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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Casa

I actually did a video before we moved in, wood paneling and all, that you can view here
The video below was taken  Thursday, June 9th, 2011.

Here is also a short video of the backyard

So a little background on our living "sitch". We lived in a 500 square foot cabin (literally) and after a month of marriage and getting a puppy...we knew it was time to move. We are currently renting our Central Austin home for the next couple of months. We have finally nailed down a neighborhood we want to buy in when our lease is up next May. 

Our house is so cute. So cozy. So unique. But let me tell ya...the closet space is a nightmare. I think people in the 50's owned no more than a pair of shoes and a couple shirts. Here are the roses (positives) and thorns (negatives) of our house.

  • We love the location. We are 5 minutes from downtown yet far enough away from the college scene/hipsters/traffic/etc. Plus I work in Northwest Austin and surpass all the nasty traffic
  • The size of our backyard
  • The kitchen, it is open and has lots of storage
  • The wood floors. I am not sure if they are original but they are beautiful!!
  • The floor plan. It totally works for our small family. The house is about 1,100 square feet and just the right amount of space for us. 
  • The trees. Because our houses is so shaded by mature trees, our bills are practically pennies!
  • Because our yard is made up of this weird, thin, clover-y type grass, we have only had to cut it once since we moved in March (well that and the drought has not done any good for the grass in Texas)

  • THE CLOSETS! I have never seen anything smaller. Luckily we have huge dressers that house most of my clothes but I hate not being able to hang things up, color code, display my shoes, etc. I also wish we had a random hall closet.
  • The trees. Yes I know it was one of my roses but it is also a thorn. We came home from a weekend getaway to a branch the size of my car in the driveway. Thank goodness we were gone or else my pretty little SUV would have been a gone-r. The trees constantly drop branches (small and large) which makes for a messy driveway/walkway
  • Lack of ice maker. We didn't have an ice maker in our old house (or a dishwasher, garbage disposal or microwave) so it is fine but making ice gets old...when you are lazy like me
  • No garage, hence why all Jon's "man stuff" (tools, guns, golf clubs) are in our spare bedroom. Jon is a total car guy and had to sell a classic car he was working on. He is itching to have a garage in our next house so he can pick his hobby back up. Oh and then my car would be safe from freak branch accidents!
  • 1 bathroom...I don't mind sharing with my hubs but it is a little weird when we have guests. I am sure you can imagine. 

I think I've said before that we are both obsessed with House Hunters (and really anything on HGTV). We plan on applying to be on House Hunters next spring!! We already have lots of ideas for our submission videos (most of them having to do with the cramped closets and bathroom).

Be sure to check out other videos I've posted..


Amanda said...

ahh that'd be so cool to be on househunters!! i remember this video and you have decorated the house so cute! maybe it's because we're still in an apt, but i find it so hard to decorate the way i want to! lol great post lady!

Kristen Thornburg said...

I love your backyard! I wish mine was that big! I have a little one too and there's barely grass, like yours... it's like... all clovers and weeds! AHHH! We are going to sod it, though before it gets too cold here, THANK GOODNESS.
Also, I really, really, really hope you get on House Hunters because that's my favorite SHOW EVER and I can force my whole family to watch and tell them my friend is on haha. Plus, I'd love to see you on TV whilst have to make a huge decision...hahahah

Leah said...

I will absolutely die if Johnny is your realtor and 3 of my besties are on television. That would be one heck of an HGTV night. PS. you shot this video on my favorite day of the year...6/9 :)

... said...

What a HUGE backyard! :) Ernie must love that a lot! You did such a cute job decorating! I am obsessed with HGTV too...House Hunters is the best!

Susan said...

I love house hunters! My husband and I actually don't have cable at our house, but when I am home visiting at my parents house I watch it for hours and drive everyone crazy! :)

Heather said...

Our house has no garage either and it stinks! I'd love a garage especially cuz in winter we get so much snow and it's so cold and you have to go outside and sweep all the snow off before you can get in your freezing cold vehicle. Guess you don't have that problem in Texas...

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Ruthie, you are the cutest thing! I love your house-- it's adorable! Looks like we both are in the same boat... we're looking for houses, too, and plan on being moved in by next May! Hope your house search goes well and I can't wait to see you on "House Hunters"!! xoxoo

Courtney said...

Such a cute house! I love how you've made it so cozy and welcoming and neat! I LOVE neat! Thanks for the tour sweet lady!

Amanda said...

I adore you even more! I love your house! It's like the perfect little home :) Just like perfect Ruthie and hubby anddddd Ernie!

Mrs.S said...

Beautiful Home and post=))Im a new follower, follow me back=))Thank you

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