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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leapin' day

So today is the 29th of February, a day that only occurs every 4 years. So you may not know that it takes 365 and 1/4 of a day for the earth to orbit the sun 1 time. Well this would be tricky to have 1/4 of a day at the end of each year so that's why every 4 years, we have an extra day. Cool, eh?

There are lots of old wives tales/traditions having to do with leap year and the most popular is women can propose to men on February 29th. Anyone seen that cheesy movie with Amy Adams called Leap Year (confession, I actually liked it!). A Greek tale says that a marriage is bad luck in a leap year and that 1 in 5 Greek couples plan their weddings around a leap year to avoid it. {source}

(this photo has nothing to do with the post, Chunky was cracking me up yesterday, he just sat there and looked at me for a good 5 minutes while I took pics of him, he is his mama's furball!)

So fortunately I didn't have to wait for a leap year to pop the question to my hubs and I thought it would be cool if you all shared your engagement stories with me! I wrote a lengthy post about our engagement and you can read it here. In short, Jon proposed to me 3 days shy of our 1 year anniversary after a week of recreating a few of our first dates. It was perfect and very us. 

You can also view more engagement pictures {here}

(so weird seeing Jon ringless!)

So if you are married, tell me your engagement story! Did your man take you on a hot air balloon ride over the Eiffel Tower? Or did you ask your guy? Was it awful? Perfect? Awkward? Romantic?

And if you are single...what is your ideal engagement?! Will you be devastated if your family isn't there to watch the magic? Or are you set on getting engaged at a baseball game on the kiss cam?

Also, for you ladies in waiting, you should definitely read this post from Heather at Finding Beauty in the Ordinary, you will be glad you did!

Happy February 29th y'all! 


Amanda said...

You ready for this? I had a dream that I got engaged last night... We were vacationing in Italy, both of our families, and Mark and I were going to meet our families at the restaurant. He was acting really strange so for some reason I knew he was going to propose. There were really pretty gardens filled with hyacinths (my favorite flower), but every time he would get close to getting down on one knee, someone would interrupt us. Unfortunately, my alarm went off before I could find out what happened. Happy leap/hump day!

Bridget said...
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Bridget said...

My hubs propsed to me on our 6 year anniversary @ Minnehaha Falls (Minnesota). He had been planning random stuff all month to try to throw me off because I felt like it was coming soon. It was so special and I loved it. He was so nervous and was crying when he asked me :) He then had planned a very nice and romantic dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant (Italian is my favorite).
Happy leap day to you :)

Michelle said...

Love these pictures!

Christina L. said...

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 1/2 years, so my ideal engagement is one where I am caught off guard... something very simple and private... just us hanging out at home and enjoying time together. After dating so long (we were waiting for him to finish law school and pass the bar... which he just did!) if he even sneezes funny I think he is about to pop the question, so if he were to plan something elaborate I think I would know it was coming and I know he really wants me to be surprised. Then I would love to celebrate with family and friends soon after!

Btw - your engagement pictures are beautiful!

Carolyn said...

Such a cute idea! :) Jake proposed to me after about 6 years of dating (SO LONG!) in the entryway of our house on the day we closed! I had finally gotten over the idea that I "needed" a ring, because I got the house! But that day, I ended up getting both. :)

Amira said...

I never knew your engagment story, OH MY GOSHHHH! I love that you re-enacted all of your first dates the entire week leading up to it. And I know, I've said this before, but your ring? Somebody shoot me, why is it SOOOO gorgeous?

Unknown said...

Your engagement pictures are so beautiful and I can't wait to see the wedding ones.
When we first started going out he was not allowed in the house so we would talk in the drive way for hours. Then when we were officially going out he would sing to me and we would dance in the driveway. When he proposed he knocked on my window like he normally does, I came out to find him with a rose and he started singing. I didn't think anything of it but then he got down on one knee. It was great :)

Meg said...

Love your engagement story, so sweet!

Our engagement was sweet. My hubby had I had been together 2 and a half years at the time we got engaged. He arranged for his whole family to be there and at the time, his Dad was dying of cancer so we were periodically hearing stories of their life when they were younger. Well the night we got engaged his Dad was telling the story about how him and Phillip's mom met and married and when he was done my hubby asked me to marry him. It was a little awkward because I don't do too well in large groups of people and even his family makes me feel uncomfortable when I am in the spotlight. However, even with as uncomfortable as I was I am happy for my hubby that his Dad was able to partake in that because he had passed away before our wedding.

That's the story. ;)

Lauren said...

Good thing I don't believe in Greek superstition... I was married 4 years ago so, totally a leap year :)

Our engagement was also very "us"... But mostly because it was awkward and hilarious. Hubs thought weddings took maybe a month to plan and after I explained to him that no, in our area is was more like a year, we started looking for rings together. I mentioned some I liked but TRIED to stay out of the process. I didn't want to know when he bought the ring, what the ring looked like, etc. I still wanted to be surprised! Well, the day he bought the ring, he was about to pull the trigger but ended up calling me and making me come to the store to make sure the diamond was big enough. HELLO, of course the diamond will be big enough and of course the ring will be amazing - it's not the ring itself it's what it MEANS. He didn't understand this. So there I was, standing with him while he paid for the ring. Thanks for the mystery.

So then the ring sits around. I know he has it, he knows I know he has it, and yet nothing. Every day there was this "Is today the day?" feeling in the air. But it was never the day. Finally, he gets off work early one day (I should have known he never went to work because he didn't have to shower or change afterwards and works construction). He decides to take me for Mexican. Awesome, that's not unusual, we do that all the time.

Our go-to restaurant happens to be the first place we ever had a date. This does not register to me because we go there so often. It's been a long week. I got a margarita. I'm also an extreme light-weight sometimes, this time included.

We are on the way home (I thought) when he misses our turn. I'm tipsy, and confused, and ask where we're going. He responds with, "Don't worry about it". And then I know, I know it's THE day, and I feel drunk. Great.

He parks in the parking lot of the place we first met... Where concerts, etc are held. The parking lot is packed and he did NOT plan on that. A big concert was going on. Apparently his plan was to take me inside the building and propose to me where he first met me in the lobby. Instead he stutters, in the parking lot, "Do you want me to do it right here?". I'm like "What?? No!!".

He then, so embarrassed, walks me to the front of the building and babbles some non-sense to himself. It literally made no sense at all, even to him. Finally he says, "Will you marry me?" to which I responded, "Aren't you going to get down on one knee??". Oops. He almost peed himself. I thought he was going to die so I quickly said, "Yes, yes I will marry you". And then the color slowly came back to his face over the next 4 hours or so.

It was sort of a disaster proposal but honestly I wouldn't expect anything less. We laugh about it now, a lot :)

Meagan said...

I just saw leap year this past weekend and I liked it too. I love all romantic movies!

Jessica said...

That is very good random information to know for board games (our family is always playing chicks vs dudes) but I secretly thought Leap Year was a cute movie too & how she referred to her suit case as louie! :)

anyways to keep it short,Alex & i got engaged November 18,2010 (right before he deployed) In a Disneyland Hotel. & to this day, I have yet to actually say yes. My first response was "Im going to kick you" lol it was funny but just perfect it was just us two.

I wrote a longer post on it on my blog!!

hope you have a great Leap day!


Mrs. M said...

My husband Steve popped the question to me June 5th 2007 while we were on Vacation in Victoria visiting my grandparents. We'd been together for a few years and our son wasn't even one yet. I had no clue. It started out going to a fancy restaurant in Sidney. He ordered champaign, Smirnoff Ice for him and I can't remember what I ordered. LOL All I can remember thinking is why the hell do we have so many drinks! Anyway the waiter kept coming up and asking how we were doing so once dinner was over Steve asked me to take us to some water front point. So I did. He then complained it was too dark. If you know Vancouver Island BC Canada at all we were in Deep Cove. There are no lights around any water look out point. So I rolled my eyes and took us to another area. Still not good enough. I got so mad because I told him light would take away from the magic of the ocean at night. So back to grandparents house we go after fighting. He runs into the house which was odd and I come in and pour myself a glass of wine. He then asks me to go outside to again look at the water. So we do and he again asks if I can turn on more lights. OMFG REALLY. So I do. We go stand by the Arbutus Tree that comes out of the deck over the ocean and his first words were "You did NOT make this easy for me". The rest was a blur because I then clued in and started crying! He said he wanted me to be able to see my ring! LOL That's a day I will always remember! And we still bicker and laugh! My true love Mr. Steve McQueen! <3

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Facts are these. I picked out a ring. Not over the top. He picks out a ring that's over the top. He purchases it without me knowing, then says, your ring is ready. Really, OMG. I can't wait to see it. He goes to jewelry store with a gun strapped to his side and $7,000, picks up the 3 carat ring, brings it home, says here it is. I scream with excitement. We ate dinner. This is true Bible swear!

Catherine Fishback said...

My hubby took me to the tree where he first said "I love you" and gave me this long, 20-minute shpiel (sp?) until he finally popped the question. It was so cute. Then we celebrated a nice, romantic dinner as a newly engaged couple. It was perfect and also very "us".

Love your cute blog!

Catherine (your newest follower)
FEST (a new blog about food, style & travel)

Breeann said...

My hubby proposed to me on Christmas Eve, after we'd been dating for about a year and a half. We were at his parents house and he ran out to the store real quick to buy me my Christmas present (little did I know, he'd had my engagement ring for a few weeks already and was carrying it around with him). He'd told me he wasn't going to propose for awhile, because this was the first Christmas he was going to be able to spend a good amount on Christmas gifts for his family (he'd just gotten a full time, good paying job with benefits a few months before). So, I honestly was not expecting a proposal. He came back from the store and wanted to exchange gifts right then. I gave him his first (I think I got him a DVD and something else). The first gift he gave me was a hidden objects game for the computer. Then he started reading me a poem he'd written about how much he loved me. He told me to close my eyes while he read it. The last line of the poem, he asked me to marry him. I opened up my eyes and he was down on one knee in front of me, holding out the ring box. I immediately said yes and started crying. It was a beautiful day :)

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