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Friday, May 18, 2012

Family and things

Last weekend we were in Dallas for my BIL's law school graduation (and their baby gender reveal!). We got some great family pictures and I wanted to share :-). I am so lucky to call my parents and my siblings my best friends, I can't imagine anything better!

little brother & little sister

me & hubs

2 of my 3 favorite men

I grew 3 inches

Sisters (& my niece)

us & my parents at the graduation

our big family...I love this picture, so many dimples :-)

Sunday morning Jon and I went to the Dallas Aquarium before Jacob's graduation party and we loved it! Jon has always been so interested in sea life (and animals in general) and fish are something he and his dad shared growing up. He can distinguish so many different kinds of fish and I love learning from him. We have a goal of going to all the big aquariums in the US and so far we've been to Dallas, Shedd in Chicago and San Francisco together. Jon has been to many more than I have. Dallas' is so cool because it has tons of monkeys and even a jaguar. I could watch monkeys all day long.

I love this picture

 My beautiful mom with her four children

Congratulations lawyer Jacob!

My baby sista (confession, I am standing on a stair, she is TALL!)

our friends had their baby Wednesday night and we got to hold their sweet son Ty yesterday...

So what are yall doing this weekend???



Jamie said...

Your family is soo cute! Your mom is GORG! She looks so young. Love this. Have a great weekend lady!!

Amanda said...

You have such a great looking family!! :) It's nice that yall are somewhat close in age, I'm one of 5 kids but we range from 40-13!! It's insane & I am also a middle child lol! Tomi is like a spitting image of ur madre they could be twins! Congrats to Jacob!! xo

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

What an adorable family! :) Congrats to your BIL-- what a huge accomplishment! I'm so excited you are getting a niece!! And I love the photos from the aquarium-- looks like fun :) xo

Anonymous said...

Your whole family is beautiful. Your mom is absolutely gorgeous! I love aquariums, myself. I hope you get to see the one in Boston. It id amazing and they have so many different things. They even have a section where you can touch starfish! I love the turtle they have there because she is huge and they feed her whole heads of lettuce.

Mrs Independent said...

Wonderful photos! Glad you had a good time with the fam :)

Amanda said...

Hahahaha Jon looks somewhat terrified holding the baby lol. I love that you have a big family :) That makes me happy! All good things are happening in your life, and we want to a museum last weekend for some fun, so I'm jealous of your trip to the aquarium. Have a great weekend! Another week closer until our blate!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

that dress is adorable on you! cute shoes, too.

Unknown said...

Your family is so beautiful! I want to go to an aquarium so bad this summer. Aww, that baby is precious. You need to have a baby Ruthie!!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Look at you in those heels you come past Jon's shoulders. Your almost tall. Lol. Anyhoot I love family and the support system it provides. What a great fam you have Ruthie

henning love said...

what a beautiful family ruthie!!

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