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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pink or blue?

I am so excited it is alllmost the weekend. This is a big weekend for our family, namely my sister and her husband. They find out the sex of their baby today!! We are all heading to Dallas tomorrow to attend Jacob's (her husband) law school graduation from Southern Methodist University and they are doing a gender reveal beforehand :-). After tomorrow...let the baby shower Pinteresting begin. Will it be pink or blue?

The winner of the Uprinting Business Cards is Annie W! Email me girl!

    Next Thursday, May 17th, All That Cheer will be shooting a commercial during my Zumba class at 5:30p! I would love to see some of my blog friends there :-). 

    Could Mr. Ernie be any cuter? He had his annual doctor's appointment this week and was a champ- didn't flinch for 2 shots, blood work and samples. He is such a ham and the doctors and techs always love him. Our doctor (Dr. Sunbury) specializes in brachycephalic breeds and we love him! He had his 9month old frenchie at the office, so cute.
    He is very alert during the storms we've had all week. 

    I am reading Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult right now but I am dying to read 50 Shades of Grey. Mom...finish it! :-)

    My company is very flexible and I usually work 1 day a week from home meaning no makeup. I love letting my skin air
    It never fails, anytime I hardboil eggs, 1 cracks and gets all funky. Jon loves warm hardboiled eggs (grody) so he always eats the rejects

    I bought a cute wooden desk at a thrift/junk store last weekend and just finished painting it (tutorial to come!)

    This is random (isn't the whole post) but Jon and I were talking about how when he is sick, it is allergies or headaches, which I never get, and when I get sick, it is always stomach-y stuff, which he never gets. It's weird but I am such a nauseous person. Air blowing on my face, watching gorey stuff,  looking at my phone in the car, getting stopped under a bridge while in the car...I get that carsick feeling very easily but never headaches! Knock on wood. And Jon is really allergic right now :-(

    I made these earlier this week and they were really good. Jon is calling them "chicken packages" and it kind of grosses me out.

    Jon was in his best friends wedding in March and they just posted this photo of us from their reception. FYI if you ever invite us to a wedding, we will not miss ONE song on the dancefloor. All the pictures I am tagged in are dancing pics haha

    Have a good weekend! 



    C Mae said...

    I thought I was the only one to get car sick easy!!! I have such a hard time with anyone else driving cept me or the fiance'. I usually have to ride in the front if anyone else drives (family or friends etc) What's up with that? I'm to old for being car sick, no? haha

    KRISTIN said...

    Eeeeek! So excited for you Auntie Ruthie! :) And that pic of you and Jon is priceless, definitely looks like it could be me and Jason. AND, as always, I love little Ernie!

    Anonymous said...

    Seriously, that picture of Ernie has me wanting a Frenchie! He's such a cutie!!

    Unknown said...

    Having a niece or nephew is the best thing ever! Seriously. You'll make a great auntie!
    And you're braver than me... I never ever take Molly to the vet for shots (or even to get her nails trimmed) because I cry. My husband has to take her! I can't even imagine having a real-life human child. Ha! Yikes!

    Cara said...

    You guys are too cute! I love that picture of that desk! I need to dedicate some time to thrift shopping! I feel like everyone always finds this amazing stuff.

    Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

    That is SO exciting for your Sister & BIL... and for you too!!! And your dog is adorable!!! I love Frenchies =) Have a great weekend!!!

    Unknown said...

    Hahaha love the last picture! You guys are such a cute family. Love it.

    Miki {Becoming What I Always Was} said...

    Ernie is, as always, too adorable. I love all bulldogs. I just posted a video with my bully taking bath, she loved them! Does Ernie like water? I have heard most bulldog breeds hate it!

    That picture is so funny of you two at the wedding. My husband and I always do those awkward in our own world dances, ha!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Unknown said...

    Ok, so I just stumbled across your blog!! :)
    1. Your dog is so stinkin' cute.
    2. Yay for baby gender reveal!! My sister just found out she is having a baby girl. So exciting!
    3. I used to live in Dallas, & pray that God leads me back there.
    4. Your blog is adorable. I love the banner + title!

    much love, colie.

    Christa @themeandminebook said...

    omgosh. Mr. Ernie.
    I'm so in love with his quirky little face!!!

    Julie Keller said...

    I love the randomness of your posts. Ernie is such a sweat heart, standing up looking out the window! Your dancing picture looks better than the crazy ones I got from our wedding!

    Alana said...

    Again, I LOVE that photo of you two! We need to party together ASAP.

    And your dog is one of the only dogs that I actually look forward to seeing photos of. He's just so cute!

    GingerPeachT said...

    Ok so i happen to know a lot about being nauseated...since im nauseous every day for the past 3 years.
    Have you had your inner ears checked out? There is actually a balance institute that will do tests on you to see if your ears are just fyi, could be why you get motion sick very easily. I do too, I always have to drive.

    Suck on peppermints. They are great for tummies.

    I get squeamish very easily too...even though I never actually get sick with the nausea, its just soo flippin annoying!

    my hubby gets the allergies all the time too! But we think its Louisiana. lol

    ok, Ernie is so cute...I never really liked frenchies before I met him hah

    Oh girl we LOVE dancing too! I miss it so much.

    ok, the end haha :-)

    Amanda said...

    I seriously thought I missed something! Ha! But yay for a new niece or nephew - they're great! :)

    jessi bridges said...

    Ok, I have to assume that you know what 50 Shades of Gray is about? You'll definitely need to tell me what you think. I've heard that it's basically just pornography. We watched an interview with the author on 20/20. It was definitely, interesting.

    Anonymous said...

    Y'all are too cute in the dancing pic! You're our kind of people. But we already knew that! Have fun in Dallas...say hi to Big D for me! :)

    Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

    I think pink or blue you guys are going to be crazy in love with this little person. The dancing picture is classic. Why is it we make the funniest faces dancing?

    Annie said...

    Okay - super stunned and excited I won the giveaway! I just sent you an email!

    I almost always have an egg burst open like that when I'm hard-boiling them, too. Ahh! It drives me crazy.

    I love that picture of you and Jon dancing! I do the same thing at weddings. In fact when my cousin got married last fall I got up and started it because I couldn't wait any longer and another cousin of mine said, "I thought Annie was shy?" Not when there's a dance floor, no, ma'am. It would be a blast to go to weddings with you and just dance the reception away!

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