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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Randoms

Today's post is random, hence the title. I laid in bed this morning thinking of all the random stuff I could blog about today, none of them being interesting (or long) enough for it's own post. So you get Ruthie hodge podge today! (I love how Megan does Midweek Randoms!)

  • Jon is normally pretty clean shaven because he is in sales. For the past 3 weeks he has been letting his facial hair grow since he hasn't had any customer facing meetings (only calls). I have never seen his "whiskers" this long, he is a different man! He has meetings in Houston today so he shaved last night and came out looking like this...

I used the 1970's instagram creepy is this picture!! Porn star? America's most wanted? Cheesy car salesman? What do you think? Oh and don't worry, he shaved before his meetings today!

  • We have a friend in town from Dallas this week who is interviewing in Austin. We will be so excited for him to get the opportunity to move here and the chances are looking good! We have lots of fun stuff planned this weekend to give him a taste of Austin. We got froyo last night and watched Bruno (it was his first time ha!). 

  • Has anyone seen the weird Salonpas commercials?

I can't find my favorite commercial on YouTube but this one is pretty funny. Click here. Is it just us or does Salonpas sound like some disgusting hair removal thing (it is a pain patch)? We are so creeped out by the way they say "Salonpaassss" in the commercials, it is a running joke between friends. And look what Costco has a coupon for this month!

Unfortunately I didn't need 120 pain reliever patches. Has anyone tried it??

  • Check out the weather forecast for rain in Austin. How is it the entire US will be getting rain this week..but us! The map was too funny not to capture

  • Jon sent me this picture yesterday of Ernie sleeping. He always seems to lay on the remote at just the right angle...

  • This week was my brother's first football game of the season! It was a tough loss but it was so much fun to see James on the field and so grown up. He played a little QB, receiver and safety. He must of impressed someone because he now has a girlfriend ;-). So cute. Can't wait for Ranger Monday Night Football this fall!

  • Tuesday we joined a new small group. We really enjoyed the company, conversation and fellowship, this is exactly what we have been praying for. 
  • My 2 favorite songs of the moment are Mr. Saxobeat and Moves Like me a teeny bopper but I can't get enough of those songs! Oh and Jon loves them too.

  • Tomorrow we are hosting a "Badass Bowling Bananza" (aka an excuse to dress up). The theme is anything Kingpin/Big Lebowski and we are making a Goodwill trip this afternoon. Can't wait to see what my hubby comes up with this time...

This was at a sorority crush party, "Where will you be in 10 years". Crossing our fingers, hopefully we won't be white trash but we did win money for those costumes! Calves much?!

I feel like I could go on and on about the random stuff going on this week but I don't want to put you to sleep.

So what random things do you have goin' on this week? What's your favorite song of the moment? Or your favorite/creepy commercial on TV?


Anonymous said...

That is a creepy pic of Jon!

Alana said...

That's such a funny pic of you two! Hilarious costumes.

Love your new bloggy look, by the way!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness, my husband is ALWAYS experimenting with facial hair! It varies from creepy to old man to baby face. HAHA!

And that weather map is really odd...I'm wondering how we aren't getting rain in the pacific northwest? I've been dying to fall weather and it's still the rain capitol of the US!

Leah said...

You know this is my favorite commercial right now:

Amanda said...

You should have kept going on and on! I just laughed so much and it made me #happies (word from Rissy that I am trying to get everyone to use too). Is it Friday yet?

Karen said...

That pic of the stache is pretty funny. My husband was in a competition last year and grew the creepiest mustache for work. Thankfully this year, he isn't competing. I saw that Costco had the salonpas coupon. I have actually used it once and it does work, but I didn't buy them in bulk. Love the pic of the white trash... I'm thinking that's what we'll do for Halloween this year!

Claire Beeks said...

I love the new blog layout!! This weekend I might be going to watch NIU vs WISC at Soldier Field! It's a big game, so that may be in the works. If not...I am doing hot yoga again!

Favorite song is Super Bass and Moves Like Jager and Look at me Now.

Worst commercial? The HeadOn commercials. Think they say "apply directly to the forehead" enough?!

henning love said...

yah! so happy you two found a small group, we have been in one for a year now and it is such a blessing, i'm glad you two will get to do that together! love all the randomness going on here ruthie, happy thursday!

Amy @ Amy Day to Day said...

that last picture is hilarious!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

1.) Love the new blog layout!
2.) What are those Costco things?! Seriously?!
3.) The pic of your hubby is UBER CREEPY!
4.) Love the costumes! Hystercial! We have a pic similar to that, too! Bwahahaha!
5.) Love "Moves Like Jagger"! The last time I saw Maroon 5 in concert, Adam Levine pretty much undressed on stage... !! Wow.

emily anderson said...

my sweet kohen would laugh at that 'stache picture of your jon.


Kelly said...

That mustache is SO creepy. The instagram probably makes it more creepy with it's 70s vibe. Hope it didn't last long!

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