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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Photo A Day pt. 1

Day 1- my view 
Ernie and Ellen...what better way to spend the afternoon?

Day 2- words
One of my favorite verses from the bible, in a book I am reading

Day 3- hands
We have a slight obsession with Ben & Jerry's Froyo

Day 4- a stranger
We always see this 'eclectic' fellow by our gym...he's usually blowing bubbles or holding up signs

Day 5- 10am
Our anniversary looking out over the beautiful Austin Hill Country

Day 6- dinner
National Yogurt Day and Yogurtland was offering free froyo (we did have a real dinner later that night!)

Day 7- button
my most used button

Day 8-sun
my "sun"

Day 9- front door
our front door for not much longer

Day 10- self portrait
yay for Fridays

Day 11- makes me happy
photobooths & mustaches

Day 12- inside my closet
my teeny 1950s closet

Day 13- blue
God's work- beautiful blue skies over Lake LBJ

Day 14- heart
I am a "hart" :-). Spending my Valentine's Day at a cloud tradeshow

Day 15- phone
I can't take a pic of my phone with my phone so this is the lead retrieval old school phone we are using at the tradeshow

Are you doing the photo a day challenge?! 



Abbey said...

Love your photo challenge pictures! That man has some long legs and seems like an interesting fella!:)

Katie {katie lately} said...

you are so stinkin' cute! do you have instagram and we are not friends on there?!

Lauren Talon said...

Cute pictures Ruthie! :)

ashlee nicole said...

cute! would it be bad if i started on day one and just did a month out from here?! lol.

Michelle (michabella) said...

A cloud tradeshow?! What do you do?

And cute self portrait! :) Loving the blue sky, Ernie and that is my favorite B&J FROYO!!!

Unknown said...

Great pictures! I missed the yogurt day! So bummed :(

Jenni Austria Germany said...

yes, i love it! it's so fun. i'll be posting mine at the end of the month....but i like that you're doing half and half.

Krista said...

I started it but realized it was a pipe dream for me when on day 8 I realized I had only done day 2, 3 and 6. I think it's a really fun idea though, maybe I can get it together for March :) Love your "words" and your "stranger"!

Michelle @ The Vintage Apple said...

If they do a march one, I'll probably do it! I love seeing everyone's pics!!!!

B F said...

Just found your blog!

I wish I wouldve done the challenge! Love all your pics.

and your name???? LOVE the name ruthie. You get that alot dont you???

Wendy said...

What a great challenge! Love the pics and seriously... that is quite the stranger :)

Amanda said...

Awesome recap all in one friend! Happy hump day! You must be super pumped that your handsome hubby joins you in CA tonight!

Amira said...

Okay, that long skinny string bean of a man cracked me up! I am seriously diggin his outfit!

The Arizona Russums said...

I missed National FroYo Day!?! I'm so mad! :)

Julie Keller said...

Day 14 could have worked for day 15 - taking a photo of your phone! I really wish I had an Iphone, Instagram is SO much better that the Streamzoo that I have for my android. But, I hear Instagram is converting to android - I hope it's soon!

Sarah said...

Oh girl, I would be doing good to do one photo a week. And I have three beautiful subjects...but, I would feel overwhelmed with a picture a day task! Yours, however, are fabulous!! Can't wait to see more
P.S.-I didn't know Ben and Jerry's had fro yo. I know what I'm getting at the grocery store tomorrow!!

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