with lots of questions!

Julie said...

I loved having my journal to jot down a few thoughts immediately post partum. With my first the midwives actually kept a journal for all of their patients to share a birth story experience in that was passed from mom to mom. It is was inspired me to write a full birth story after each 3 of my kids. Even since with 3 miscarriages I have journaled about those experiences as a tribute to their lives and it has helped me in recognizing their lives, what I was thinking at the time, what God was showing me through it all. I hope it will be a treasure for my kids to read some day.

Maria Eshman said...

I LOVED nursing and I pray that it goes well for you. One suggestion is if you are going back to work, purchase an extra set (or two) of the parts. This way you don't have to wash them after pumping at work (in a dirty sink..). Also, start storing milk early. A friend of mine gave me this piece of advice when nursing my first little one, at the first morning feed (for us it was 5 am) nurse one side and pump the other to store. When I went back to school, that started to be my daughter's first bottle. Don't wait too long to introduce the bottle or your little on may not want it. Happened to us and I ended up buying $8 (A PIECE) cups for my middle. :) Good luck! Can't wait to hear about the rest of your journey.
ps... I LOVE my Ergo! My little one that I used it the most with is a snuggler and I LOVE IT!!!! My third is almost 3 and I still put her on my back in it. :)

Jax Rodriguez said...

They'll give u huge pads at the hospital for bleeding. Take some home with you! It take several days for it to slow down to maxi pad level of tolerance.

Dress comfortably you may feel good, you may not so comfy is way better than cute. Granny panties if u are at any risk of a Caesarian. I had normal comfy boy short style undies & they hit right on my incision when I had an unexpected c-section with Kaden.

Wait & see, but I think you'll need at least 2 packs of newborns.... They poop & pee a lot & their poop is really runny.

I used cloth diaper as soon as they fit well. My kiddos bums were too tiny to get a secure fit that didn't leak when they were first born.

I think I used cheer free detergent (no dyes or perfumes) they can breakdown the absorbency.

I used a medela pump & liked it. I nursed and then pumped after. It doesn't give you much at a time, but it is better than skipping a feeding to pump to keep up your milk supply. Pumping is not as efficient and it doesn't take much to lose your milk supply. I almost always pumped when Jer bottle fed. I started introducing the bottle around 2 weeks. Jer would take a night feeding so that I could sleep. And it didn't matter much if I lost a night feeding for nursing because they sleep longer & eventually skip it anyway. By that point I was starting back at work so I had to pump & use bottles during the day. Although giving daddy feelings are important, be careful of how often because pumping too much will cause you to slow production. I personally pumped only because I had to for work and my milk production was severely diminished from pumping that by 6 months I was relying on my stored milk to supplement, by 7.5-8 months I was giving half breast milk/half formula & had to stop completely by 9 months.

Keep a diaper kit (diapers, wipes, rash cream) & a spare set of pj's for each time he wakes. You never know when he's gonna leak.

Dana said...

I think a lot of my answers will be the same as other commenters...but here's my two cents:
The hospital will have ginormous pads. Seriously, they're the hugest things ever! Get a pack of the thickest you can find, then go from there. Not something I would stock up on. My midwife provided some herbal compresses, too. Those were lifesavers, because I tore. Very painful.

I used the Ameda Purely Yours for exclusively pumping/bottle feeding. It was worked awesome, although I did get an extra accessory set because the valves and diaphragms can wear out. You'll want to have replacements around when that happens!! Very cool that your insurance will pay for it, too!! Also, you might want to make sure you have some ice packs or frozen veggies in the freezer to use on your chest when your milk comes in completely. You'll get all swollen and it really hurts, so icing helps a lot.

Hopefully you'll get a lot of meals delivered to you by neighbors and friends. Take ALL OFFERS OF FOOD! Some will be good and some won't be, but not having to cook is SO worth it!! You'll be busy doing laundry!! :)

Diana said...

Hey, I just had my baby boy Oliver 3 weeks ago so this is all fresh in my head.

Hospital: Don't worry about this too much, at my hospital they provided pretty much everything I needed. Anything I forgot, I asked my mom to pick up. It was nice to have yoga pants/comfy t-shirts, my own underwear (bring old underwear where you don't care if it gets ruined) at least two nursing bras (I like Bravado Designs). My sister in law also made me lactation cookies which were handy for middle of the night feedings. I find I need to eat or I get cranky.

Breastfeeding takes a long time at first (an hour per feeding) and it can be painful. Just be prepared for that; it is normal. Try soothies gel pads, this is another good thing for the hospital. We are still working on latching and it is still painful (just for 10 seconds) at 3 weeks (although now it only takes 15-25 minutes plus latching, so the time thing is much improved). Take advantage of the nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital and if you have issues seek help from a lactation consultant immediately.

If your husband stops traveling at 37-38 weeks that sounds about right. I found that around 36 or 37 weeks I slowed down a lot. At 38.5 weeks I started working remotely and that was a huge help. I would recommend doing this if your work is open to the idea. It upped my energy level considerably, especially since I had about 40 minutes' commute each way. Also be prepared that at some point (for me around 37/38 weeks) you won't be as productive at work and you need to start being nice to yourself and altering expectations. (I have a desk job that doesn't require me to be on my feet.)

We had to supplement with formula for about 24 hours because our baby lost more than 15% of his body weight in the hospital. From what I have heard this is relatively common before your milk comes in (mine came at like 4 days). Since then he has had several bottles of pumped breast milk. (He has had all breast milk except for those 24 hours.) No issues with nipple confusion or anything. They can down a bottle in like a minute. It is pretty impressively fast compared to breast feeding. You want a super low flow nipple for newborns. We got one from the hospital but also most bottle companies make one.. it will have a 0 or 1 on it.

And yes, keep a diaper changing station in your room. Ours is on our dresser. It is super handy. I also find it helpful to have my nursing rocker nearby so I don't have to go all over the house.

KRISTIN said...

I could write a novel for you but I will try to keep it short. :)
-The BEST thing I brought to the hospital was a light weight robe. Our room was FREEZING but I would sweat a lot through the night so it was great to have something light to easily take on and off.
-For going home, try to be as comfy as possible! You will still look about 6 months preggo, so may sure it's something that will fit. :) I just did yoga pants and a zip up.
-The after bleeding is no joke. I used the biggest pads I could find and then would line them with 3 Tucks Medicated Pads which felt like heaven on my sore lady parts! The hospital has GIANT ones and you can bring a bunch of those home and then after a few days you can transition to normal "heavy flow" ones.
-I HAD to give Kenley a bottle at a week old because I had to have an MRI. It wasn't ideal but she took to it just fine and went back to the boob with no problems. So I think people make a bigger deal out of that than needs to be. I'd say once your supply is established and baby is good at latching you can start to pump to build a supply and then introduce the bottle whenever you feel ready!
-For in your room...I would have your breastfeeding pillow for sure, a few diapers & wipes and maybe one or two extra outfits for each night.

I CANNOT believe you are so close!!! And I can't wait to hear about your trip!

Unknown said...

Funny you should ask as I just made a video of how I wrap with a Moby (different than the directions). I also have blogged many of the answers to the above questions if you want to read a bit. I know you already have a ton of answers in these comments. Take it all with a grain of salt and remember to pray along the way. I'm so very excited for you!

Unknown said...

Oh, pack early! I had #1 at 36 weeks and didn't have my bag packed. I forgot EVERYTHING.

Lauren said...

Hi Ruthie:

I don't usually comment, but I've been a follower of your blog for a while now... this post just made me reflect on my recent delivery of my son, so I'll offer my two cents :-)

I definitely overpacked for the hospital. Things I used the most were:
- Robe/ Two-Piece PJ set (just to look somewhat cute when you have visitors)
- Headband (great for labor)
- Extra hair elastics
- Facewash/Cleansing cloths
- My pregnany pillow (bobby full body)-- just something to remind me of home and it still provided support my belly needed
- Toothbrush & paste
- Soap & bath towel from home (hospital one was just too itchy for me)

I packed my bag when I started getting uncomfortable and nervous that I could go at any moment (around 34 weeks)

The hospital provided me with the necessities for bleeding. There's a ton. Don't waste bringing in your own. I didn't use mine until I was home and comfortable. They provide you with massive ice packs (awkward, but lifesavers, perispray bottle, epi-foam (amazing)... you'll know what you need to do with those items. Don't be too worried about the bleeding. It is constantly monitored and if you need any assistance, the nurses are there to help! It gets better! Just remember to take it easy when you get home, even if you feel great. I went for a half mile walk and started to bleed heavily. Take. It. Easy. Really.

I came home in yoga pants and a hoodie. Grady (my son) came home in a cute outfit.

We used two packs of newborn diapers, mostly 1s (until about 2 months old). I would say buying a lot of 2s in your best bet. They're in them for quite a while. And I transitioned to 2s a little early, and we had no leaks.

EBF was a bit tiresome for me. I wanted my husband and family to be key parts in my son's feeding as well. I ended up just pumping. I also had to supplement with formula because I wasn't producing enough. Had I stuck with BF, it would be a different story. I applaud all women who EBF-- absolutely amazing.

Moby- newbord hug hold was amazing when Grady became colic. We've since transitioned to the regular carry and bjorn.

We have a changing table for downstairs with a small array of extra clothing in a canvas tote. We also keep backup wipes and diapers downstairs. The Prince Lionhart diaper caddy that attaches to the side of the changing table has been convenient as well.

We transitioned Grady into his crib in his own room (with monitor on) at 7 weeks old.
He now sleeps 9P-7:30A...

I wish you, your family, and husband all the best... try to remember to breathe along the way- I am an independent person, but had to step back and welcome those willing to help in. It was tough, but amazing to have the support. I had an emotional breakdown day two of being home. It gets better!

If it helps at all, I would love to be pregnant again, and even when labor was tough, I'd go back in a heartbeat and do it again!

Rachel and John said...

Hi Ruthie! My friend just tweeted me this blog post saying I was a wise momma so I should answer your questions! Congratulations on your baby boy! I have 2 boys myself. I had my first at the hospital and my second at home.
For the hospital bag I would recommend a pen, and music/headphones. Don't
pack jeans. A dress would be good.

Any pasta dish freezes really well. And I also bought hamburger helper. Not the healthiest but really easy to make quickly.

One pack of newborn diapers is probably good. I wouldn't stock up on those. Your hubby can always run out and get more if your boy is born at a lower weight. It's not like you'll be house bound for weeks on end! I started cloth diapering when my babies reached 10 pounds simply because I bought 1 sized diapers (Bum Genius 4.0 like you and Charlie Banana) and that was the lowest weight for them. I started out washing my diapers in rocking green but I've been using Arm and Hammer Essentials for over a year now and prefer it.

With 1 baby I always went upstairs to change diapers and clothes. With 2 I put a changing station on the main floor too so I wouldn't have to drag both kids upstairs, but I preferred to have everything in 1 spot. So I say just walk upstairs.

Just know that you're the best momma for your baby. You know what he needs so don't take other people's advice too seriously. It's good to have in the back of you mind...but you'll just know. I would be happy to answer any other questions you have.

Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley-Elden said...

As for introducing a bottle, I would do it pretty soon. I have heard conflicting opinions too. I've had five kids and breast fed all of them--which I was blessed to do. My first two had formula mixed in to later on as I wasn't very diligent about pumping. I then had twin girls and actually breast fed them for the whole 12 months, and never used any formula. One, that would have been expensive, and two, I had plenty of milk to feed them. I was a lot better about pumping milk when I had the twins. My fifth child was born very early-28 weeks-and a nurse in the NICU told me that nipple confusion happens later in life, when I baby is already set in his/her way. I have totally seen that with my kids, and one of my sister's kids. She never gave her baby a bottle so when I tried to bottle feed her at a few months old, she wouldn't take it. With my twins I introduced the bottle to them very early, probably 2 weeks old just to make sure my milk was in and producing. I would pump milk to have on hand when I was gone doing errands, or when my husband would take care of the babies for me at church. Well, around the time they started eating solid foods regularly, I stopped bottle feeding them with my pumped milk. I tried to feed one of my girls a bottle around 11 mo. and she wouldn't take it. She had grown unaccustomed to it. My fifth child born at 28 weeks, didn't start bottle feeding till he was about a month old. A few weeks later I started nursing him. He did great with both. Really, I've found that if you want your kid to do something, with enough encouragement and persistence, both of you will succeed. On to other areas...constipation is really bad after the baby is born. My sister likes to eat a lot of blueberries before she has her baby, and I always kept nasty prune juice on hand which helped. Also, I bought some nursing pads but thankfully never used them because I didn't really leak. Something good to have on hand though. As for pumping, I used a double breast pump for two months and Ameda sounds familiar. I really can't remember the name of the pump though. Are you planning on working after your baby is born? If not, you probably won't need the pump...with your first baby anyway. If you do have time to nurse him you will most likely find a pump annoying. But with multiple kids, it's great. It always nice to know that you can go shopping, attend a meeting, or whatever and actually leave your baby with your husband. It's good for the husband too! And of course go on dates! I love the Advent hand pump. I could use it whenever and there is no need to worry about electricity or batteries! When I did need to pump milk, I would think ahead and decide, okay, Friday night is our date night and I need at least two bottles ready to go. So I would pick a time right BEFORE the baby would eat, and I would pump. When I was nursing twins I had a lot of milk, so I could pump out 8 ounces or so in about 10 minutes. After pumping, I would then nurse the baby(ies) and still have plenty of milk. You guys will be great with whatever you end up doing!

Krista said...

It's been a few years for me but here's my 2 cents for what it's worth...
Pre-baby meals to freeze: Homemade Mac-N-Cheese, Lasagna
Pre-baby hospital bag: I packed 2 weeks before my due date and kept it in my car
Post-Baby coming home outfit: Maxi dress should be perfect
Introducing EBF baby to bottle: around 1 month
Random: Yes, keep diaper changing stuff in your room and at least a few changes of clothes...there will be blowouts and spit-ups ;)

Other recommendations would be a rocking chair and a Boppy pillow to help with nursing. Also since you're having a boy, use a small cloth (washcloth etc) to cover his weapon when your changing him so he doesn't spray you ;)

Heather said...

Definitely pack chapstick and lotion in your bag!! I didn't have a bag packed since I had my baby at 32 weeks, but those were the things I missed the most.

I used the hospital pads and they weren't super comfy, but they did the job.

I used a bottle drying rack for our Dr Brown bottles and just grabbed one off the rack when it was time.

I LOVE the Baby Bjorn. My little girl didn't like the Moby Wrap, but the instructions included in the packaging worked really well.

Loni said...

Chapstick, hairties, your own towel and flip flops for the shower!

I liked Kotex pads in the bright boxes. Also tucks pads for hemorrhoids help w the pain after.

My husband stopped traveling in the last month.

My oldest was 7.9lbs and wore nb diapers for maybe a few weeks. My youngest was 8.9 lbs and barely wore them at all. I'd buy a box of newborns and call it good.

A maxi dress would be nice to come home in. It was cold when I had both girls so I just wore yoga pants.

The baby bjorn is hard on baby hips. Do some research before using that. The most is difficult. With my second baby I bought a ktan instead. Same idea, less fabric

Mateya said...

I find the answers to these interesting, everyone's so different. My son was 8 lbs 2 oz when he was born and he wore newborn diapers for the first month!

Our bedroom is also on the main level and the nursery is upstairs. We set up a changing station downstairs and also all of his clothes are downstairs too. You won't want to be running up and down the stairs!

MissusMcElroy said...

I really didn't need anything that I packed for myself or the baby except for VERY loose clothes. Ask for extra everything like dermaplast, tucks pads, and especially mesh panties before you leave the hospital- it's included!

I had our bags packed and in the crib two months before she was born, so....

For the pp bleeding, I had Wes pick up the biggest pads CVS stocked and they worked fine. I also suggest (if you haven't already) getting a plastic waterproof cover for your mattress ($7 at Walmart) in case your water breaks or you bleed through your sheets. Sleeping with a towel under you helps.Be prepared for the nastiest feeling ever every time you stand up for about 2 weeks post delivery. My bleeding only lasted for 3 weeks.
I'm sure you'll look adorable leaving the hospital. I was so ready to get home and get back in bed that I stayed in my sweats.
-Keela was in newborn diapers for 3 months, so I don't think it would hurt to stock up on more so you don't have to run out and get any. Disposable diapers can also be made into padcicles for you as well as filled with hot water and used as a compress if you get a clogged duct.
-I started when she was 3 months old. I would have started sooner, but I physically wasn't up to doing much more than light housework before then.
-I have used Rockin' Green, but switched to Tide Ultra Original Powder because of all the suggestions from CD mamas. I love that I can use one detergent for all the laundry now.

-I have the Ameda Purely Yours, and it gets the job done!
-My IBCLC said to introduce the bottle between 4-6 weeks. We waited until 6 weeks and she took it just fine.

-I hated the Moby and thought it was an obnoxious piece of material, but there are great Youtube videos for all the baby carriers! We have a Beco Gemini (similar to Ergo) and love it!
-YES to a downstairs changing area. There will be many outfit changes, unfortunately.

I had a really difficult recovery (still in progress, actually, I still can't sit right!) due to having an episiotomy and 2nd degree tear. Do some research and talk to your doctor about his/her episiotomy policy. I would rather have torn so it could heal naturally rather than be cut and stitched back together (more scar tissue) but I didn't know my doctor would automatically cut me if it looked like I'd tear. Just something to think about.

Introduce the pacifier early! We didn't let the nurses give her one at the hospital because someone said it would be bad, but we gave her one on the way home and have been so grateful that she took it. EBF babies often will refuse the paci if you don't introduce it early enough, and in that case YOU are the only one who can comfort them. You do not want this to be the case, trust me! HTH! You'll be great, and try not to stress too much if things don't go according to plan.

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