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Friday, March 16, 2012

March Photo A Day pt. 1

Day 1- up
I took this w/my phone of our backyard...God's creations are beautiful!

Day 2- fruit
typical afternoon snack @ work

Day 3- neighborhood
our new neighborhood

Day 4- bedside
wedding picture & place for my jewelry

Day 5- a smile
my smile & dimples

Day 6- 5 o'clock
home from work with Mr. Chunk

Day 7- something you wore
love these earrings

Day 8- window
Ernie man on guard at the window

Day 9- red
my new frenchie tank supporting ASPCA

Day 10- loud
i've been jammin' to my zumba beats lately

Day 11- someone you talked to today
duh....hubby face

Day 12- fork
we ate this pile of meat so fast, I forgot a fork

Day 13- a sign
our favorite date place (we go at least once a week hehe)

Day 14- clouds
so not clouds but i was in a cloud of spray paint w/this craft

Day 15- car
my car got a little love tap on wednesday night

Day 16- sunglasses
in our sunnies

are you participating in the challenge?

p.s. my hubby is best man in a wedding tomorrow night and I can't wait to swoon over him in a tux ;-)

February photo challenge part 1 & part 2


Unknown said...

I'm doing this too! just need to get it posted :) Have fun at the wedding! I totally talked my hubby into wearing a suit to work yesterday just so I could swoon over him in it :) Happy Weekend friend!

Amanda said...

Love all your photos a day! I especially love the photo of the sunset! What were you doing spray painting so much???

Claire Beeks said...

I love this idea. I need to try the month long challenge sometime!

Exciting about the wedding tomorrow...I was just telling Scott about my love for tuxes! Soak it up and swoon away :-)

Happy weekend!!

Ketrin Jones said...

Lovely photos!! I need to come to your zumba class!

Nikol Schiller said...

I love that leaf bowl next to your bed for your wedding rings. Gorgeous!

Kodi ODay said...

I tried to do this and I always forgot:( Oh well, there's always April! hehe

Krista said...

Goodness that first pic is amazing! And I love the one of Ernie at the window, how sweet are poochies :)

I'm finally participating this month but won't post for a few more days. It's a fun project huh!

Unknown said...

I love all of these! I'm sorry but those snacks look a little gross. haha

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

My favorite is the smile. Smiles turn into laughter and I love laughter.

JW | PEONY said...

cute doggy! I have a black frenchie too!

Courtney said...

Wow! Way to go on this challenge! I tried a photo challenge once and only made it to day 3 or 4 so needless to say, I am VERY impressed!

Hope you guys have a blast at the wedding!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

My hubby LOVES Yogurtland. It's his fave and he was going like 4-5 times a week when we lived in SoCal.

The Arizona Russums said...

you guys are too cute! hope you have fun at the wedding!

Katherine Krieg said...

this is so much fun! you have the nicest (and whitest) teeth ever!!

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