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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter things

Good morning friends. How was your Easter? I hate that the weekend is over but we have a fun and crazy week/weekend ahead of us and we are ready for it :-). Not only was the weather beautiful this weekend, we spent time with family and friends and with the Lord. 

Our church hosted a multisensory/multivenue Good Friday Experience that we attended for 2 hours. It was come as you go but there were different short films, audio, music, confession, prayer, communion, and activities. Before walking in, Jon and I prayed under the gorgeous setting sun that God would open up our hearts and allow us to be fully immersed in His son's death. It was such a powerful night for us as Christians and as a married couple. 

They had different items used during the crucifixion and readings about how they were used. It was so interested, yet so frightening to read about the anatomy behind the death of Jesus. 

We attended a 45 minute "mini service" where we watched the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Passion of the Christ while the church band played beautiful songs. There was acting/poetry from our very own church members and one of the pastors led us in prayer. This felt like such a cornerstone of my faith. It has been about a year since I have fully dedicated my life to the Lord. I have always been a believer and when Jon and I met we started praying together, attending small group, and going deeper into our faith but it wasn't until about a year ago that I gave it all to the Lord. And watching my God die on the cross, it all hit me. This was real. It happened. For me and for you. I couldn't catch my breath and Jon held onto me tight. I told myself, "look into His eyes, He is the King." As horrific and gruesome the scene at Mount Calvary, it was so moving and powerful for me. This is why my #1 duty in life is to serve God. 

Jon and I also got the opportunity to carry a 75lb cross through the grounds of our church campus. It is speculated that the cross Jesus carried was closer to 125lbs but there was no way I was going to be able to carry it (they had multiple crosses varying in weight). This was so humbling. The cross was incredibly padded and I had a towel to protect my shoulder. I was so thankful for that but then felt foolish that Jesus carried a heavier cross farther, without padding, after being whipped and beaten. I was holding back tears carrying the cross only 100 feet before Jon had to help me, just like Simon helped Jesus. We stopped and read 3 verses throughout the experience to symbolize the 3 times Jesus fell along his way to Golgotha, Isaiah 53:3-5, 1 Peter 2:23-25, and Luke 9:23.

We woke up early to pack up our cars and head to the new house. We met a painter who is coming to paint this week (so excited!) and finally chose paint colors, I can't wait to show you guys. We unpacked, changed lightbulbs, washed dishes, and made a long list for a Home Depot run. I love Home Depot for many reasons but mostly I love bringing Ernie there, he was quite the star on Saturday. I had never spent so long in Home Depot but we kept finding things we needed and even ended up buying a washer and dryer! In our rental house we loved our GE Energy Star washer so we ended up getting the same one and we got an awesome deal. It took us probably 30 minutes to check out because I had so many Lowe's coupons that they matched (p.s. if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know I despise Lowe's...they are discriminatory to religions FYI). I felt silly but I was smiling and so happy as we walked through the garden center outside. I already love our house so much and can't wait to do projects and make it ours. 

Our new couch got delivered last week but we want to wait until after we paint to put it in so check out our living room set up. This is Jon's video game TV which is actually a 32inch but it looks so teeny. We meant to go look at new TVs for the family room this weekend but forgot/too tired.

Craft room crafts

We hung out with our couple BFFs (Justin and Leah) Saturday night and had dinner and froyo (forgot to mention Jon and I went to froyo both Friday and Saturday haha). We were psyched SNL was finally new, btw we have seen every episode in the past 10+ years, and loved Sofia Vergara. Um, she looks amazing too and is old enough to be my mom!

We were amazed at how packed church was Sunday morning! Literally standing room only (and our church is HUGE). I was so happy to know so many new people were checking out Gateway and pray they continue to join us. Church rocked Saturday. Awesome music, real life stories and such a great message. Our pastor went through the book of Isaiah which foretells the coming of Christ 600 years before he was born. The sermon was about letting God write your great story. 

(my mom always keeps up with her 'Dress Me Up' plate)

We had a delicious steak lunch with my parents and 2 of my siblings and hung out around their house that afternoon. My mom, little sister, and I went through our baby things (pictures, cards, clothes, books, etc). Tomi put one of her bonnets on Ernie and he looked so weird. His lip always gets stuck on his crooked teeth lol

And we took some family pictures

Last year was our first Easter being married and I went all out. Easter baskets for Jon and Ernie and even an egg hunt. This year, our lives are kind of all over the place with the move and I did nada! Jon's birthday is on Wednesday and I have done nothing!!! (he knows that though hehe, we are going to do a party after we get settled). 

Ernie was so fancy in his bowtie

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter/Passover/weekend! What did you do?? How did you celebrate??


Jamie LaFuze said...

There's so much I want to say! First, your church seems so absolutely amazing. The multi sensory Good Friday sounds like you were truly able to connect with Christ's death and make it all seem so alive. I felt convicted on Easter of not remembering enough of why Christ died for us, that it gives us freedom and grace, and that we can worship Him with all of our hearts. Your dog is so adorable, that bow tie is just too cute!

GingerPeachT said...

Haha that bow tie is awesome!

What a great weekend you had. I have to say that your church having those crosses is such a neat thing to do. I would be bawling too. My hubby and I watched the passion movie sat night and it was the first time for him! He thought it was well made and I cried like usual.
No other god died and rose again and I think that's what put our God at the top, beside the fact that he is almighty already lol
I hope those people who came on sun will continue to come! We always refer them to the holly and lily crowd lol Christmas and Easter they will show up.
So excited about your house journey!

Becky Borgman said...

What an amazing experience it sounds like you had on Good Friday. I so wish more churches did that! I just don't think we can ever understand what an aweful, terrible death Christ had to endure for us. It breaks my heart.

I know what you mean about always being a believer but reaching that point where you give it all to Him. I actually wrote about that same thing for both my husband and me yesterday if you like to check it out.

And I cannot wait to see pictures of your home as you make it yours!

Nikol Schiller said...

Ernie just cracks me up every time I look at him. What a funny and adorable puppy!

I left for Dallas this weekend and am extremely disappointed I wasn't around for Gateway's awesome event and service yesterday. I'm so glad you shared what happened so I could at least feel like I went. My favorite thing- you and Jon carrying the cross. Such a unique way to help the message hit home.

Awesome post, Ruthie!! Excited to see photos of the new home!!

Allyson McGuire said...

That sounds like such an incredible experience. I'm glad y'all had such a great Easter.


Anonymous said...

Aww love your family photos! Ernie's bow tie is awesome.

For the first time in a long time, I wasn't in charge of anything at church on Easter Sunday and it was SO nice to be able to sit back and participate fully in the service. Jesus is so good and it was such a beautiful weekend celebrating that!

Jane {In The Pink & Green} said...

Aww what a great Easter, your little fam looks so adorable! Your church sounds amazing, and that event on Friday sounds incredible! So neat that they do that! Can't wait to see more pics of the new house! :)

Gentri said...

You are the cutest little family! Love those pictures. :) What a great weekend!

Krista said...

Wow, it's sounds like you had such a WONDERFUL Easter experience! I love your family pics, Jon's shirt is awesome and I love your pretty bow. The bow tie on Ernie is adorable :)

Glad you had a good Easter Ruthie!

Unknown said...

Wow I love so many things about this post! I love your heart for Christ Ruthie! It moves me to want to write more on my blog. Your church seems so awesome. If we're ever in Texas we should check it out :)

I can't believe Jon's birthday is on Wednesday! RJ's is today!

Amanda said...

Wow, what a busy weekend! I'm so glad that you had a great Easter weekend :) You'll be proud that M and I went to church together for the first time. I hope unpacking and moving is going smoothly for you guys!

Unknown said...

I love that you guys got to carry a cross! What a tangible way to experience a little bit of what Jesus went through for us.

It cracks me up that you guys bring Ernie to Home Depot, too funny!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

How powerful it must have been carrying that cross. Ernie is adorable and I am so excited to see your house.. Hurry up!

Jamie said...

Your puppy is SOOO cute.

Unknown said...

Wow, your church sounds amazing!


Alana said...

I love your family photos! You three are so adorable!

Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

This post is great! I'm new here...decided to say hi and not be a lurker. :) Love your blog so far- off to check out the rest of it! Have a wonderful week, sugar. xo

Erin James said...

Love this post :) Even though I'm totally reading it late!
I just noticed y'all go to Gateway church?! The name rang a bell and I just realized my dad's a professor/former pastor and told me the other day he may be going to help out and speak out there in TX at your church later this year...small world! :)

Unknown said...

So, you have a problem with Lowe's because they discriminate against religions but you have no issue with Chick-fil-A discriminating against gay people? Nice.

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