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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Bachelorette Party!

So I thought I was done with wedding related posts but how could I forgot my bachelorette party?!

If you recall, I was married on February 5th, 2011 and even in Texas, it was cold. My bachelorette party was the weekend before our wedding, January 29th, and it was perfect. When my sisters and bridesmaids asked me what I wanted to do, I said I just wanted to have everyone together. I had no desire to get sloshed on the infamous 6th street in the freezing cold weather and I actually wanted to remember my night!

We gathered at my parents house in the early evening where my two sisters (maid and matron of honor) decorated and planned some games. Everyone wore pink and I loved it (I've done this at another bachelorette party and it was SO fun!). I will let the pictures do most of the talkin'

It felt like a night in college, all up in my sisters room in front of the mirror primping and getting ready. My beautiful "big" Ashley (who is famous in our sorority for her hair do skills) outfitted the group with "bumps" and glam eye shadow. 

The "Fanning" girls (my maiden name)


This game cracked me up...Pin The Long on Jon. Funny and disturbing at the same time! Please disregard my flesh colored straw ;-)

I was surprised and so excited when the girls showered me with gifts to use on my honeymoon (get your mind out of the gutter, it was a non-lingerie party since I had one in the fall)

Other gifts included an adorable cover up dress, a monogram necklace, scrapbook stuff, and an underwater Flip camera case!

We headed to a nice area of North Austin called The Domain. It is an outdoor shopping area with restaurants and nice condos. We had yummy cocktails and dinner at NoRth which is modern Italian cuisine. They also have locations in Arizona, Colorado and Kansas.

Yes that is a baby in the pic!! If you can believe it, Mary Amanda had given birth weeks before my bachelorette party and still managed to hang with us! Logan wore a onesie that said "I HART RUTHIE". How cute is that. Oh and her husband was hosting Jon's bachelor party that same day at his family's farmhouse outside of Austin. Who says the fun ends after you have a baby?!

We headed downtown to a premier comedy show called Ester's Follies. It is hysterical! It was my first time attending and it was so much fun. It consists of magic, music and parodies of current events. I had walked by the window many a times on 6th street and am glad I finally went! It is definitely a classic Austin to-do!

The girls with some of the cast members (awful lighting!)

Now how did these 7 ladies end the night? We headed back to the house and ended up staying awake until after 4am. Laughing. Drinking. Chatting. Eating Whataburger. It was exactly what I wanted for the night. Great conversation with my best friends. It was the perfect way to spend my last weekend as a single lady.

The next morning, with just a few hours of sleep, we had a great breakfast at Waterloo Ice House. I remember thinking that Sunday "OMG. Next Saturday I will be married. No more Saturday nights as Ruthie Fanning!". It was such an exciting feeling!

Question: if you are married, what did you do for your bachelorette party? Or what is your favorite memory from attending a bachelorette party?


Vivian said...

You all look so CUTE in pink! Comedy shows are the best!!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Love the pics!! looks like it was a great time! aren't bachelorette parties the best!? so fun!

Amanda said...

so happy for you! i have always wanted to go to esthers follies but wasn't reeeeally sure what it was to be honest lol. love your evening dress!! ow ow! xo

Earl-Leigh said...

Y'all looked great! I'm glad you had fun!

henning love said...

what a fun bachelorette party! i love hearing girl's maiden names too for some reason. and you are adorable in all your photos by the way!

Leah said...

Sorry that my version of pink was a sweater and not a hot little dress. Story of my life.

Mateya said...

Looks fun! We had a cowgirl theme for my bachelorette party...everyone wore denim skirts, plaid, and straw hats!

Anonymous said...

so cute! how fun!

Kristen Thornburg said...

Love all the pictures! You guys are gorgeous! I also really like your dress.
For my bachelorette party we rented a limo and drove around downtown in it. We only got out at two places. It was a Sunday night, and almost nothing was going on, anyways. At one of the bars there were only 20 people there, and a completely empty dance floor that all of us got to ourselves! So fun! :)

Allison said...

Sounds like a fun night!! & I love all of your pink!

For my Bachelorette Party, we stayed on the Riverwalk in San Antonio & had dinner. Saturday morning we work up and headed to New Braunfels. We floated the river all day. It was a blast & I am working on finishing my wedding post. Bachelorette party is on the list!

Anonymous said...

What fun! It looks like a BLAST!!!! I love hearing about wedding things-this is great

Amanda C. said...

That looks like so much fun. I like how ya'll all match. We went to 6th street for my best friends bachelorette party. I loved it. Like Bourbon Street but cleaner. We wore pink wigs and black dresses.

Krystina Marie said...

So stinking cute!!! I love going to funny shows as part of bachelorette parties- We went to Hoop Dee Doo Revue here at Disney for my sisters and it was an absolute blast!! All you can eat and drink doesn't hurt either :P

BTW I gave you a blog award over on my page before I left for vacation but never had a chance to let you know! OOH! And we bring Bentley home on TUESDAY!!

Amanda said...

Amazing party, Ruthie! This sounds like what I'll eventually want for my bachelorette. It's about the people, not the places :)

katrina adams said...

awww ruthie. this looks like so much fun. you definitely have some wonderful women in your life. and i love that embroidered tote bag!

Jennifer of Deviant Tart said...

LOL oh my gosh, Steve I practically had that exact experience for our date night the other night! I posted about it recently on my blog. Haha. We went to dinner at NoRTH (I LOVE that place!) and then to Esther's Follies. ;) It was my first time at both - super fun!

I think we're going back to NoRTH on Labor Day. I got a coupon sent to me for 25% off! Yes!


Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

How fun! Love the pictures :)


Drew Watts said...

That sounds so fun! So excited to see these event details. Thanks for great share!! At some local Los Angeles venues I have also been planning to host such fun bachelorette party for my brother. Thanks for these wonderful idea!

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