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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Randoms

Another installment of Thursday Randoms....The Chronicles Ramblings of Ruthie Hart.

  • Yesterday I guest posted for the lovely Natalie at NS Pottery! Read my post here :-)
  • Be sure to bookmark the Breast Cancer Site where you can click to give FREE mammograms! 
  • When my hubby is traveling for work, I always seem to find some craft or project to work on. I had a bunch of scrap fabric from some pillows a family friend made for us and made this adorable bowtie for Mr. Ernie. I followed this tutorial. Hey he is French...he's gotta be fancy.
  • Last weekend I bought pumpkin spice bread (same brand as that cinnamon raisin kind) and also made some pumpkin butter. I currently have 6 cans of pumpkin in the pantry...why does pumpkin only get popular in the fall?! I make my pumpkin muffins about 1x a month.
  • My favorite SNL castmate is Kristen Wiig. Actually she is my favorite actress. My favorite skits of hers are Target lady and when she is the weirdo, small handed sister on the Lawrence Welk Show. Yall know what I'm talking about??
  • Last weekend my best friend Alyssa and her fiance came into Austin for a wedding. Jon and I had lunch with them at Big Daddy's Burgers. They are known for their insane burgers (one of them had Krispy Kreme donuts as the buns!). Aly and I both got the mac N cheese burger- literally a burger smothered in delicious mac N cheese. Jon got a burger topped with a fried egg eaten between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches! Sorry Adam your spicy burger wasn't worth documenting hehe.
  •  Alyssa is such a thoughtful and sweet gift giver, she gave me an adorable owl shirt from Etsy and this gorgeous chevron dress from Francesca's for my birthday. Now someone invite me to their wedding so I can wear it!
  • Sorry if this is TMI but I think 99.9% of my readers are women (that .01 is my dad and hubby!). For the past 3 months I have been getting my "red aunt" every 2 weeks and lots of other CRAPPY symptoms (insert GASSSSSP!). Back in July ALL my annual tests came back normal so I was having some anxiety about what it could be. Normal blood, normal pap, negative pregnancy tests...I was getting really worried. I went back to the doc last Friday and found out that in July I had accidentally been prescribed birth control 10mg less than the dose I had been taking for the past 2 years and that is what was causing the breakthrough bleeding, pain, nausea, etc. You are probably wondering why the heck I am not fired up and mad at my doctor but A. I love my doctor, B. I am healthy and OKAY! We now know the problem and will fix it. Thank God. 
  • I had a return to make at Target so Jon and I went on the way home from church on Sunday (Jon HATES shopping). With no intentions of buying anything, $55 later we left with new windshield wipers for my car, a pumpkin spice candle, a bleeding skull shaped candle and a few other Halloween things. Again, if you know my husband you'd know he is obsessed with anything Halloween. Note to self: October is the only month Jon will enjoy shopping 

  • Did anyone watch the Kardashian wedding specials this week? No I did not force my husband to watch, we watched together and we were disgusted!! First of all the title..Kim's Fairytale Wedding- where is the mention of her husband? And honestly..NOTHING about that wedding was fairytale. The first 3.5 hours of the special was bitching, fighting, nasty words...the couple was SO rude to each other at their REHEARSAL DINNER. We were appalled. I would not trade anything for that life and I know my marriage is genuine. I have seriously lost respect for that family. Except for Khloe. She is the only one who speaks with inflection in her voice and doesn't use "like" a million times. Gah it was BRUTAL. We are counting down the days until they split up.
  • A kitty followed my brother home from school last week and has been with my parents ever since. My mom has posted on FB, craigslist, called animal shelters and vets...nothing. I am not a cat person, in fact I am actually very afraid of them but this kitty is SO CUTE! Her name is KD (after Kevin Durant) and she is 4lbs! Ernie was trying to play with her and she was hissing and batting at his face it was so funny. I loved watching her play and jump around but when she put her paw on me my heart started racing and I ran away. Jon loves cats but is very allergic (or else we'd probably own 5!). She sleeps with James at night, it is precious.

  • Tomorrow is the anniversary of my birth...aka it's my birthday!! I am doing my first giveaway so be sure to check back tomorrow :-)


Kristen Thornburg said...

You look HOT in that dress girlfriend!!!! :)

Leah said...

Love that dress! Alyssa has such good taste. :) PS. Glad everything was ok at the dr last week!

Sara Hinton said...

My husband and I watched the Kardashian wedding too. We were appalled!! Makes you happy to have a genuine marriage for sure. Love the new dress!!

Krystina Marie said...

Love this post!! There's always random things that happen that aren't quite enough for a full post but would work great in this format!! Mrs. T is right- that dress is hot!! I seriously need to start trying on stuff when I go into Francesca's instead of just roaming around wanting to! :/

And my boyfriend is TOTALLY like your husband with Halloween! He goes nuts for it... Maybe I'll get over to Target and pick up some little surprises for him! :)

Alyssa said...

love the bow tie you made for your pup! hah that's too cute..

and the kardashians? seriously, i feel the same way.. i couldn't even get through the whole thing. yuck.

Amanda said...

That's terrible to hear about their wedding how crazy is that! I am in LOVE with that dress! That is insane to hear about what's going on with you but I'm glad you're better! I actually use Implanon I got it last year and it is a rod (insert gross face i know) in my arm that's an inch long and keeps me baby free and (red aunt) free for 3 years. With insurance it cost 10 bucks! Anyway, i love your "ramblings!" and also Ernie's fancy bowtie :) xoxo

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Love that dress on you!!
And I can NOT believe that about the birth control-- I'm so sorry! That is horrible!
And lastly, I had a feeling the Kardashian wedding was horrible! And ever since she's been married, they are NEVER together... such a publicity stunt!
Anyways, love ya girl!!! xo

holly tomlinson said...

Ruthie i love your blog! I was wondering when you and Jon were going to start making babies! lol....
Also I wanted to tell you how much i love your random thursday blogs...keep up the good work xoxoxo

Kristin said...

LOVE the dress! And, love Kristen Wiig! SOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amylu said...

Ann and I quote the target lady ALL THE TIME. We LOOOOOVE the one with Justin Timberlake in it playing a weirdo Target employee. SO funny. And we always sing the song "and I'm judy..." that she sings when she's on the Lawerence Welk show with the baby arms.

The doctor surprised me by prescribing me a birth control with way less hormones too. I had the same things happening to me. And I couldnt stop crying for like 2 months. It was awful. Literally everything made me cry. My bf thought I was a psycho. I was so scared I needed to go on depression meds or something ha. Turns out I got tricked into taking the wrong birth control! AS soon as I got the right one again I'm back to normal.

Wendy said...

Ok, so I'm totally going to ramble back....
1. Thanks for the breast cancer site link ~ I had no idea.
2. When my hubby is away I too whip out the craft supplies and/or paint ~ he never knows what he is going to come home to. :)
3. I wish I liked pumpkin. But besides the smell of it baking I just can't do it.
4. Hubby and I have a couple of halloween parties to go to and NO idea what to dress up as ~ Hmmm... maybe Kristen Wiig. ~ Any ideas for us Ruthie?
5. Those are some crazy burgers
6. You look fab in that dress!
7. I'm so glad you and your Doc. figured it all out ~ what a relief!
8. My husband hates to shop, but when he goes to the sporting goods store, he always comes home with something he doesn't need (according to me ~ ha)
9. Nope to Kardashian
10. Cute kitty ~ We aren't cat people either
11. Happy early birthday! See you tomorrow :)

Allison said...

Happy early birthday!!! & that kitten is precious!

Amanda said...

Tomorrow is your birthday?! And you didn't tell me sooner?! Please email me your now. Now your birthday card is going to be late :(

Abbey said...

Cute post! I am obsessed with pumpkin and could eat it daily and I wish pumpkin flavored coffees were served year round! Also, I am terrified of cats as well. I would have been hanging from the fan if a cat even looked at me. :) Happy Early Birthday!!

Liz Brown said...

I wasn't impressed by the Kardashian wedding EITHER! Yuck. I'm not impressed by them period.

That kitty is sweet :) Its so much fun to adopt animals ...

Jen said...

gorgeous pictures of you!
When I read in a magazine some of the costs spent on that wedding, I got so sick. Pretty sure she could've bought the whole world out of poverty with the cost of just one of the diamonds on her that day. SO sick >:-|
I looove pumpkin too!!

Adrienne said...

I said the same thing about their wedding! I didn't watch it but saw a bunch of the out takes from when they were constantly arguing and one in particular where she said she couldn't stand him! I give them about another 2 months if that...horrible representation of what a marriage should be!

Oh and that kitten is adorable...I'm allergic to them too but I can't give up my 2 :)

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