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Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Photo A Day pt. 2

You can find my first 2 weeks of pictures in this post.

Day 16- something new
Our first day in the city of love

Day 17- time
I love this watch so much I have it in silver & gold

Day 18- drink
I usually have a bubba keg within reach 24/7

Day 19- something you hate to do
I don't haaate it but I don't love it, who does?

Day 20- handwriting
I don't write much, I use the computer all day long

Day 21- a favorite photo of you
I love this photo...the first time I saw Jon on our wedding day

Day 22- where you work
My attempt at a clean desk

Day 23- your shoes
love these leopard flats

Day 24- inside your bathroom cabinet
I was gone for the weekend & forgot to photograph so this is our new bathroom
Day 25- green
I forgot to take a photo so I found this in my gallery...hehe

Day 26- night
game night w/the fam, ernie was having a blast

Day 27- something you ate
these strawbs were seriously as big as my delish

Day 28- money
my favorite form of money :-) thnx to this baby we can travel lots!

Day 29- something you're listening to
We've been loving The Black Keys lately

Here is March's Challenge, will you participate?!


Unknown said...

I love this! I am new to blogging and I have never done this before. I think I am going to join in on March's challenge!

Anonymous said...

are you throwing out your t-shirts?! don't do that...make a quilt out of them. that's what i did with my sorority shirts.

Unknown said...

Great photos! Love your shoes, they are so cute! CAn't wait to do March! Hopefully I'll keep up this month :)

Amanda said...

I'm already brainstorming what I'm going to take photos of for March! I LOVE your new bathroom! I can't wait to see more pictures of inside your new home :)

Dani said...

Great pics!!!
I started the March Photo a day challenge today and I am so excited!
I can't wait to see your pics from this month! Have a happy happy Thursday!!

Carolyn said...

OK. I've been convinced. I'll play along for March. :)

I have a Bubba Keg at my desk at work!!! Mine is hot pink though. :)

Kodi ODay said...

I love that picture of Ernie. I'm glad I'm not the only one that lets my dog get up on the table!

Can't wait to see your pictures for March. I'm finally going to try to participate this month:)

Lauren H Edmondson said...

loves me a Bubba Keg! I have a football one that goes with me everywhere.

Unknown said...

That "green" picture just cracked me up! All these pictures are great! Fabulous shoes :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Ernie the party crashed! He looked pretty proud of himself.

Meagan said...

I didn't do so well at the end of February so I think I'm going to skip and start back up in April!

Emily @ Emmy June said...

Loving the Black Keys myself! I don't have the new album yet, though, should I get it?

Anonymous said...

I am definitely keeping up for March!! :) Your pictures are great!

Julie Keller said...

I love how these challenges really focus you to take photos daily, and you take note of the minutiae of life!

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