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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Thursday

Most of you know Austin as the "weird" city in Texas. 

Austin City Limits, South by Southwest, food trailers, dread locked hipsters playing harmonicas wearing tie dye and TOMS. Yep that is Austin. Well not ALL of Austin but yes, that is Austin's reputation. Central, downtown and south Austin are known for being "weird". I grew up in Northwest Austin aka...the burbs! Since Jon and I are so young, hip and cool, we have been wanting to try different "Austin-y" stuff (especially since we live Central). Seems like every weekend there is some different festival going on downtown: hot sauce fest, kite fest, bat fest, Pecan Street fest, ice cream fest...list goes on!

Austin Kite Festival

The Texas Capitol is located on Congress Avenue right in the heart of downtown. Cross the river and head to South Congress and you are in the middle of food trailers, vintage thrift shops and 25 year old men wearing skinny jeans and sporting mustaches.

That is where First Thursday Happens.

First Thursday on SoCo (South Congress...we are so NYC) is the first Thursday of the month where stores stay open late, stores/restaurants offer deals and random live music is being played. Jon and I, along with 2 of our best couples went to First Thursday on September 1st. 

Our first stop was Lucy in epic costume store where you can buy and rent any costume you can think of. As you would guess, my husband was in heaven (read about his love for Halloween and dressing up here). Pictures don't do this store justice. It is a must see!

"The Situation"

Should Jon be a Fruit of The Loom character for Halloween?

 Baby Logan was sporting an edgy Lady Gaga hat

And his father was Cinderalla??

German beer dude or poodle skirt gal?

Check out the hooker shoe selection

Wigs, hats, name it

I've posted about our 2 food trailer experiences here (Biscuits and Groovy) and here (yesterday's post). We were excited to try more! First up was Mighty Cone where we ate a delicious chicken taco in a cone (featured on Man vs Food!). Mighty Cone is owned by the same people who own Hudson's On The Bend for all you Austinites. It was amazeballs.

Meanwhile we also at a yummy pita from another trailer (forgot the name). Next up was pad Thai from Coat & Thai. How cute is that name?!

I know you've always dreamed of eating pad Thai out of a trailer!

Other trailers offered hot dogs, sausages, sandwiches, cupcakes and more. It is so fun to get one thing at a few different trailers. It sure is an experience!

We spent the rest of the night enjoying free snow cones from a church on SoCo (okay I lied, I didn't have a snow cone...I despise them) and browsing through the cute little shops.

Check out the ATX skyline in the back

One shop was servin' up free beer out of a keg! Oh and check out Justin's shirt selection. Very retro

One store had lots of funny books, gifts, funky jewelry, etc and I saw this Boston Terrier paper statue (I sent it to some of my B.T. owning friends). Most people are not familiar with French Bulldogs because they are just uncommon so if I had a dollar for every time someone called Ernie a Boston, I would be rich. They are NOT the same thing!!! I know this is just a paper Boston but Bostons actually have snouts...Ernie has a flat pig face (hence the nickname Mr. Piggy). Just a little doggie FYI

Jon and I love Austin. We LOVE it. There is no place we'd rather live (we always say if we can't live in Austin we don't even want to live in Texas). We met here, fell in love here and want to grow old and wrinkly together here.

So tell me...what is your city known for? Big hair? French dip sandwiches? Most old folkies per square mile? And...what do YOU love most about your city?


Leah said...

Love the food trailers! We need to do it again when it's not 100 degrees. You also forgot to mention the book I purchased for Grammy: Jewish as a Second Language. :)

Claire Beeks said...

I agree...all of the food trailers look amazing! In Chicago, we have the Taste of Chicago with TONS of food. It just seems it's hard to stand there and eat grease when it's 100+ degrees out! ICK!

Chicago is sort of known for the North Ave. beaches, CHICAGO PIZZA (Taylor Street is the absolute best), The Hancock building (there is an awesome restaurant called "The Signature Room" on one of the top floors...big engagement place), Buckingham fountain (my mom has posed in it in her swimsuit back in the day for Miss Illinois haha) and of course DAAA BEARS :-)

Mary Amanda said...

I had such a fun night! Lets all do it again soon. Next time we can take Ernie and Annabelle! xoxo Mary Amanda

Alana said...

I've always wanted to go to Austin! One day. :) Looks like y'all had fun!

I'm from Phil Campbell, Alabama which is most recently known for getting destroyed by a tornado. :/

Now I live in Omaha, which is known for steaks and corn, I guess? Also, the zoo and downtown area (Old Market) are pretty awesome!

Simply Camylla said...

Looks like you all had so much fun!! Austin is a beautiful place!

Hall Around Texas said...

You make me want to pack up and head to Austin!! We haven't been there since before I was pregnant with Mason. LOVE Austin! Great post...those stores look like too much fun.

Anonymous said...

I want a food trailer to come to SLC! My stomach started growling at the pad thai. Agh we miss TX so much...I love that you posted this!

Kristen Thornburg said...

you're featured on my blog, missy!!!

Heather @ Finding Beauty in the Ordinary said...

Austin is one of my top 5 places I would love to move to if I could! I'm so jealous! It's totally my style ;) xoxo Love ya girl!

Amanda said...

yes!! been to most of those trailers! love love love! you're so right about the frenchie/boston mixup! I've been told once so far that Huxley is a frenchie.... and there's a commercial on TV that Scott swears is a Boston but is TOTALLY a frenchie. So funny... lol they're both cute flat faced snorting farting little bundles of love! xox glad u had a great time!!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Amazing place .After reading and seeing these pics wanna visit this place

Follow each other .

Unknown said...

I promise Dave and I will make it down there soon for him to play! PS~ have I told you yet that they are telling him they should have a spot for him at SXSW next year? :)

Amanda C. said...

That sounds like so much fun. I love costumes. I bet I could spend hours trying different ones on.

andi {the hollie rogue} said...

wow, awesome post! i'm a new follower visiting from Mrs. T Naturally. My husband and I actually are thinking about coming to austin for our anniversary in dec. maybe you can give us some ideas of the must-see spots? so glad i found your blog!

Becca {A Blonde's Logic} said...

lol! Austin looks like a hoot! I'll have to visit! Kite flying?! How fun! Orange County is known for fake boobies and classy no?


The Arizona Russums said...

my known for baseball spring training and lots of old people visiting in the, i mean "snowbirds." p.s. i LOVE austin! i went to college in fort worth and austin was my favorite weekend trip!

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