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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The 10 Biggest Fitness Mistakes That Are Making You Fat

As a newlywed, I am a member of The Nest (the sequel to The Knot) and get their weekly newsletter. I've blogged about 2 of the articles I found particularly interesting, 15 things to do before you have kids and 10 things to buy now that you'll keep forever.

Yesterday I got my Monday morning newsletter and I was intrigued. 10 mistakes that are making me fat?! Read my comments below and check out the original article here

Mistake #1: You don’t work out because you’re afraid it will make you super-hungry -- and eat more.

Seriously the week I started doing weights my appetite skyrocketed. Jon assured me that because my muscles were growing, they needed more fuel, namely, more protein. I definitely eat more than I used to (if you’ve ever dined with me, you know I eat a lot ) and try to focus on putting as much protein, healthy carbs, fruits and veggies as possible into my body. The only thing I know I lack is calcium. I don’t drink milk but have started adding Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and fresh spinach into my daily meals. Any ideas on how to get more? 

Big as my face salad

Mistake #2: You make a point to exercise first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, to burn more calories. 


I am really good about this one because I never workout first thing in the morning! The only day I workout in the morning is if I chose to go on a Saturday which will usually be around 9 or 10am and I’ve already had breakfast. During the week I workout on my lunch break and am sure to have a protein packed snack 30 minutes before I go (and then lunch afterward).


Mistake #3: You’re a crunching queen -- hey, it’s the way to get rock-hard abs.


Eh abs are not my forte. I pair abs with my leg workout and also with yoga which both give you nontraditional ways to work your tummy but I have to admit that sometimes I lay on the floor of our living room doing crunches while I indulge in trashy reality TV. The article pretty much says crunches suck and you have to focus on other parts of your abs (transverse, lower back, obliques)


 Jon on the ab circle pro ;-)


Mistake #4: You spend two-hours-plus at the gym to max out your workout.


No, no, no. The longest I spend at the gym is when I take a 1 hour cardio class (Zumba or Cardio Dance Party). Other than that, my weights workout usually runs about 35 minutes and I add a short warm up/cool down walk or stretch. I used to think I needed to put in my “time” at the gym to get results but I love knowing I am getting a rockstar workout in minimal time. Who wants to spend their day at the gym?



Mistake #5: You have your routine down.


Yep. This has happened to me before. Jon created some awesome workouts for me and about 2 months in, I confessed to him I was getting bored. My body knew exactly what to expect when it was legs day or shoulders/biceps. Since then, we’ve switched up my workouts every couple of weeks which keeps me on my toes.  


Mistake #6: You stay fit by working out 30 minutes a day, three times a week.


Here is the direct quote from the article


“There is a big difference between being active and being fit. The above guidelines are the bare minimum for keeping you active, which means you're basically just avoiding some of the negative effects (read: too much junk in the trunk) of a sedentary lifestyle. Being fit, on the other hand (and losing weight, or just maintaining it), takes more work. That means at least four to five sweat sessions a week of hard work.”


Jon and I both shoot for 4-5 sweat sessions a week along with nighttime walks, yoga, Frisbee, stretching, etc.


Mistake #7: You stick to cardio and avoid weights so you don’t bulk up.


This used to be me! In college I was the cardio queen hitting up the gym on weekdays for 45-60 minutes of pure cardio and I’d wonder why I wasn’t seeing any differences in my body! I have been pleased with the physical results and the overall way I feel ever since adding weights into my workouts. My weights workouts can be found here and here


Mistake #8: You don’t feel any payoff unless your body hurts.

Makes sense. I usually judge my workouts by how exhausted I feel after the workout (and by exhausted I mean tired from the actual workout, not just tired in general because who isn’t always tired??)

Mistake #9: You climb off the treadmill when it says you’ve reached your calorie goal.


I normally set a time goal when doing cardio rather than a calorie goal because I’ve always thought those calorie counters were skewed. The treadmills at my gym don’t ask for a height or weight so I assume I burn less calories than it spits out because I am not your average 5’7’’ woman.


Mistake #10: You’re envious of celebs, who apparently all won the genetic lottery and don’t have to push it as hard as you do.

Don’t we all fall victim to this one? I try to remember that God made me unique and my body is an absolute gift from Him and that’s why I need to take care of it.

 Lemme guess, 4 weeks after baby?


Claire Beeks said...

#5 and #8 are the biggest culprits for me! I like to "switch it up" because I like the soreness of muscles because I know that I did something. I think it's good to remember to switch workouts because let's face it...sometimes it just gets BORRRRING! I think I need to try Zumba!!

Alynne Leigh said...

I used to love doing Zumbaaaaaa!! But at five bucks a pop, it started adding up. So, well, now I'm a zumba retiree.
Ps: that salad looks deeeeeelish !

Ashley said...

I just found your blog and love it :)

Thanks for all the great tips!!

henning love said...

haha i love your caption on the last photo so true right? great tips i am guilty of a few of them, oops!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

This post inspired me to start incorporating more weights into my workouts! Thank you! xo

Jenna said...

Love this post! I do have one tip on the calcium - eat 1 tums everyday. They are solid calcium!!

trininista said...

I am a 2-hour gym fiend (well, when I used to go to the gym). I always felt like I 1. needed to get my money's worth and 2. did not really do anything if I stayed just an hour or less.

Ashley said...

My fiancee and I have just started working out and we get the munchies constantly! I feel like I'm overeating... but even the personal trainer said I should be eating every 2 hours... That's a lot and even though I sometimes feel like I have to force it, there is no worries about that anymore! LOL.

<3 Ash

Caitlin C. said...

This is great! And it sounds like you're already doing everything right so keep it up! I'm guilty of staying away from weights and that needs to change!

Michelle said...

This is such a great post!!!! After I got strep throat a few weeks ago, I kinda stopped working out. I really need to get my butt in gear and get moving again!!!!

Amanda said...

great post!! i have been slacking in the gym a lot lately and need to also start incorporating a lot more weights! thanks love! xo

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

Very interesting! They all make sense! And unfortunately I'm guilty, not because of preference though. I hate doing weights, it's makes me so bored. I also learned never to workout first thing in the morning without breakfast, I threw up last time I did that. It was not pretty since I had nothing to puke up. So that's a bit TMI lol. oops!


Amanda C. said...

I really need to get back in the gym. I am the queen of excuses!

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