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Monday, September 12, 2011

This weekend

I had no intention of blogging about our weekend (I normally forget to take pictures of what we do or we just have a weekend not worthy of blogging about) but this weekend was really fun! I'd like to first start out by saying thank you to those who lost their lives 10 years ago yesterday and those who have courageously been protecting our country in the years that followed. We have a few 9/11 specials recorded on our dvr and couldn't bare to watch all of them this weekend. Friday morning I listened to news coverage, phone calls from the towers and air traffic control footage from 9/11 on the radio and it was too much. I decided I would watch the 9/11 specials when I am ready. Jon and I did a lot of praying and reflecting this weekend for those affected by 9/11, as we will never forget.

We didn't have any concrete plans this weekend and sort of went with the flow. Here is what our weekend consisted of...

I've decided I am going to do a whole post dedicated to this book, A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. I finished it in less than 2 days, I recommend it with all my heart. It was amazing. 

Walks around our neighborhood...only in Austin...

Froyo!! If you follow me on Twitter you'd know that Jon and I are obsessed with Yogurtland. It is a franchise so check their website to see if there is one in your area (we even went to one when we were in LA a couple weeks ago!). Yogurtland has the BEST flavors and even better toppings. This week they debuted PB &J tasted oddly like a pb & j sandwich. And get this...they will be serving pumpkin froyo in October!

Chick Fil A FREE breakfast! I didn't want my sandwich to end. It was the most delicious thing I've ever eaten. I'd pay $10 for that thing.

We went to the Austin famous, Mount Bonnell with my parents and James on Saturday for an awesome view of Lake Austin. 

We brought Ernie and Kelli (my parents dog) and it was way too hot for the pups. We ended up carrying Ernie halfway into the trip. His gigantic tongue cracks me up

We also went to Mayfield Park which is a cute little park off of 35th Street that houses tons of peacocks! Jon and I actually took some of our engagement pictures there. Peacocks are quite interesting creatures (and pretty darn ugly when their feathers aren't displayed).

We dropped off the dogs at our house before going to South Lamar to explore some food trailers (my original post for today talked about food trailers so stay tuned for tomorrow's post). 

Buffalo Bob's Chalupa Wagon

Dad at Gourdough's Donuts...insanely huge donuts covered in cream cheese frosting, chocolate, peanut butter, raspberry sauce, bacon, chicken name it!! We also had a chocolate covered frozen banana (from Bananarchy) and a lamb kabob (from Trey's Cuisine)

(disclaimer...we all ate on those 2 donuts!)

Saturday night we did dinner and game night at Justin & Leah's casa. We turned Yahtzee into a hysterical drinking game and ended the night with "Would You Rather". Have any of you played that game?? The questions are beyond disgusting. My stomach is brewing thinking about the questions! 

Sunday morning we did early church and we are so excited to start our new small group this Tuesday. Our church started a series yesterday called "Breaking down the walls". What is keeping you from a relationship with Christ? Are you blaming your unhappiness on the economy? On your lack of a love life? I can't wait for the next 4 weeks in the series and pinpointing what walls I can work on 'breaking down'. 

A couple of months ago Jon discovered The Central Texas Browns Backers. If you've read my blog a while (or listened to Jon's accent vlog!), you'd know that Jon was born and raised in Cleveland. He is a die hard Browns fan. Not a "Ooooh Colt McCoy is on the Browns so I am going to be a Browns fan until he gets traded" fan (his biggest pet peeve). I mean, the Browns don't have the greatest track record but who has been with them through it all...Jon Hart!

We joined the Browns Backers at The Ranch, a bar on West 6th for the 12p game. Unfortunately Direct TV was having a nation wide outage (we were cracking up at all the tweets about how Direct TV blows) so the coverage was shotty until the end of the 2nd quarter.

It was a great game and even though the Browns ended up losing, it was really fun. A couple friends of ours joined us as well. A bunch of die hard Browns fans with their Midwest accents. We even scored free beer and vodka (Three Olives promo girls were passing out shots and sweat bands and what do ya know...Jon wore this the whole game) and bought sandwiches from Whole Foods across the street.

The game took a lot out of us (combined with little sleep) and I ended up conking out on the couch which is rare for me. I am not a napper at all and although it felt good to fall asleep...I hated waking up from my nap. I was groggy and felt worse than before I went to sleep. Luckily Jon and I were lazy bums the rest of the day and watched more football and the movie Love Happens (it was sad!). 

So what did y'all do this weekend? Anything rip roaring? Any football fans out there? And here's another question...who is like me and hates naps?! I know I am probably alone on that one...

Oh and happy birthday to my 2 'brother in laws' today! My sister's hubby and his twin brother turn 26. Happy Birthday Jacob and Luke!


Alana said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!

and I'm sorry, one of the things I learned in college was a deep love for naps. :)

Iz Originals said...

sounds like a great weekend! tons of fun times with the hubbs and family. :) found you off of 20SB. :)

Liz Taylor said...

girl you had a hella fun weekend! my best friends go to yogurtland all the time! (they live in LA) and i got my free chick fil a breakfast too! "Would you rather" sounds awesome - I am totally going to have to get it!!! :)

michaela @ m.jane said...

i'm interested to hear your thoughts on the jaycee dugard book. i listened to it at work via audiobook and had mixed feelings. at times, it was VERY hard to listen to, her story is incredible and horrific.

football fan here! glad to here jon is a browns fan. i'm a packer fan, but have respect for any team marty schottenheimer has coached. our friend, dave redding, started his coaching career in cleveland. check out this blog post: maybe jon will think that's cool. does he read your blog??

Kristen Thornburg said...

Oh my gosh... I was at the store and looking at different games I should buy and saw that there... I think my husband likes it, though. It was so overwhelming, I couldn't decide on a game! Plus, they are all like $30, and what if I don't lke it?! I'm so indecisive!! It's annoying.

Meg said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! I love Ernie's tongue--it's so big! Austin looks like a city we would definitely fit in.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Good to hear about the book. I had it in my hand the other day at Target, but put it back. Now I want to read it again.

And, since you asked... we cheer for the Black and Gold at our house. Pittsburgh Steeler fans ~ even after yesterday's ridiculous showing... We take the good with the bad :)

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Looks like a great weekend!! :) I wish I could nap, but I'm too antsy! ;) xo

henning love said...

thanks for sharing photos of your fun weekend. my husband and i are obsessed with yogurtland too, that is our favorite places, other places don't even compare. and chick fil a too cant beat that place! yummy

Susan said...

Such a fun post! And in relation to this, apparently, I did nothing this weekend. ;)

Will definitely pick up your book reco.

Unknown said...

Looks like a really great weekend!!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

I love Yogurtland's PB&J! It's crazy how perfect it is. I can taste both the PB and J flavors. Have you tried the oatmeal cookie? It just came out here and is amazing too!


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