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Monday, February 20, 2012

San Francisco Instagram

golden gate bridge

'full house'
us on coit tower

fisherman's wharf
watching the seals
boats at the pier

ellis street...a hart family name we love
waiting for a trolley
beautiful flowers all over the city
anthropologie love

ghiradelli square
the most delicious cupcake in the world
yummy chocolate

crabby hat at the aquarium
shark man

wonderful food on the wharf

one of our hart ancestors married a woman named buena vista so we had to go to the cafe :-)
buena vista = 'beautiful view'
we love trader joes!
my italian stallion

night at alcatraz

visiting 'the rock'

does anyone know why there are so many art galleries on the wharf?
who doesn't want a $200k mustang in their living room

incredible dinner at catch
little did we know we were in the castro district
any guesses what that is? hehe
we ordered a 'butch' bar at hot!!!

coming home to my little chunk
& his big ole' head
we are watching kelli girl, my parents dog, until this afternoon

full trip recap coming up later this week :-)


Unknown said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to hear more :) That butch bar looks to die for!

Lauren Talon said...

Looks like a great time! Love the photos :)

Carolyn said...

Looks like so much fun! San Fran is on the top of my to visit list! :)

KRISTIN said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I am dying to check out San Fran!

Jamie LaFuze said...

I'm drooling over your cupcake, I love going to get me some amazing ghiradelli chocolate whenever we go to San Francisco. So happy you had a blast!

Jess said...

You guys are so cute :)
Looks like you had a blast!

love the fact that you took a picture of the Full House house..throw back!

Happy Monday, girl!

C Mae said...

The "Full House" house has got to be worth MILLIONS of dollars the people that own it/actually live there. I wish they would of left the door red! haha I've never been to San Fran but I hear it's one of Cali's Best cities!!!

jessi bridges said...

Isn't San Fran the best?? Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I totally forgot to ask you before you went if you've ever seen the bush man?? He is a homeless guy who hangs out in the warf, covers himself with tree branches and jumps out to scare people. It's how he earns his money. So funny.

Unknown said...

Looks like you had a FANTASTIC time!! Ghiradelli is delicious!! We went when we were in San Diego on a vacation - yum!
Full House, house - oh the memories of that show! :)

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Love these pics! I think my hubby and I are making a trip to San Fran weekend after next, so this has me excited!! xoxo

Hollie Ann said...

Ah!! I love sf!! It's such a magical place! Ruthie your hair. Let's trade. I've never had straight and shiny a day in my life!! Hahaha :) looks like you had a blast!!

Jessica DeFord said...

Looks like your vacation was amazing!
My husband and I are trying to plan our 1 year anniversary and San Fran was an option!

If you don't mind me asking, where did y'all stay, etc?
if you want to e-mail me with all the info that'd be wonderful!

Jennifer said...

I lived in SF for awhile when I was about 18.. I used to go explore and accidentally wandered into the Castro district and WoW!

Hall Around Texas said...

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great trip. Now I want to go there :)

Joeylee said...

I love SF, its beautiful. We live about 45 minutes from there. Great pictures, looks like you two had fun

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

The black and white photo with you guys dummies on is my fav! Then comes whatever was in that bread bowl from the wharf. I am so glad your back and fun memories you had.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

The black and white photo with you guys dummies on is my fav! Then comes whatever was in that bread bowl from the wharf. I am so glad your back and fun memories you had.

Krista said...

Looks like such a great time Ruthie!

ashlyn | nicole said...

i have never been to San Fran but REALLY want to go -- looks like such a beautiful place! & your hair is so pretty girl. please share! ha

happy monday
xx :: ashlyn

Unknown said...

What a weekend! I'm digging the hats.

The Arizona Russums said...

It looks like sooo much fun. I want to go to San Fran. I haven't been since I was like 5 and I can't remember a thing...except that my mom had to clean my bachelor uncle's bathtub there so my sister and I could take a bath. Ha!

Kristy said...

Great photos!! Looks like a GREAT time!!!

Amanda said...

Amazing photos! You did so much in California!!! And since when are you on Instagram?!?

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

great photos, ruthie!! i loved every single one of them! brought back so many memories of our first anniversary trip to san fran!! so happy you guys had a wonderful time! isn't ghiradelli amazing!?! :)

... said...

I love that you just posted all these photos! I feel like I was there now....not creepy at all. :) I have always wanted to visit San Fran! :) Now I want to even more! Glad you guys had so much fun! That Ghiradelli.....made me really wish it was not 12:28 AM...or I would run to the store and buy some chocolate!

Lorraine said...

I'm insanely jealous of everyone of these wonderful photos. Especially that brownie one though. ;)


Meg said...

Looks like I'll be adding San Fran to the list of places I want to travel. It looks great!

Meg said...

Looks like I'll be adding San Fran to the list of places I want to travel. It looks great!

Amira said...

WOW girl, the trip looks like a success!! I have been to SF so many times and have STILL not made it out to Alcatraz and I reallly want to. My friend took an evening tour and said it was dark and really creepy :-)

Julie Keller said...

Okay, now I really want to head back to San Fransisco - and take a lot more photos than when my husband and I were there for our honeymoon! Actually, I told Justin last night that we should go on another big honeymoon-type vacation every five years. Can't wait for our five year anniversary now!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

You guys are so freaking adorable, it's TOO MUCH!! :P

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