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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Photo A Day pt. 2

part 1 here

Day 16- flower
beautiful orchid housewarming gift (and our missing drawer!)

Day 17- something you don't like
hate it...can't even stand the smell of it

Day 18- hair
um I think I forgot to brush my hair?

Day 19- orange
love our new bedside lamps!!!

Day 20- something you drew made
found my old scrapbook from middle school, baby brother!

Day 21- bottle
best green tea ever...from Costco

Day 22- the last thing you bought

Day 23- vegetable
growing green onions

Day 24- something you're grateful for
knowing what it's like to be unconditionally loved

Day 25- looking down
ruffles and buckle flats

Day 26- black + white
he's black, i'm white

Day 27- somewhere you went
Aloft Hotel for work

Day 28- 1pm
worky work

Day 29- circle
my favorite circle

Day 30- something that makes you sad
I miss my hubby when he travels

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Unknown said...

Black and White! hehehe... Love this, I think I'll start doing it on my blog, if that's ok!

Amanda said...

I definitely need to at least attempt to do these again... I just forget lol. Happy Tuesday frand!

Julie Keller said...

So glad I saw your post this morning, I'm (finally) going to start doing this photo challenge. Love the black and white one, it's got me singing MJ!

jaimie michelle said...

I love that lamp! So much! Where did you get it?!

I'm so excited for May Photo-A-Day! Looking forward to seeing yours!


Unknown said...

Those lamps are adorable and the black + white one made me smile :) Our things that make us sad both included our hubby's being gone/working late. Loved seeing all your photos! So fun!

Krista said...

Love that you used your ring for circle, beautiful and creative :)

Unknown said...

I totally failed mine but I'm staring over this month. I can't belive you don't like mustard!!! Love your rings :)

Cara said...

hahaha 'black and white' enough said.

Love the pictures and your ring is GORGEOUS!

Amira said...

There I go lusting after your ring again!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

So not combing your hair could be a trend. I often don't do it on the weekends. You and Ernie adorable. The perfect circle ..your ring..I melted. Loved that.

Jenni Austria Germany said...

love your ruffly skirt!

Carolyn said...

OMG! I hate the smell of mustard too! HAHA Random. :) And your ring is GORGEOUS!!

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