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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

House To- Do

When we bought our house we were excited that it was “turn key” meaning we could move right on in without any major projects. For the most part it has been turn key but then again we are finding project after project that we want to tackle. It is a little exhausting thinking of all the things we need (want really) to do but it is also fun! I thought it would be cool to keep a list on my blog of what we want to do in our home then share our progress, it will also keep me accountable. We have already done sooo much in the house (I mean you would too if your house was gonna be broadcasted on TV) but the list grows everyday. I wish I could take a couple weeks off work just to do home stuff :-). We will hopefully just tackle projects when we have the time.

So here is our list

  • Flower beds in front yard- there are just bricks separating the beds and I would love to do limestone to match the house
  • Replace the straight up dead bushes in the front (exhibit above)
  • Extend our deck- we have a small wood deck that steps down to an OK sized patio but we like the idea of extending the deck so we can enjoy the rolling hills view
  • Buy a grill
  • Plant tall, thick, fast growing plants along the back of the backyard- our biggest complaint about the house is the fact you can see into our neighbors backyard so we are thinking some red tipped photinias 
  • Repair the fence in certain places- it seems the previous owner had a hungry, wood eating dog
  • Remove the invisible fence wire- previous owner put it ON the fence rather than burying it into the ground which defeats the purpose of it being “invisible”
  • Get a shed for the side of the house for yard tools, etc.
  • Plant an herb garden

General interior
  • Buy/make something for the mantle. I have a few ideas from Pinterest but I want to keep searching for the perfect piece (the color is a blue/green/gray but looks so dull here!)
  • Get rid of all gold door handles- I really want to try this tutorial from YoungHouseLove and spray paint our handles oil rubbed bronze
  • Paint back hall
  • Buy a cool chair/loveseat for the family room
  • Paint powder room
  • New mirror for the powder room (it is one of those geometrical shaped ones and we want a cool framed one or something) 
  • Jon hates the pedestal sink but I think it's fine in a half bath
  • Buy a desk/furniture for my craft/blogging room. I have a vision of what I want in my head but haven't found it yet. I imagine a white desk with Queen Anne legs..
  • Redo fireplace?? Jon loves brick fireplaces and ours is just tile. I think the tile will be a lot safer for children but we'll see
  •  Buy a media center thingy (haha) for under our mounted TV

Laundry room/garage
  • Paint laundry room...just for fun!
  • Repair bottom of laundry room door- again, wood eating dog
  • Replace weather stripping on all 3 exterior doors
  • Purchase/make some sort of storage for laundry room 
  • Put up storage shelves in the garage
  •  Create a workspace for Jon in garage
Jon office
  • I just finished painting last night but we want to do the ceiling

  • Put up crown molding
  • Buy a desk and bookshelves
  • Replace missing drawer- the seller dropped off an unstained one and we ordered a stained one that didn’t match, urgh
  • Paint kitchen- luckily not much surface area, it’s really only the breakfast nook. And I picked out a color this weekend. Who wants to come help paint?!
  • Put hardware on the cabinets- I think it will dress up our kitchen a bit, I think they are really classy 
  • Get a round table for the breakfast nook
Master bedroom
  • Headboard- we want to make one of those tufted ones or a wooden one. I hate how my camera captured the wall is so bright but looks 100% dull here.
  • Paint master bathroom
  • Hardware in master bathroom
  • Fill holes in master closet- Jon replaced one of those long industrial lights with spot lighting so we need to fill in those holes (awesome photo huh?)

  • Paint guestroom- I kind of want to do big horizontal stripes
  • Redo $20 Ikea dresser Jon bought on Craigslist a couple years ago
  • Repaint the white little shelf next to the bed (it was my great grandparents)
  • Paint guest bathroom (shower curtain matches our bedding in the master)
  • Finish media room
  • Paint gameroom?? I kind of like the beige-y color that is up there already, we will see. It will be a lot of work!
  • Tile the jack and jill bathroom
  • Install fans in all bedrooms/gameroom

That's all for now but it seems like everyday, there are 5 new projects I want to do. It's crazy because when I finish one project I feel so accomplished but then there is a list a mile long. I am throwing a shower and bachelorette party at our house in August and my goal is to have lots of the projects done by then! The biggest one is obviously the media room which Jon hopes to finish by the end of the year. The seller had someone come out to quote the project and it was an insane $10k. The guy quoted $1,100 for paint alone! I will paint it for free!!!!!! Jon is excited to get his hands dirty and work on it himself (with some help) and save us lots of money. 

Thank you for all your sweet comments about our home, we couldn't be more thrilled to have opened this chapter of our lives. We are officially boring old people spending our Saturday night at Home Depot (and actually having a blast!).



jessi bridges said...

You guys have so much work ahead of you!! But it all sounds like fun. Can't wait to see some before and after photos!

Amanda said...

You have a lot of work ahead of you, BUT I know it's going to turn out even better than you could imagine! I'm so excited to watch the progress :)

Alyssa said...

Everything is so gorgeous!!! You have such good taste.. I love seeing how you pull everything together!

Ashley said...

Looks great!!! At least it is all things that you can doo slowly and cross off the list as you tackle them!!

Lauren Talon said...

Wow so much work but so exciting! I can't wait to see more pictures as you start some of these projects :)

Amira said...

Media room, guest room, game room, craft room, John's office, master bedroom, HOLY COW! I am so excited for you guys! I can see how overwhelming that would be though. You guys really scored a gem of a house! And you'll have fun working on it over the years :-)

Cara said...

The house of a billion rooms! Looks like you guys have a lot of work but it is definitely fun work! Enjoy the new house :)

Anonymous said...

The house already looks great already but these projects will definitely help make it your home! One step at a time, and in no time that list will be tackled!

Claire Beeks said...

We are so alike. So, we live in a studio in Seattle. I come up with 10,000 projects a day...and the space is SO tiny. I think the small space is rather awesome because you can really make things artsy without spending tons of money! On my list:
* Collage wall...have the frames!
* we just got an awesome glass/modern table/chairs for FREE yesterday from my co-worker. I am going to re-upholster the chairs!

jes @ twosmuppies said...

Looks like you're going to have your hands full! I love that the pup made its way into one of the pictures. And I am kind of obsessed with your kitchen.

Krista said...

Great idea to lay it all out and post it on here to keep yourself accountable. I love anything home remodel-ish so can't wait to see how it all progresses. Have fun!

Danielle said...

So much work to do, but so much fun!!! My fiancé and I close on our home May 14th! Can't wait for the projects to begin!

Wendy said...

You do have quite the list :) If I lived closer, I would absolutely come and help you paint! It's kind of good that you are having a party, If you're anything like me, having a particular date in your head makes me bust it out faster! Your house is beautiful! So fun to see all of the personal touches you've added!

kendra @ little almanac said...

Congrats on buying a house! I can't wait for our student life to end and we can do the same. Have fun turning your house into a home :)

Carolyn said...

I love all your plans!!! The blue colors you've chosen are so pretty!!

Julie Keller said...

Hahaha, Home Depot is TOTALLY the new hot spot! We've been spending a LOT of time there lately (we're finishing our garage). I hear you on the mile long house to-do list. It gets so overwhelming!

Mrs Independent said...

Holy projects! Would you mind sharing the name of the paint in Jon's office? We're moving and I'd love to paint the guest room that color.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I have no doubt in my mind that by August this will all be completed and labeled with a sticker.

emily anderson said...

is that some sort of picture of time riggins in the garage? or am i seeing things?

love your new house! fixing it up is the fun part :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not joking when I say I will be living through your projects- I miss being homeowners (sigh)!
Have you thought about using some kind of cool dresser or buffet cabinet under your tv as a media center? You should check out She has the coolest laundry room storage!
Can't wait to watch your progress!

jaimie michelle said...

Your house is beautiful -- congratulations! I can;t wait to see what you do with it!

2 questions -- what kind of camera do you use? I'm in the market for one, and looking for suggestions! Also, were you in Delta Gamma? Weird, I know, but I couldn't read your whole shirt in the mirror and that's what it looked like!


p.s. still loving those lamps!!

Hollie Ann said...

Your house is gorgeous!!!

I'm putting my foot down about the grill though. YOU NEED THAT FOR SUMMER!!! Grilling is one of my favorite things :))

Also cedar planks are cheap and legit for grill cooking!!

Thank you for sharing on my post today. I really look up to you Ruthie and your relationship with the Lord and it was nice to hear that my personal reflection is somewhat normal!

Hollie Ann said...

Your house is gorgeous!!!

I'm putting my foot down about the grill though. YOU NEED THAT FOR SUMMER!!! Grilling is one of my favorite things :))

Also cedar planks are cheap and legit for grill cooking!!

Thank you for sharing on my post today. I really look up to you Ruthie and your relationship with the Lord and it was nice to hear that my personal reflection is somewhat normal!

Hollie Ann said...

Not sure why that posted twice....? Whoopsie! ;)

Hollie Ann said...

Not sure why that posted twice....? Whoopsie! ;)

Hollie Ann said...

Really... (sorry for the comment bombs)

Unknown said...

Wow your house is beautiful! I can' wait to see all your little projects. I'm excited for you :)

RadiantKristen said...

So many great ideas for projects! That dog really did some damage to the door... if it were me I would probably change out the hines so that the door swung both in and out and didn't catch at the frame, then put a kick-plate over the chewed up part. But that's mostly because I always forget to open/close doors before my hands are full of laundry, and I don't want to set it down just to open a silly door.

Carita said...

I absolutely love all that you've already done to your place and can't wait to see how these projects progress. What I love most about your house isn't how beautifully you've decorated it but it's that you really are making a home so you can bless others through it. So fun to see the key box has found a place in your home. :)

Unknown said...

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Sarah said...

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Lisa said...

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